Kiyoko Tetsuyama

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Player: CBeilby
Game: Magical Bug Hunters

==Kiyoko Tetsuyama== (Human World)

Age 12
Birth Date: December 22
Height: 149.9 Cm (4' 9")
Weight: 32.66 Kg (72 Lbs.)
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Violet
Blood Type: O
Western Zodiac: Capricorn
Club: Theater
Favorite Subjects: Literature, English, Music
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Colors: Yellow, Black, Orange
Favorite Flowers: Rose, Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)
Favorite Foods: Chocolate, Ice Cream, Soba Noodles, Hamburgers
Least favorite Food: Natto (Ugh. It's so sticky and....and...disgusting... And it smells!)

Body 4
Mind 4
Soul 5

ACV/DCV: 4/4

HP: 45
EP: 45
SV: 9

Appearance: 2 (Pretty)
Aura of Command: 1 (Natural Leader)
Dimensional Portal - Cockroach Kingdom

Ageism: 1
Guy Magnet: 2 (Much to her embarrassment, she constantly has boys trying to hang around her...)
Phobia: 1 (Minor Claustrophobia)
Nemesis: 1 (School Rival)
Marked: 1 (Honey Bee shaped birthmark on left shoulder.)

Cooking: 1
Armed Attack: 1 (Kendo)
Disguise: 1
Performing Arts: 2 (Acting and Singing)

Kiyoko has always been considered a pretty girl, and it's no surprise that she's become one of the most popular girls in school. She's always liked performing, and has a natural talent as a singer. However, unlike a lot of school idols, she generally doesn't let it go to her head, and has stayed fairly down to earth. She's extremely caring and loyal to her friends, particularly Miki, who she looks at as a little sister. Unfortunately, this can lead her to be a little overprotective of the younger girl.

Honeybee Princess Bughunter Kiyoko[edit]

(Anything new or changed from her human world stats will be marked with an bullet)

  • Body: 5 (+1 from normal)

Mind: 4
Soul: 5

ACV/DCV: 4/4

  • HP: 50
  • EP: 55 (45, +10 from Energy Bonus)
  • SV: 10

Appearance: 2 (Pretty)
Aura of Leadership: 1

  • Highly Skilled: 1
  • Magic: 3 (See Below for details)
  • Energy Boost: 1

Dimensional Portal - Cockroach Kingdom

Ageism: 1
Guy Magnet: 2 (It's just as bad in the Cockroach Kingdom as it is back home...)

  • Phobia: 2 (For some reason, her claustrophobia becomes far worse in the Cockroach kingdom.)

Nemesis: 1 (Is this the same rival as in the human world?)
Marked: 1

Cooking 1

  • Melee Attack: 2 (+1 level from Highly Skilled)
  • Melee Defence: 2 (from Highly Skilled)

Disguise: 1
Performing Arts: 2

Magic Abilities:
Golden Honey Stinger Blast- Weapon Attack 1 (Ranged, Uses Energy)
Jet Barbed Sting Sword- Weapon Attack 1 (close range)
Topaz Chitin Plates- Light Armor 4
Golden Light of the Hive- Environmental Control - Light: 1
Cloak of Queen's Breath- Life Support: 1
Golden Honeybee Wing Boost- Flight: 3
Sense of the Flower's Trail- Heightened Senses: 3 (Sight, Hearing, Smell)
Queen's Access of the Hive- Special Movement: 1 (Wall Crawling) (Still trying to find a better name.)

In the Cockroach Kingdom, Kiyoko generally acts as a forward scout and front line fighter.