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These are LARP scenarios with pregenerated characters, that are ready to be run. They may be available in hardcopy form or for download. Some are commercial products available for purchase, others are free.

1 - 9 players

Scenario Genre Authors Size Price Access
All Saints' Eve Modern horror Shifting Forest Storyworks 4-8 Free Download
All the President's Zombies Political comedy Interactivities Ink, Ltd 8 Free Download
Against the Grain (War Birds) Historical Drama Unruly Designs, Moyra Turkington 4 $19.00 (in anthology) View
Argentin Fantasy philosophy Shifting Forest Storyworks 4-8 Free Download
Argonautica Reality TV Anna Klein 8 $4.99 Buy
Arsenic & Lies Murder mystery Karolina Soltys 5-10 US$25 Buy
Best Of The Wurst WW2 comedy Peaky Games 9 £5 Buy
Boats Against the Current Great gatsby Anna Klein 9 $5.99 Buy
Boots For The Glory Of Russia Revolutionary comedy CJR 9 Free Download
Boxed Set Supernatural Steampunk Andrea Landaker 8-10 Free Download
Bus Stop Slice of life with a twist Douglas Milewski 9 Free View
The Business of Murder Murder mystery John H. Kim 7 Free Download
Cast Party Theatre / Realist Susan Weiner 8 Free Download
The Climb Mountain climbing Jason Morningstar 5-6 US$8 Buy
Communing In Darkness Horror Nick Huggins 6 Free Download
Crossing Borders Neighbourhood comedy Claus Raasted 8 Free Download
Death of the Japanese Emperor Prisoner's dilemma Ivan Žalac 4-8 Free View
The Devil's Brood Medieval politics Malcolm Harbrow 7-9 US$8 Buy
Did you hear the one? Haunted house Sophie Melchior 6 Free Download
Drink Me Victorian horror Betsy Isaacson 4 US$10 Buy
Elevator Elevator horror Nick Huggins 6 Free Download
Emotional Baggage Airline / hostage Quinn D, Steve Vig, and Susan Weiner 7 PWYW Buy
Eridanus Rising Modern mythology Shifting Forest Storyworks 4-8 Free Download
Executive Decision US politics Greg Stolze 3-6 Free Download
The Face of Oblivion SF drama Catherine Pegg 6-8 Pay what you want Buy
Far Space Scifi Survival Christian Griffen 4-8 Free Download
The First of December Hostage thriller Shifting Forest Storyworks 4-8 Free Download
The Freighter Coralus SF / Disaster Quentin Bourne 8 Free Download
From All The Worlds Elevator inaction Carsten Andreasen 5 Free Download
Garden Station 4 Science fiction Shifting Forest Storyworks 4-8 Free Download
Graduation Day Magical university intrigue Donna Giltrap 9 Free Download
Hamlet Shakespeare Shifting Forest Storyworks 6-8 Free Download
Hold Someone Liable Economic politics Florian Berger 3-6 Free Download
Howling Fire Theomachy Mythology / deicide Kristen Hendricks 8 US$10 Buy
I'm a Psychic, Get Me Out Of Here! Modern horror Baz Nugent 9 Free Download
Inheritance Posthuman sci-fi drama Warren Tusk 7 $10 Buy
Juggernaut Computer horror Jason Morningstar 5-6 US$15 Buy
Keeping the Candles Lit (War Birds) Historical WWII Drama Unruly Designs, Shoshana Kessock 5 $19.00 (in anthology) View
The Kyme Summit SF / baroque Malcolm Harbrow 6 PWYW Buy
Lifters Elevator horror Mike Craughwell 4 Free Download
Listen at the Maximum Volume Rock band reunion Luiz Prado 3-7 Free Download
A Little Magic Modern romantic fantasy Shifting Forest Storyworks 4-8 Free Download
Longest Night Seance Quentin Bourne 9 Free Download
Maroons SF / Isolation Jason Morningstar 8 US$10 Buy
The Mirror Room Modern thriller Shifting Forest Storyworks 4-8 Free Download
