Lancer: No Room for a Wallflower

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Lancer: No Room for a Wallflower

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They told me don’t go walking slow
The devil’s on the loose.
– Creedence Clearwater Revival, Run Through The Jungle

But I fear bodies, I tremble to meet them. What is this Titan that has
possession of me? Talk of mysteries! Think of our life in nature, – daily
to be shown matter, to come in contact with it, – rocks, trees, wind on
our cheeks! The solid earth! The actual world! The common sense!
Contact! Contact! Who are we? Where are we?
– Henry David Thoreau, Ktaadn


Evergreen-specific Downtime Actions

The Setting

The UNS Artemis-II, a tactical first response light carrier serving the Union in the year 5014u. The ship on which you serve. On long distance patrol through the Atlas Line, the vessel is enroute to a rendezvous with several other Union ships for a joint fleet action against a major pirate operation. However, on the way to the destination, a distress call has come in on the Omninet from the wider union. The call originate from a colony in the Ardenes system, not far off the ship's projected path. The colony's come under attack from an unknown enemy, raiders or pirates

The Artemis-II cannot abandon its current mission... but part of the Union military compliment on board is a Union Auxiliary unit of Lancers. And a Lancer team can be relied on to solve or stabilize almost any situation, given their talents, skills and cross-training. One riot, one ranger; as the old saying goes.

A decision is made, the ship diverts course slightly. And the Auxiliary team is brought out of cryo to briefed.

A world cries out for help. And Union will answer.


The current cast and their currently printed mechs:

Alain "Phoenix" Thatcher (Mech: GMS-Everest Spirit of Freedom)
Jay "Crossbones" Walker (Mech: GMS-Everest Occupational Hazard)
May-B "Keeper" Abielle (Mech: GMS-Everest Hiver)
Grigory "the Hammer" of Ynn (Mech: GMS Everest Kodiak)
Mietta "Quicksilver" Ryouta Freire-Buzick (Mech: GMS Everest Closing Thoughts)


Current clocks in play:

Notable NPCs

Key figures that the PCs have met.


  • Captain Shahla el-Kazemi (she/her): Captain of the Artemis-II and the team's commanding officer. A long term member of the Union Navy, she's come up from the bottom, and is a strong believer in the three pillars and the Third Committee. She's got a good head for strategy and tactics, and her ability to think on her feet got her put assigned as a First Responder.
  • Lieutenant Axinia Julander-Baswell (she/her): A green haired, young intelligence officer on her first assignment, Lieutenant Axinia is the team's intelligence officer and attache. She only briefly met them before going into Cyro. She got good marks at the academy, but lacks field experience.
  • ARTEMIS (she/her): A strategic class NHP assigned to the Artemis-II. Very intelligent, encyclopedia knowledge of warfare and its hisotry.


  • Brava Hadura (she/her): The commander of the militia. Popular among her men, but inexperienced at the job.
  • Castor Fielding (he/him): Chief engineer of the colony. Exacting, but doesn't mind bending rules when he views that his requirements have been met.
  • PATIENCE (they/them): NHP and administrator of the colony. Utterly focused on Evergreen's success and prosperity.
  • Edena Ji (She/Her): Colony operation officer and company woman.

Gray Towns

  • Captain van Pelt: Purple Hand Mercenary guarding the roads. Loyal to the contract.
  • Ronin and Caleb: Heads of the Purple Hand Brigade. Brothers. Former MSMC. Other details unknown



GOVERNOR’S FARM: Built at the heart of the city, the Governor’s Farm is the administrative heart as well, containing the towns data storage center, the armory, a cold gene storage site and the primary print facility. It’s walled off and well guarded at all times, with gates at each cardinal direction. The central cluster of administrative buildings and council hall is called the Governor’s Mansion by the locals.

COUNCIL HALL: The meeting hall for Evergreen’s town council is a large, low, ferrocrete building, the Council Hall is populated at all times by a steady stream of people involved in the administration of the city.

MUNICIPAL DATA STORAGE CENTER: A rugged server farm, built mostly underground, the colony’s primary computers are run from here, containing records, data files and software important to running the colony’s network. Clearance from PATIENCE or Landmark Colonial is required to access it.

