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Player Resources[edit]

Here, you will find new character creation and advancement options, collections of fan-created Schools, and more!


Clans and Families

  • Includes nonhuman and Shadowlands characters as well as Great Clan, Minor Clan and ronin characters. Also includes Monk orders.


  • New skills, skill uses, Emphases and Mastery Abilities.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • New and modified Advantages and Disadvantages. Also check out the Ancestors section below for 1st and 2nd Edition Ancestor Advantages and Disadvantages.

Schools, Paths, Kata and Dojo

  • New and modified Schools, classes and Paths, along with dojo and kata. Includes Advanced Schools and Prestige Classes as well as Martial Arts styles such as can be found in Way of the Open Hand.

Spells and Kiho

  • Elemental spells and kiho as well as maho and nonhuman magic.

Heritage Tables

  • Heritage Table options and original Tables both.


  • For both older versions of the Ancestor system as well as Ancestors for 3rd Edition.