Mobilize (War Birds) Historical WWII Drama Unruly Designs, Kira Magrann 5 $19.00 (in anthology) View
Model Protectorates (War Birds) Historical WWII Drama Unruly Designs, Moyra Turkington 5 $19.00 (in anthology) View
Murder at Miskatonic Mythos murder Skirmisher 6 US$2.99 Buy
My Bloody Valentine Domestic horror Catherine Pegg 5-8 Pay what you want Buy
Night Floors Occult horror Donna Giltrap 8 Free View
On Display Steampunk Romance Paracelsus Games 6 US$10 Buy
Persona: Too Late Time travel Xavid 7 Free Download
Plan Eight From Outer Space Sci-fi comedy Interactivities Ink, Ltd 8 Free Download
Quarantine Sci-fi mystery Andrea Landaker 6 Free Download
Queen of Spades Mystery Shifting Forest Storyworks 4-8 Free Download
Quiet Day in the Library Armageddon Jenni Sands 7 US$10 Buy
A Retreat to Remember Amnesia Lelah Frey, Jaime Frey, Philip Kelley 7 US$5 Buy
Sight Unseen Classic Cthulhu William T. Thrasher 7-9 US$4.99 Buy download
Snow White Dark fairy tale Shifting Forest Storyworks 6-8 Free Download
Storm Cellar Small-town disaster Kathleen De Smet and Eva Schiffer 8 US$5 Buy
Space Station Sheckley Comedy SF intro LARP Last Person Shooter 4 Free View
Strangers on a Bus Espionage Bruce Glassco 5 Free View
Toil and Trouble Fantasy Kristen Hendricks and Warren Tusk 6 US$10 Buy
Trapped Elevator inaction Interactivities Ink, Ltd 4 Free Download
The Upgrade Reality TV dating show Vi åker jeep 3-6 Free View
We Were WASP (War Birds) Historical Drama Unruly Designs, Ann Kirstine Eriksen 4 $19.00 (in anthology) [1]
Will That Be All? 1930's servants / romance Graham Walmsley 6-10 US$10 Buy
WINTERHORN Political suppression Jason Morningstar 3-8 US$12 Buy

10 - 19 players

Scenario Genre Authors Size Price Access
10 Bad LARPs in 100 Bad Minutes Awful scenarios Nat Budin, Susan Weiner & Greer Hauptman 12 Free Download
10 Bad LARPs: The B-Sides Awful scenarios Nat Budin, Susan Weiner, Greer Hauptman & Joshua Sheena 12 Free Download
4 Bad LARPs in 40 Bad Minutes GMless awful scenarios Nat Budin, Susan Weiner, Joshua Sheena & Josh Rachlin 12 Free Download
A Dead Man's Chest Caribbean pirates Freeform Games 12-16 £20.00 Buy download
A Garden of Forking Paths Tale-telling Susan Weiner, Vito D'Agosta, Nat Budin 12 Free Download
A Serpent of Ash Cult survivors J. Tuomas Harviainen 6-12 Free Download
A Turn on the Radiance Rose 1920's Seance Peaky Midwest 10 PWYW Buy
Adult Survivors of Cinematic Childhood Trauma PTSD / Fantasy movies Mike Young 6-12 Free Download
All In Shadowrun Chris Hall 15 Free Download
An Interlude At Malory Towers Enid Blyton Nick Huggins 15 Free Download
An UnConventional Odyssey Meta / Horde Kirt Dankmyer and Jon Lemich 5-12 Free Download
APE Criminal confessional Baz Nugent 8-14 Free Download
And the Moon A Crooked Grin Carribean vampires Scott Beattie 12 Free Download
Archangel Angels before the Fall Evangelos Hugo Paliatseas 16 $12.40 Buy
Bank Robbery Bank robbery Nick Wedig 13 Free View
Be Not Afraid Angelic politics Warren Tusk and C. E. A. Diertani 13 $35 Buy
The Bell SF / Amnesia Stephanie and Catherine Pegg 12 - 20 $8 Buy
Betrothals and Betrayals Regency fantasy Donna Giltrap 13 Free Download
Better Living Through Robotics Robot uptopia Peaky Midwest Games 10 US$5 Buy
Bitter Tears at Sad Mary's Bar and Girl (Revised) Over the Edge Scott Beattie & Tonia Walden (Revisions by Thorin Tabor) 10-11 Free Download
Blackened Hearts Pirates Matthew Karabache 8-15 PWYW Buy
Bloody Forks French and Indian War Nick Wedig 11 Free View
Bludgeoned on Broadway 1947 theatre mystery Freeform Games 8-13 £20.00 Buy download
The Brethren's Soup Kitchen Hobos Baz Nugent 12 Free Download
Burning Orchid 30's filmstars Ben Allen, Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Heidi Kaye, Alison Rider Hill 10 £5 Buy
But Nobody Loses an Eye Children's party Stephanie and Catherine Pegg 12 $5.00 Buy download
Call of the Wild Hunt Faeries Stephen Kenneally and Aidan Marsh 14 - 16 Free Download
Carnival Arcane Magical carnival Figments of Your Imagination 11-20 US$12 Buy
The Class Trip School reunion Martin Svahn and Johan Nilsson 10 Free Download
CONDITION ECHO BLUESHIFT The Laundry MIT Assassins Guild 15 Free Download
Curse of the Pharoah 19C Egyptian mystery Freeform Games 6-19 £20.00-£25.00 Buy download
The Dance and the Dawn Gothic fairy-tale romance Warren Tusk 15 $35 Buy
The Dance and the Dawn: Dreams of Ice and Ash Gothic fairy-tale romance Warren Tusk 15 $25 Buy
Dance Fandango Horror Sandra Duggan 14 Free Download
Danse Macabre Medieval Marie-Claire Artaud and Olivier X 10 Free Download
Dark Summonings: The Uncivilized Guest Occult adventure Interactivities Ink, Ltd 12 Free Download
Davy Jones' Locker 1785 Tortuga Freeform Games 10-15 £20.00 Buy download
The Day The Music Died 60's Music Peaky Games 10 £5 Buy
Dazzled to Death 1948 Boston socialites Freeform Games 12-15 £20.00 Buy download
Death Has A Dice Bag Comedy Horror Sandra Duggan 11 Free Download
Death in the Fast Lane Car racing Freeform Games 10-12 £20.00 Buy download
Death on the Gambia 1939 riverboat Freeform Games 8-11 £20.00 Buy download
Deus X Cyberpunk Jeff Rissman 15 Free Read
Dictator LARP Dictatorship Nick Wedig 14 Free Read
Did I Fall Asleep? Dollhouse David Leaman 6 - 12 US$3.96 Buy
The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchman Supers Thorin Tabor 12 Free Download
Down and Out in Middenburg Fantasy beggars Malcolm Harbrow and Donna Giltrap 12 Free Download
Dragon in the Poplars Manhattan Project Meg Hilko 15 Free Download
End is Nigh Humanity on trial Sandra Duggan 12 Free Download
An Evening with Clarence Parody of LARP Gordon and Stephanie Olmstead-Dean 17-30 Free Download
Exodus 22:18 Renaissance witch-hunt Michael Tice 12-15 US$10 Buy
Factory Reset AI / memory / sentience Anna Kreider 8-12 US$7 Buy
The Fall 2: Ship in a Bottle SF Tyranny Nick Huggins 10 Free Download
Falling From Orbit Android rebellion / SF Chris Brecheen 15 Free Read
The Family Andersson Family drama Åke Nolemo and Johan Röklander 5/10 Free Download
The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste Shipboard weirdness James MacDougall 14-19 Free Download
Fire at Midnight Vampire Frank Branham 12 Free View
For the Honour of the Family Wallachian family drama Katrina Allis, Freya Sacksen, Gareth Cranefield 15 Free Download
The Gehenna Memo Bletchley / Laundry Malcolm Harbrow 13 Free Download
GUBU D'Genesis Paranormal comedy Baz Nugent 8-12 Free Download
Happy Birthday R.J. 1980s Dallas-style Freeform Games 11-15 £20.00 Buy download
Heart of Glass Reality TV / The Bachelor Claire Ahuriri 10 Free Read
Here Is My Power Button Sci-fi Brodie Atwater 6-22 (+2) Pay what you want Buy/download
Heritage - Dreaming a Better Tomorrow Fantasy Nick Huggins 10 Free Download
A Hero's Welcome Fantasy comedy John Kim 16 Free Read
History Repeats School reunion horror Nick Huggins Unknown Free Download
Holiday Season Christmas comedy Interactivities Ink, Ltd 11-17 Free Download
Hotel Paradise Hotel full of ghosts Donna Giltrap 16 Free Download
Hrothgar's Hall Beowulf Malcolm Harbrow 8 - 12 Free View
I Pray God Will Curse the Writer The King in Yellow Nick Wedig 6 - 18 PWYW Buy
In Absentia Science fiction trial Nick Huggins 15 Free Download
The Island Shipwreck horror David M. Fitzgerald 13 $4.99 Buy
iSpy Spy school Sandra Duggan 14 Free Download
iSpy2 Spy school Sandra Duggan 14 Free Download
Jane Austen's "Emma" Regency RomCom Malcolm Harbrow 11 US$10 Buy
K300: Nyet SOS! Soviet Submarine Disaster Mike Young and Moira Parham 6-10 Free Download
The Karma Club Hippies Freeform Games 10-14 £20.00 Buy download
The Kick Inside Life Martin Brodén and Kristoffer Lindh 12 Free Download
Kobolds on a Plane Kobolds Ate My Baby Tom Conder 17 Free Download
Lei'd to Rest Modern Hawaii Freeform Games 6-12 £20.00 Buy download
Limbo Souls in purgatory Tor Kjetil Edland 6-12 Free Download
The Lonely House Haunted house Danielle Goudeau 13 PWYW Buy
Manna Hotel Hotel Nick Wedig 6-12 Free View
Mansfield With Monsters Post WWI Zombie Apocalypse Donna Giltrap 13 Free View
The Marin County New Age Society Cocktail Party High society paranormal James MacDougall 11 Free Download
Mars Attracts Mars mission / Romance Graham Arnold, Kath Banks, Graham Charles, Steve Hatherley, & Mo Holkar 12 Free Info
Mayday Communist comedy Interactivities Ink, Ltd 14 Free Download
Nepenthe SF / time travel Bruce Glassco 13 Free Download
Night at the Office Office politics Sandra Duggan 10 Free Download
The Night before Christmas Christmas mystery Freeform Games 12-15 £20.00 Buy download
Nine Tenths of the Law Horror Fergal O'Brien 10 Free Download
The Outsiders Nordic Thatcherite teens Mo Holkar and Cat Tobin 12 - 15 Free Read
Papers Office surrealism Petter Karlsson & Martin Rother-Schirren 10-60 Free Read
Passover Judgement Day Damien Kelly 18 Free Download
The People Vs Almighty, The Superhero comedy Baz Nugent 16 Free Download
Persephone's Choice Asimovian robots Malcolm Harbrow 13 Free Read
Prayers on a Porcelain Altar Hungover meanness J. Tuomas Harviainen 8-10 Free Download
Priceless Childhood horror Sandy Antunes 11 $2.50 buy
Providence Junction Western Nick Wedig 11 Free View
Red Tape Cosmic office comedy Sandra Duggan 11 Free Download
Remedia Amoris Nobilis: Love Chris Hall 19 Free Download
Resonance Amnesia, tale-telling Nat Budin, Susan Weiner, Vito D'Agosta, & Phoebe Roberts 12-15 Free Download
The Road Not Taken Experimental psychodrama Mike Young 6-12 Free Download
A Royal Celebration Fantasy comedy John Kim 19 Free View
Royal Flush Wonderland Claire Ahuriri 13 Free Read
Science Fiction Mystery SF mystery Nick Wedig 11 Free View
Screwing The Crew Open relationships Elin Nilsen and Trine Lise Lindahl 7-15 Free Download
Second String Superheroes Incompetent superheroes Nick Wedig 12 Free View
Second Watch SF / horror James Bloodworth, Steve Hatherley, Alli Mawhinney, Ric Mawhinney, & Laura Wood 10 £10 Buy
A Shout in the Dark Fantasy Whodunnit Nick Huggins 12 Free Download
Siege Mentality II Zombie / Survival Horror J. Tuomas Harviainen and Roger Gammans 10 Free Download
Silent Hedges Southern Gothic Drowning Moon 7-12 Free Buy
Small Town Folks Hurricane shelter Peaky Games 12 £5 Buy
Snow Business Ski chalet mystery Freeform Games 10-12 £20.00 Buy download
Space Shuttle Diplomacy SF / politics Sam Flintlock 12-16 PWYW Buy
Spellbound! Mad Men meets Bewitched Donna Giltrap 12 US$8 Buy
Stagecoach Serenity John Kim 10 Free Download
Sufficiently Advanced Technologies Dr Who Nick Wedig 16 Free Read
Sunset Claws Warhammer Fantasy Steve Darlington 10-15 Free Follow to download
Super Sparkle Action Princess GX! Children's TV Stephanie and Catherine Pegg 13-16 US$5 Buy
Tango for Two Experimental Even Tømte and Tor Kjetil Edland Unknown Free Download
Tempus Frangit Time-travel conspiracy Interactivities Ink, Ltd 10 Free Download
The Always Waltz Gothic fairy-tale Caroline Murphy 16 Free Download
The Demon Gate Rashomon Catherine Pegg 10 - 12 PWYW Buy
The Importance of Being Convergent Fantasy Nuclear option 5-12 Free Download
The Trial Animal farm Sage Shepperd, Joshua Sheena, Josh Rachlin & Nat Budin 5-12 Free Download
The Tribunal Oppression J. Tuomas Harviainen 5 - 12 Free Download
Thingummy Bob's Romantic comedy Nick Huggins 10 Free Download
Two Houses Alike in Indignity Brust's Dragaera T. and Danielle Goudeau 19 Free Read
Ulysses Ancient Greeks IN SPACE!!! Stephanie Pegg 14-18 US$8 Buy
Under the Big Top Circus Freeform Games 10-15 £20.00 Buy download
Under the Hammer Heavy Gear Shane O'hUid 17 Free Download
Vampire the Requiem Vampire intrigue Sandra Duggan 15 Free Download
Venice Mafia Romeo & Juliet Kate Dicey, Steve Hatherley, Tym Norris, Debbie Hollingworth 15 Free Info
Watch the Skies! UFO cult Jason Morningstar 8 - 10 Free Download
What to Do About Tam Lin? Celtic fantasy Emily Care Boss and Julia Ellingboe 17 Free Download
Xorix Colony SF politics Jeff Rissman 16 Free Read

20 - 39 players

Scenario Genre Authors Size Price Access
A Family Matter Family horror Nick Huggins 25 Free Download
A Party Full of Secrets Social drama Ivan Žalac 10-23 Free Download
Amnesia Social experiment Nick Huggins 25 Free Download
All at Sea 1914 cruise ship mystery Freeform Games 16-33 £30.00 Buy download
An Evening on the Jaded Dragon Hotel Riverboat Casino Modern gangsters Vicarious Games 8 - 32 US$9.95 Buy
Arcanum Imperii Roman Cthulhu Robert “Mac” McLaughlin 35 US$5.99 Buy download
The Black Hart of Camelot Arthurian intrigue Ryan Paddy 18-24 US$8.99 Buy download
Boffo's Birthday Bash Wodehousian Comedy Donna Giltrap 20 Free Read
Break Room 3: Basilisk Green D&D monsters Stephanie and Catherine Pegg 20-22 US$8 Buy
Carribean Cruise 1940's Cruise ship Fiachra Kelly & Gavin Crosbie 36 Free Download
Casino Fatale Parisian casino Freeform Games 15-30 £25.00-£35.00 Buy download
Castle in the Stonelands Forgotten Realms Sean K Reynolds 30 Free Download
Class Of '83 School reunion horror Nick Huggins 20 Free Download
Conclave Medieval papal politics Willow Palecek 6 - 24 US$10 Buy
Court in the Act Elizabethan Freeform Games 13-21 £25.00 Buy download
Club Felis Cat nightclub Martin Brodén, Ada Fredelius and Anna-Karin Linder 20-40 Free Download
Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular Circus comedy Mike Young 14-22 Free Download
Delicious Friends Fallen London Malcolm Harbrow 20 Free View
Diamonds and Coal Steampunk Plague Emily Care Boss and Julia Ellingboe 24 Free Download
Dune - Point of Balance Science fiction Gareth Hanrahan & Kevin MacGregor 27 Free Download
The Fall 3: Cat and Mouse SF Tyranny Nick Huggins 20 Free Download
