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Character for the game King's Cross

Jenna Spiro

Dr. Jenna Spiro is doctor of psychiatry, a famed author, a mother, a devoted wife, and only 34 years old. She married her high school sweetheart right out of high school and managed to birth a daughter and graduate university in only 3 years. She received her doctorate at the age of 24. Her husband Mark Spiro graduated from the same University in usual four years.

Her book, You Are Alone And That's Not Bad, was a NYT best selling non-fiction book when she was 26. Since then she has appeared frequently on various pop culture interview shows talking about psychiatry and related fields. She has written two other books, also best sellers. She is the pop culture reference for psychiatry and mental illness today.

Her mental powers have been a part of her life since she was around twelve. She hid them from others and manages to maintain a dual identity. Her fourth book, which she is still writing, will be titled, Inside the Mind of a Superhero. Her husband has no idea she has superpowers. Her daughter is convinced her mother can read minds, but what 14 year old daughter doesn't believe that.

As Mind Strike, she wears a silver leotard with a boob window where a green medallion seems to shimmer and pulse with power. (It doesn't do anything.) Her boots, gloves, and belt are also green and since she flies, she indulges in having rather high heels on the boots.

Vital Statistics

Name: Dr. Jenna Spiro, M.D.
Alias: Mind Strike
Identity: Secret
Height: 5'11” Weight: 130
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Place of Birth: Mahwah, NJ Date of Birth: 10/25/90
Marital Status: Married
Relatives: Mark Spiro (husband), Rebecca Spiro (daughter, 14)
Victoria (mother) and William (father) Proctor, retired
Hannah (sister), Thomas (BIL), Jake (nephew, 11)
Occupation: TV Personality, Psychiatrist

Total Points: 393/400 = Characteristics (205) + Skills (24) + Talents&Perks (24) + Powers (140)


VALUE Characteristic Cost ROLL & Notes
10 STR 0 11-, 2D6, lift: 100 kg
10 DEX 0 11-
20 CON 10 13-
28 INT 18 15-, PER: 15-
20 EGO 10 13-
28 PRE 18 15-, 8D6 Presence Attack
3 OCV 0
3 DCV 0
8 OMCV 15
8 DMCV 15
5 SPD 30 3,5,8,10,12
13 PD 11 3r
13 ED 11 3r
30 REC 26
100 END 16
20 BODY 10
25 STUN 15
TOTAL: 205


ROLL Skill Characteristic Cost Notes
17- Conversation PRE 3 +2 from striking appearance
15- High Society PRE 3
17- Interrogation PRE 3 +2 from striking appearance
15- KS: Supers INT, BG 3
15- Paramedics INT 3
17- Persuasion PRE 3 +2 from striking appearance
15- PS: Psychiatry INT, BG 3
15- PS: Author INT, BG 3

Perks and Talents

Perk/Talent Notes Cost
Eidetic Memory 5
Money $3,000,000 annually 8
Best-Selling Author 3 best-selling non-fiction titles 1
Licensed Psychiatrist 1
Languages English 4 (free), Spanish 3 3
Striking Appearance beautiful +2 Interaction skill, +2D6 PRE Attacks 6


Name Description/Rules END Cost
Mental Effects Multipower (max AP: 75) 75
Mental Blast 7D6 7 7
Mind Control 12D6 Telepathic (+1/4) 7 7
Mental Paralysis 3D6, 7 rMD Entangle: ACV (OMCV vs DMCV, +1/4); Takes no damage from attacks (+3/4); Works against EGO not STR (+1/4), +4rMD (6CP) 7 7
Presence Drain 6D6 ACV OMCV vs DMCV (+1/4) 7 7
Telepathy 15D6 7 7
Subtotal: (110)
Kevlar body suit +3r PD, +3 rED; IIF (-1/4) 7
Flight 10m Megascale (+1) 2 20
Instant Change Transform, cosmetic 1D6; Standard Effect; Group of clothes (+1/4); Clothes to Costume and back; Free Action Trigger (+3/4); Limited to clothes worn (-1/2); OIF ring (-1/2) 1 3
TOTAL: 140


Description Rules END
Code Against Killing Psy: Common, Strong 15
DNPC (Mark Spiro) Normal, Frequently 15
Famous Soc: Frequently, Minor in Civilian ID 10
Secret Identity Soc: Frequently, Major 15
Vulnerable to Lightning/Electricity Common; 2x STUN 20