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Resident Magi

Visiting Magi

  • None


  • None


  • (forthcoming)


  • (forthcoming)



  • Athenos - Ghostly Guardsman


  • Thutus - Servant
  • Henri - Forge-Companion
  • Apollo - Forge-Companion


  • Hippolyta, Medusae

Thebes Tribunal

Constantonople, Autumn Covenant

Presiding Quaesitor of the Tribunal of Thebes

Delphi, Autumn Covenant

  • Archmaga Penelope ex Merinita, Praeco
  • Magus Calsus ex Guernicus, Quaesitor
  • Maga Thisseline ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus
  • Magus Dadeos ex Verditius

Naxoa, Autumn Covenant

  • Magus Thamosius ex Verditius
  • Thales ex Mercere, Redcap

Sardica, Autumn Covenant

  • (forthcoming)

Thermopylae, Summer Covenant

  • Magus Shinhus "Rampart" ex Tytalus
  • Magus Agripos ex Jerbiton
Parens of Tychon

Rhodes, Summer Covenant

  • (forthcoming, stronghold of Bonisagus and Verditius, research center)

Knossos, Winter Covenant

  • Magus Tychon ex Jerbiton

Smyrna, Winter Covenant

  • (forthcoming)

Others in Thebes Tribunal

  • (forthcoming)


Rhine Tribunal

  • Archmagus Nichodemus ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus, Primus of House Bonisagus, Praeco of the Order of Hermes
  • Archmaga Murion ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus, Future Praeco of the Order, Covenant of Durenmar
  • Magus Occultes ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus, Covenant of Durenmar
  • Magus Rommel ex Tytalus, Grim's Ward, parens of Magus Gunsev ex Tytalus
  • Magus Amantier ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus, Covenant of Glimmling
  • Maga Hestia ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus, Covenant of Durenmar
  • Maga Dorana ex Bonisagus beni Trianoma, Covenant of Fangheld

Rome Tribunal

  • Archmagus Mercurios ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus filia Doceputos
  • Archmagus Justicius ex Guernicus, Primus of House Guernicus, Presiding Quesitor of the Order of Hermes
  • Magus Axios ex Guernicus, Quesitor
  • Maga Lucita ex Mercere

Normandy Tribunal

  • Archmagus Jarl ex Mercere
  • Magus Bullistie ex Tytalus
  • Maga Selsius ex Tytalus
  • Magus Heroditus ex Miscellanea
Parens of Magus Sebastian ex Miscellanea of Cad Gadu

Hibernian Tribunal

  • Magus Daduchos ex Merinita

Stonehenge Tribunal

Provencal Tribunal

  • Magus Trentus ex Flambeau, Covenant of Val Negra, Primus of House Flambeau
  • Magus Calcipher ex Flambeau, Covenant of Val Negra

Iberian Tribunal

  • Maga Ballaphia ex Bonisagus beni Trianoma, Covenant of Barcelona

Tribunal of the Levant

  • Magus Galliphos ex Bonisagus beni Trianoma, Covenant of Antioch
  • Archmagus Xelces ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus