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[[Category: Legend of the Five Rings]]
[[Category: Legend of the Five Rings]]
=Legend of the Five Rings Wiki=
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This is intended as a fan-sharing resource for Legend of the Five Rings from Alderac Entertainment Group.  Look for homebrewed mechanics, Challenge-Focus-Strike story seeds, NPCs, setting material and more!
Note: Legend of the Five Rings has appeared in 4 different versions at this point, and this wiki is intended for all of them. When posting material, be sure to mark which version the material is for, like so: (3e) or (d20).
[[L5R_Player_Resources|Player Resources]]
* This area is intended for all readers. This is the place to find and post new Schools, spells, kata, kiho, Paths, dojo or any other player-friendly material.
[[GM_Resources|GM Resources]]
* This area is intended for GM information only: NPCs, locations, CFS ideas or campaign backgrounds.
[[Winter_Court|Winter Court: Kyuden Bayushi]]
* A collaborative periodical on the courts of the Lotus Era, as well as information on the intrigues of early Rokugan.
Legend of the Five Rings is a copyright of Alderac Entertainment Group. No material associated with this site should be construed as a challenge to AEG's copyright or anyone else's.

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