Lancer - Measure Twice, Cut Once

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A motley crew of Lancers travelling to the Long Rim, run by Anaxphone

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IC Thread

Recruitment Thread



Fibonacci Null, played by EnigmaticOne

Grigory of Ynn, played by Bira

Odysseus Jones, played by The Wyzard

Vix Otoya, played by Insomniac

Nanashi Motoko, played by DragonJAW

=== NPCs ===
IPS-N Chabahar Crew
MAartha Hazel, Security Chief
Roshan Larjeet, Security Crew
Boris Ochoa, Security Crew
Brent Zavala, Galley Crew, wielder of clipboard and medkit

Papadya Roth, leader of the group traveling aboard the IPS-N Chabahar
Brother Kamur



IPS-N Cochraine Station