Knighthood in Amber

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Knight of the Unicorn

An order of knighthood in Amber given to those who have seen have been touched or touched the Unicorn.

  • Premier Knight and Creator of the Order-Prince Julian of Amber

This Order was created after Prince Dalt was gifted an inch of the Unicorn's horn after the Creation of the Mark of Mandalay. A number of members were included at the creation of the order. For unclear reasons King Random, while he officiates, it is Prince Julian is the one who presents the accolade.

    • Members include: King Random, Prince Julian, Prince Benedict, Prince Borlak (granted in absentia) , Prince Bleys, Prince Delwin, Prince Elfwine(granted in absentia), Lord Vance, Lord Galvar, Lord Arloxedra, Duke Wyndham Feldane, Sir Gangdis of Casowill, Amiral Jopin of Cabra, Lord Ciprian Vitalijus,
    • Dworkin laughed when he was offered the accolade. He said, "Well, ya, i guess you would have to say I touched her"

Knight of Amber

A multilevel order. A common order of general knighthood. This is a utilitarian order given regularly for many reasons. It is typically given to those who achieve rank in the military. It is given for many other reasons as well. This order does not confer nobility but does confer an annual stipend depending on the awarded class. This is not a rank for heroic actions but has been awarded for meritorious service.

  • First Class: This rank is given to those who achieve senior command ranks.
  • Second Class: This class is given to those who achieve flag ranks of General and Admiral
  • Third Class: This class is given, among other reasons, to those who achieve officer rank.
  • Fourth Class: This level of the order is given to members of the military of Amber who achieve the rank of Sergeant.

Knight of the Gold Order of Amber

A knighthood awarded to those who complete the Field of Gold Experience with their honor intact.[[1]]

  • The Field of Gold trump circulates in a paradox loop surrounding a 60 year period between 1480 to 1540 on Earth.. The details are complicated. And each person who enters arrives at a time of their choosing within the time period.

Knights of the Elites

Soldiers of Amber who are appointed to the First Legion, First Corp of the Military of Amber. The Elites. Graduates of the Nasty Place training.

Order of the Swan

3 classes. An award for those who achieve in the arts.

  • Order of the Staff: 3 classes. An award for those who have done good service to the realm.

Valorous Knight of Amber

A multilevel order. A common order of general knighthood for Valor on the field of battle..

  • First Class: The highest class of knighthood achievable for heroism.
  • Second Class:
  • Third Class:
  • Fourth Class: a solidly important class of knighthood achievable for valor on the battlefield.

Orders of Patternfall

Victors of Patternfall

This award ranks below the rank of knighthood but is important because of its rarity. It was given to any person who fought in the Battle of Patternfall at the Fane of Zilla. It is a Closed Order since the award denotes a particular service. If a person wishes to claim it the method is easy. Prove you were there.

For commentary on the issuance of this order see: Order of the Victors of Patternfall

Anointed Witnesses of Patternfall

This award was given to anyone present when the Unicorn anointed Random as King of Amber. The people present were less then a hundred leaders of military units and memebers of the royal family.

In a curious turn for the holders of this award, King Random awarded this award to Lord Vek Hendrake and Lord Shaz Far Hendrake because it was discovered that both of them were in a group of chaosian prisoners at the time of the anointing and witnessed the event..