Kieran Galvaynes

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A different JRPG... a different version of the same character. :P


Kieran Galvaynes

Kyran's Longvest.jpg

Physical description

Kieran’s frame leans toward the tall and lithe. His casings are predominately made of forged mithral though his inner workings and some exposed elements are blackened bronze. His casings are covered with fine engravings and are accented by copper inlay.

He wears a simple button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a pair of tan pants that are tucked into his casings just below the knee. He doesn’t wear boots since his feet are tougher than leather and it gives him a better feel for the ship. Kieran wears a teal sash around his waist.

His favorite piece of clothing is a sleeveless trench coat all in charcoal and black with teal trim and bronze buttons. He doesn't wear any weapons at all to mislead people into believing he's not a threat. When he fights, he creates metal weapons using magic... his favorite being a heavy great sword.

Character Sheet


High concept: "Mechanical Merchant & Metal Mage"

Trouble: "Reluctantly Retired Marine"

Aspects: "Windborne Soul" "Engraved Mithral Plating" "Perpetually Poor"


Fate Points: 2

Refresh: 2

Physical Stress: OOO OO
Mental Stress: OOO

Mild Consequence:
Moderate Consequence:
Severe Consequence:


+4 Fight
+3 Physique, Empathy
+2 Athletics, Shoot, Craft
+1 Drive, Notice, Stealth, Will


Sailed the Seven Skies Kieran learned how to fly Skyships over his extensive travels as a Marine. He receives +2 to Drive when flying.
Mage of Blades Ever since he was young, Kieran's metal magic was strongest when he was creating blades of various types. He receives a +2 to Shoot when to Creating Advantages with Metal Magic that focus on decreasing mobility.
Combat Chassis Hardened frame, reinforced joints, armored plates.... Kieran may have been born a child of magic and the sky, but he turned himself into a veritable machine made for war. Kieran has one additional physical stress box.
Imposing Presence Silvery mithral, extensive engraves scrollwork, imperious gaze. In his time as a Marine, Kieran learned the art of intimidation. He can use Physique instead of Provoke for intimidation, provided the target can see him.


Kieran has an affinity with Metal Magic and is particularly skilled at the creation and manipulation of blades. Metal objects created through his magic are temporary and will fade in a short time. (a few rounds, a scene)

If he is manipulating or drawing on an existing source of metal, the changes can be permanent.

Magic Examples:

  • Roll Shoot to create blade fields or barriers to hinder or trap opponents. (The Mage of Blades stunt applies)
  • Roll Shoot to create defensive blade walls.
  • Roll Shoot to make magical attacks by launching blades at a target.
  • Roll Crafts to engrave metal or create metal artwork.
  • Roll Crafts to start recovering consequences for Tekanoids. (Crafts is used to heal/repair Tekanoids like Lore is for biologicals)
  • Roll Notice or Investigate to detect nearby sources of metal or a particular type of metal.
  • Roll Physique or Crafts to bypass a barrier or obstruction made of metal.

Supporting Cast

Riku, Little Brother


Description & Personality

At nine years old, Riku hasn’t yet transitioned to a full-sized body, and stands 4’4 inches tall and weighs 61 pounds. His casings are brass with a brushed metal texture, but some are painted a deep green both to contrast and accent his natural color as well to proclaim his love of Gerdermia.

He wears a simple black toga-like garment to ‘protect his modesty’ but is proud of being Automaten and hates to cover up unless he must. On his waist is a belt with multiple pouches containing small tools and pieces of whatever project he’s tinkering with.

Always a bit precocious, this has gotten worse since his parents were killed. He’s especially good at annoying his brother Kieran.


High Concept: Brazen Automaten Brother Trouble: Overwhelming Emotions


Fate Points: 1 Refresh: 1

Physical: OO Mental: OO Magical: OOO Mild Consequence: N/A


+2 Provoke

+1 Crafts, Magic


Riku can control the magical element of Lightning.

Gurdaan, Bearfolk Quartermaster


Description & Personality

A large, grizzled Bearfolk, Gurdaan is large and brawny with graying fur. Though not a warrior at heart, Gurdaan is still incredibly strong, which makes him a formidable opponent. He wears a leather vest reinforced with metal plates and carry's a heavy metal reinforced cudgel to keep people in check if trouble starts.