The Fall 4: An Artificial Interlude SF Tyranny Nick Huggins 25 Free Download
Forever Autumn L5R Fergal O'Brien & Oli Bird 23 Free Download
The Greater Trumps Tarot card characters Ken Brown, Hugh Eckert & Dave Singer 35 Free Download
The Green Fairy Classic Cthulhu Robert “Mac” McLaughlin 30 US$6.99 Buy download
Halloween Lies Horror movie awards Freeform Games 16-22 £25.00 Buy download
Heritage - Ancient Evil Fantasy Nick Huggins 20 Free Download
Heritage - The Enemy At The Table Fantasy Nick Huggins 20 Free Download
Hollywood Lies Movie awards Freeform Games 16-22 £25.00 Buy download
Homeworld Science fiction Brian Nisbet 25 Free Download
I Was a Teenage Mutant from Outer Space! 50's B-movies John Corrado, Jr 36 Free Download
Ides Of March Roman Claire Bradley & Mary Kilgarriff 20 Free Download
King's Crossing Modern Horror T. & Danielle Goudeau 20 Free Read
Mad About the Boy A world without men Tor Kjetil Edland, Margrete Raaum, Trine Lise Lindahl 29 Free Download
Marlowe 2020 Shakespearian Cyberpunk Kirt Dankmyer and Jon Lemich 12-24 Free Download
Midsummer Mischief Wodehouse / Comedy Nathan Gribble, Steve Hatherley, Heidi Kaye, Paul Snow 25 Free Download
Murder and Matchmaking Regency murder and romance Donna Giltrap 20 Free Read
New Voices in Art Aspiring artists Tor Kjetil Edland, Arvid Falch and Erling Rognli 10-25 Free Download
Old Man of Damascus Crusades / Cthulhu Robert McLaughlin and Paul Michael Janousek 27 US$4.99 Buy download
Party Down in the Glass House Reality TV / Big Brother Claire Ahuriri 20 Free Read
The Queen's Justice Inquisitions & Revolutions Ryan Paddy 18-26 US$6.99 Buy download
The Salem Witch Trials Witch hunt! Aidan Walsh 25 Free Download
Service Military recruitment Phoenix Outlaw Productions 10-20 US$10 Buy
Sidekicks Anonymous Superhero comedy Nick Huggins 25 Free Download
Southern Seas Victorianesque horror Naomi Guyer 26 Free Download
A Space Operetta Pulp science fiction Ken Brown, Gordon & Stephanie Olmstead-Dean 29 Free Download
Tesla's Wedding Steampunk romance Catherine and Stephanie Pegg 30 US$8 Buy
Time Travel Review Board Horde time-travel comedy Susan Weiner, Vito D’Agosta, Josh Rachlin, Nat Budin 12-24 Free Download
Way out West Western Freeform Games 10-24 £20.00-£30.00 Buy download
Weird Science Science fiction comedy Nick Huggins 22 Free Download
White Collar Crime Business and politics Scott Beattie 20 Free Download
Who Killed Peter Rabbit? Beatrix Potter Murder Mystery Claire Ahuriri 20-40 Free Read
Who Will Lead the Council of Magisters Magical intrigue Sean K Reynolds 30 Free Download
WitchFinder WWII Cthulhu Robert McLaughlin & Paul Michael Janousek 30 US$5.99 Buy download
Vox Science fiction Nick Huggins 20 Free Download

40+ players

Scenario Genre Authors Size Price Access
Al Shir-Ma Arabian fantasy Sophie Melchior, Ellen Couch, Dale Elvy 66 US$10 Buy download
Breakout Day Modern occult Morgan Davie and others 41 Free Download 1, 2, 3 & 4
City in the Sand Vampire intrigue White Wolf 50+ US$8.99 Buy download
Fall of the Jaguar Gods Mayan Apocalypse Naomi Guyer and Chris Rosedale 41 Free View
House of Pain Conspiracy Cthulhu Robert McLaughlin and Paul Michael Janousek 42 US$6.99 Buy download
The Power Of Freedom Vampire intrigue Joseph Murphy & Nick Huggins 40 Free Download
Salem 1906 Witch hunt! Osher El-Netanany 12-45 Free Download
Sanctuary Fantasy Sean Broadley, Naomi Guyer, Stephanie Pegg 66 Free View