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Adventure Log

Month Day Hour Notes/Event
Dimune 15 09:00 Fariya Detects Magic on items found in Tunnels and heals party. Fariya and Gabriel spend day examining items.


Surname Given Name Occupation Location Notes
Orellana-Alcalde de Peña Nalencampa Retired/Sage Alcalde Estates, West of Avis Armois
?? Brais Groundskeeper Alcalde Estates, Avis Armois with Amais, teleported party to front of Nalencampa´s estate
?? Amais Cook/Housekeeper Alcalde Estates, Avis Armois see Brais
Artigas Guilleme Master, Fenwalkers Westshore, Avis Armois Recruited Markel to Fenwalkers
Lacan Thaïs Wayward Daughter Avis Armois Rescued from Kem´s Hideout
du Serna Arsène Lionel Soldier Avis Armois Chevalière; Captaine of the Black Lions (City Garrison)
??? Possa Criminal Outer Docks, Avis Armois
??? Nardo Criminal Outer Docks, Avis Armois
??? "The Asp" Criminal Outer Docks, Avis Armois
??? Archak Tavern Owner Colosseum, Avis Armois Own's "Archak's Pen"; can be used to get messages to Chevalière du Serna
??? Shaheer Fariya's Instructor in Magic Jhon Mentioned by Fariya to Gabriel
??? Wissam Shaheer's agent in Avis Armois The Embers, Avis Armois Mentioned by Fariya and Nalencampa; has a room at The Bird of Paradise Inn
Aphier Boulen Gabriel's Instructor in Magic ??? Mentioned by Nalencampa
Lapointe Clothilde Landlady for party rooms Bronzechapel, Avis Armois Widower, husband (Gaston) was well-known weapons master
Sauli Hugo Fenwalker Westshore, Avis Armois Recently returned, going to outfit Kem's caves as base
Le Barge Serle Fenwalker Westshore, Avis Armois Recently returned, going to outfit Kem's caves as base
Felippi Venusto Priest Bronzechapel, Avis Armois Head Priest at St. Antelmo di Sennuli
al-Dajani Sallah Priest The Embers, Avis Armois Mullah of the Blue Mosque
??? Ishaaq ???? The Embers, Avis Armois Supposedly an informed man, according to Wissam; can be found at the Al-m'raj
Soki Othio Child Irontown, Avis Armois Youngest son of Ilvikir Soki (age ~10); now resides at Bronzechapel residence with Madame LaPointe and characters.

Adventure Notes