Though not in love with the sky, the Bearfolk does enjoy the freedom of travel, both to meet new people and sample their alcohol. He's been in the Sky Navy since before Kieran joined and he actually taught the Tekanoid everything he knows about sailing. The pair have been sailing together ever since.

Gurdaan was set to retire when Kieran decided to purchase his own ship and strike out as a merchant. The Bearfolk couldn't let one of his oldest friends throw his life savings down the drain, so he decided to come along to keep him from throwing it all away on one of his 'flights of fancy.'


High Concept: Veteran Bearfolk Quartermaster Trouble: I'm Too Old For This Sh@#!


Fate Points: 1 Refresh: 1

Physical: OOO O Mental: OOO

Mild Consequence: N/A Moderate Consequence: N/A


+3 Drive

+2 Fight, Contacts

+1 Physique, Rapport, Empathy


Get Back!

Though not as strong as he was as a young man, Gurdaan still packs a punch, and mastered this particular technique while repelling boarders in ship to ship combat. When He succeeds with style on an attack with Fight, he may choose to reduce the value of his hit by one in order to move his opponent one zone, provided there are no situation aspects impeding this movement.

Vetta, Rabbitfolk Engineer


Description & Personality

Vetta is as bad with people as she is good with Skyship engines. Extremely tall for a Rabbitfolk, she's always grungy and her brown and white fur is marked with grease smudges.

Always jumping on and climbing around her engines, Vetta's mechanic's cap has become battered and so soiled that the original color is anyone's guess. Her coveralls have faded to a drab gray and their numerous pockets and pouches are stuffed with tools and repair parts.

Though she doesn’t like most people she’s recently discovered that she dislikes Riku less than most. The unlikely friendship has done wonders for the boy's vocabulary and worries his older brother to no end.

Vetta doesn’t talk about her past much, but she does seem uncomfortable around other Rabbitfolk.


High Concept: Grungy Rabbitfolk Engineer Trouble: Not Fit for Polite Company


Fate Points: 1 Refresh: 1

Physical: OOO O Mental: OOO

Mild Consequence: N/A Moderate Consequence: N/A


+3 Crafts

+2 Athletics, Provoke

+1 Physique, Stealth, Survival


I made it myself

Use crafts instead of Shoot when using a ranged weapon of you made with your own hands.



High Concept: "Mechanical Merchant & Metal Mage"

Kieran was "born" 24 years ago when his parents found him in an unexplored ruin. His father (Valdeas) was a Magitek engineer and his mother (Hanushi) was an Arcanologist... a person who studied old magics. After manipulating an ancient device in the ruins, Kieran's "Ether Matrix" was placed inside a small magitek body

They took him home and raised him in the Capital city. Kieran took advantage of every opportunity. He trained with the guards and explored as a young man, and then studied magic with his mother.

11 years ago, his parents were able to manipulate the ancient device to produce its second, and last, Ether Matrix. That was how Rikku was born.

The brothers were close, but the wind called Kieran. He joined the Academy in the Capital. At the age of 20, he graduated and became a Marine Officer in the Sky Fleet. When his parents died 4 years later, Kieran came home to take care of his younger brother, even though they barely knew each other anymore.

Invoke: To use powerful metal magic, when his status as a Tekanoid would be beneficial, he making trade deals.

Compel: When being a Tekanoid would be a hindrance socially, when his metal magic or body is a weakness (lightning, swimming, sneaking) to have an old trade deal go bad or have an unhappy customer arrive.

Rising Conflict

Trouble: "Reluctantly Retired Marine"

Being a Marine in the Sky Fleet was amazing. He loved ??? Kingdom and loved helping people in need. That, more than anything else is why Kieran was going to make it a career. After 4 short years, and some amazing victories, he was actually up for a promotion to be captain of his own skyship. The smallest of the skyships... a corvette... but it would have been his.

When he heard about his parents' death, however, he gave all that up in an instant. But not without regrets.

He is still loyal to ??? Kingdom and feels like he failed them somehow. He is also still a marine to the core... he has trouble seeing people in need and not stopping to help them.

Invoke: When fighting, when calling upon contacts from his marine days, or trading upon his past reputation. have old Fleet buddies need something from him, to have the enemies of ??? Kingdom target him, to have his Marine instincts force him to get involved and help people in need... even when it call trouble down upon his own head.