MILITIA ARMORY: A recently constructed and expanded building, the Armory is where the militia’s stock of personal weaponry are both manufactured and stored. Having no native manufacturers for firearms, a class one printer has been dedicated to manufacture standard GMS-pattern small arms (rifles, carbines, light machine guns, pistols, shotguns, rocket launchers, etc.)

OMNINODE TOWER: The recently constructed omninode tower is located on a hall outside the town. It is the primary point of contact between Evergreen and the rest of the galaxy at blinkspace speeds. The node was recently installed, and is guarded around the clock by the militia.

COLD GENE STORAGE: This site holds hundreds of thousands of patented embryos drawn from Landmark’s library for colonization, kept in cyrogenic stasis for when they’ll be needed to expand the colony.

DEPOT DISTRICT: Located in the north-east section of Evergreen, the Depot District is the industrial area where stored goods are kept before being used. Native materials are brought in through the east and stored in various warehouses. The bulk of the district contains preckpaged and premade goods, brought in by colony ships and Landmark transports, items that the colony can’t manufacture on its own yet. PATIENCE releases them for use on a as-needed basis. The area is buzzing with industrial transport drones.

PRINT SHOP: In the governor’s farm, the colony’s largest printer and the only scheduled one is kept. It’s built inside a three story building, fully enclosed and protected by armed guards at all time. With the installation of the omninode, the Printer now has access to licenses from the greater galaxy. It can simultaneously print several S1 mechs, print S2 mechs directly, and print the parts for S3 and S4 mechs; but these will need to be assembled outside the facility.

PATIENCE’S CASKET: The NHP’s physical architecture – their casket – is housed in a secured underground complex below the Farm, accessible by interior passages or via a diagonal freight elevator that also provides access to cold storage.

THE BOTTOM OF THE WELL: A popular and well-trafficked tavern, the Bottom of the Well is a hunched, three-story building with an enclosed patio area. It is set against the river with docks extending out into the shallows. The whole first floor is a bar, meeting place, and performance space. One wall opens out onto the docks and can be buttoned up in the cold. The second and third floors contain modest one-bedroom apartments. The roof offers another patio space, where laundry is often air-dried during the summer. The team has been offered functional, comfortable lodging here. Inside the bar is a community bulletin board for posting notices and requests. The venue hosts music every other night.

The Bottom is owned by Mir Bahadur (he/him), a first-generation Evergreen-Hercynian in his late sixties. Mir once worked for Castor Fielding as an engineer and maintains a friendly relationship with him. He now keeps the CEC supplied with hooch made at the Bottom in exchange for prompt assistance when the tavern needs repairs.

RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTS: The city’s residential districts are generally composed of mixed high-density apartments, transit corridors, and short, walkable blocks. The western section of the city, close to the river, contains high rise apartments that are mostly empty, planned for future colony expansions. The bulk of population lives in smaller apartments on the east.

FOUNDERS BRIDGE: There is currently a bridge being built across the river, connecting the agricultural centers on the west bank to the city on the east bank. The bridge is half complete, with wooden construction spanning the middle. Currently, the bridge can support foot traffic, ground cars, and beasts of burden, but not mechs. The ongoing crisis has stalled construction indefinitely.

STABLE REACTOR PLANT: Downriver sits the twin coolant towers of Evergreen’s Stable Reactor Plant, Towers 1 & 2. Built out of the colony ship that brought the first generation of colonists to Hercynia, the stable reactors at the plant can theoretically power Evergreen for millennia. A paved road leads from the colony to the reactor, where there is also a small campus for the reactor’s engineers. The day-to-day functions of Evergreen’s Stable Reactor Plant are largely automated, controlled by an on-site comp/con and monitored by Patience, with ultimate executive authority given over to on-site engineers.

COMMUNICATION TOWERS 1, 2, & 3: Evergreen’s local omninet and subomni communications are bolstered by three communications towers set up in a triangle around the settlement. Their primary function is to increase the broadcast range of the colony’s radio coverage and better direct comms lasers into and out of the valley in which the settlement lies. As a secondary function, they can provide limited-bandwidth omninet communications in the event of a node shutdown.


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