Phase One

Aspect: "Windborne Soul"

In his heart, Kieran always knew he was meant to fly. When it became clear that his talent with metal magic did not lend itself to Air magic as well, the young Tekanoid was not deterred. If he could not fly under his own power, he would do the next best thing.

That was when he made the decision to join the Academy and, eventually, the Sky Fleet.

He originally wanted to go the Mate route and focus on flying ships from the start, but he was naturally skilled in fighting as well, so he became a Marine. Once on a skyship, the differences were negligible. Mates and sailors still fought in battles, and Marine officers and troops still learned to help with the ship.

On his first ship, he realized that it wasn't just flying that entranced him, it was freedom. Flying ships was amazing, but so was traveling wherever the wind blew him or giving in to his flights of fancy with his ever-changing engravings.

Invoke: for a bonus when controlling a skyship, to know something about a place he's visited, when being artistic.

Compel: When his free spirit causes him to lose focus, to have him react badly when his art is insulted, or he in imprisoned.

Phase Two

Aspect: Engraved Mithral Plating

His early battles and journeys on the skyship were very lucrative, and Kieran blew money as fast as he made it. He replaced his plating with Mithral, telling himself that it was much lighter than steel, and it would be an asset as he climbed the rigging or jumped from ship to ship. Really though, he loved its silver shimmer. Coupled with the extensive scrollwork and images he has engraved on the metal over the years, he is truly a sight to behold.

Invoke: for a bonus when taking a hit, or when trying to impress or intimidate somebody with his appearance.

Compel: When trying to blend in or sneak, to have others come after him to take steal his Mithral and sell it.

Phase Three

Aspect "Perpetually Poor"

Back when he was still in the Sky Navy, Kyran's ship was chosen to be an escort to the Royal Family's converted Sky Cruiser during one of their trips. The trip was a nice change of pace from hunting pirates... but grew boring after a while. At one of the banquets the King was told of a local underground sport called 'Pondemonium' where mages create 'water warriors' to battle each other for money and the entertainment of everybody watching. The King was intrigued... but since it was an illegal sport nobody could tell him where they were held.

Commander Galvaynes had been this way before, and since he was always interested in new and creative uses of magic, actually knew where to find one. After a quiet conversation with the King, Kyran, along with Alkyne and a small contingent of Royal Guards, whisked their monarch away to an out of the way fight that Kyran had visited before.

Invoke: for a bonus to know some obscure piece of magic or when using magic

Compel: he's only studied sporadically, and while he investigates magic his knowledge is in no way complete. Compel to have his LACK of knowledge be apparent, or even to have a misunderstanding get him into trouble...


Skyship Notes

Tried to keep it simple while still having differences. Stats were actually mostly lifted from Sid Meier's Pirates! (War Canoe, Sloop, Fluyt, Brigantine, and Ship of the Line)

Corvette's are the smallest ship capable of long-distance/open sky journeys. Anything smaller would be considered a lifeboat or leisure boat for use in or around a city.

Corvette's and Tradeships are the 'merchant' class vessels, though they can be converted for use as warships. Corvette's are the fastest ship and are often used important cargo, transporting mail or passengers. Tradeships are slower but carry a lot of cargo.

Frigate's and Cruisers are the main warships, though they can be converted to use as merchant ships. They make up the bulk of most Sky Navy's.

Battleships are relatively new and only the largest countries or Navies have them.

Class Size Type Turn Radius Speed Min Crew Max Crew Cannons Cargo
Corvette Small Merchant 5 5 6 50 8 20 tons
Merchanter Medium Merchant 2 2 10 75 12 100 tons
Tradeship Large Merchant 1 1 25 200 20 160 tons
Frigate Small Warship 4 4 16 100 16 50 tons
Cruiser Medium Warship 3 3 25 150 24 70 tons
Battleship Large Warship 2 4 50 300 48 100 tons

Automaten Notes



Though nominally humanoid, Automaten chassis' can range from simple and clunky to so advanced and refined that it's almost impossible to distinguish them from humans, other than the metallic skin. Most fall somewhere in the middle, though some have been known to experiment with inhuman forms, such as extra arms or tails.

Other than shape, Automaten can and have be comprised of any different metal under the sun, and some save up for years to upgrade their parts, while wealthy Automaten change casings and engravings on an almost daily basis.

History and Origin

Most people are unclear of where they first came from but their metal and lightning bodies perform almost exactly like any other races.