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Avis Armois players 01.jpg Victors Spoils 01.jpg Mitrus fine blades 01.jpg
The City of Avis Armois Victor's Spoils (Inn) Mitru's Fine Blades
Fouquet residence 02.jpg Sewers 030.jpg
Fouquet Residence Sewers of Avis Armois Old Arena Ruins

Adventure Log

Month Day Hour Notes/Event
Calude 21 15:00 Party arrives in Avis Armois. Board at the Fenwalker's Hall while determining how to deal with Kem's loot and other obligations.
Calude 22 n/a Party rises, visits Merchants Guild; Thais & Violet meet with Chevalière du Serna; Party meets Possa and his gang at midnight to conclude their business arrangement.
Calude 23 n/a Party receives notice from Merchants Guild that there are no specific claims on Kem's loot, and that the Law of Salvage applies. Violet finds rooms for the party in the Bronzechapel district with Mdme. Lapointe. Gabriel pens note to Nalencampa, and they are invited to dine with him at his estate that evening. Nalencampa identifies the magical items for the party, keeping one potion as payment.
Calude 24 n/a Thais & Violet meet to discuss the spear. Thais tells Violet she must travel south to obtain healing for her arm. She asks Violet to take over her role in town, working with Artigas and Du Serna against whatever forces present themselves.
Calude 25 n/a Fariya tells Wissam about ring.
Calude 25 n/a Approximate date of death of Aanand Mitru & wife (Irontown)
Calude 27 n/a Artigas brings by Hugo Sauli and Serle Le Barge, two Fenwalkers he will send up to Kem's caves to outfit them as a base. Violet meets Venusto Felippi, pastor of St. Antelmo di Sennuli church in the Bronzechapel district.
Calude 28 n/a Thais departs the city by ship. Body of Aanand Mitru & wife found in Irontown by Red Swords
Calude 29 n/a Fariya returns to Bronzechapel apartments with news of a murder in Irontown and the suspicion the murderer is Jhonian.
Calude 29 n/a Yehor Strava attacked outside Crossed Spears (Colosseum)
Calude 31 n/a Yehor Strava reported as missing from his room at Victor's Spoils (Colosseum)
Dimune 1 n/a Artigas visits with news of another person missing and presumed dead (Yehor), with increased anti-Jhonian feelings in the city. Artigas tells Violet that Du Serna wants to meet with her the next day at Archak's.
Dimune 2 n/a Violet meets with Du Serna.
Dimune 3 n/a Inquisitor/Inquisitrice papers arrive. Fariya spends the day trying to make appointments for the group in The Embers. Rest of group visits Victor's Spoils (Colosseum), the inn where the brawler Yehor Sava had a room, the alley outside Crossed Spears (Colosseum) where he was attacked, and the shop and apartments of Aanand Mitru in Irontown, site of the first murders. Party dines in Irontown with Artigas.
Dimune 4 n/a Fariya brings party to the Blue Mosque, where they meet with Mullah al-Dajani. Group visits the Al-m'raj tavern to talk to Ishaaq. Darithe & Violet visit smithy of Ilvikir Soki; Gabriel consults his library; Fariya consults Mosque library and visits Mitru weaponsmsith; Markel visits the Bull & Chisel tavern
Dimune 4 20:00 Félix Fouquet, a merchant and trader in Jhonian and foreign clothes and cloth, is murdered in his home in North Wall. Artigas summons the party to investigate.
Dimune 4 21:00 Party travels to Irontown district and enters the sewers. Investigate to the south and west, finding the tunnels under the Soki smithy and the Anvil tavern. The tunnels have large rat-like prints running in all directions, with the number of creatures and the age of the prints unable to be determined.
Dimune 4 22:00 Party reaches main tunnel near Arena and prison. They find a rope tied to the grate that leads under the bridge into the Inner City.
Dimune 4 23:30 Party encounters cloud of gas near western edge of district; they move through the gas, which seems to have a narcotic or intoxicating effect, but they pass through it with no major problems.
Dimune 5 00:15 Party encounters a large room with a cesspool. Darithe thinks she hears a whispering voice, but it does not occur again and they are unable to locate its source.
Dimune 5 01:00 Party cannot find source of sounds Darithe heard; draft appears to be coming from grate on west side of district. Party retraces steps to cesspool and heads south, running into large tunnel explored earlier. Boot prints end at tertiary tunnel leading east under Arena.
Dimune 5 01:30 Party encounters a group of 'Red Throats' lead by 'Nurk'; one of the Red Throats tells them of seeing two half-man, half-rat like creatures near the grating on the west side of the district.
Dimune 5 02:30 Party exits sewers via a main access building in Colosseum District and crosses over to Westshore district on surface.
Dimune 5 03:00 Party finds other end of rope ends in ancient, crumbling grating under Westshore side of bridge. Tunnel beyond is dry and dusty.
Dimune 5 03:35 Party explores tunnel moving steadily northwest. One of the side passage generates a feeling of extreme unease and nausea in Violet and Fariya, but party continues to the northwest.
Dimune 5 03:45 Tunnel ends at shear cliff face, at what they believe are the ruins of the Old Arena outside the city wall. Party finds a rope bridge and attempts to cross over it into ruined room on far side. Fariya falls into river below but is quickly pulled out by party.
Dimune 5 04:15 Party moves through tunnel in back of room to another chamber. Darithe struck by quarrel from crossbow trap when they open the door into a hallway.
Dimune 5 04:30 Party reaches end of southern tunnel, which spirals upward, but is blocked by rubble and a greenish slime and looks like it might collapse. Door on west side of hallway leads to room with floor that is broken with deep crevasses. Markel and Darithe get across, but the Fariya notes that greenish slime is moving towards them.
Dimune 5 04:45 Party crosses collapsing room; greenish slime does not pursue them. Tunnel leads to another room filled with mold and sweet-smelling mushrooms. Greyish slime blocks exit from room when party tries to leave. Party smears mushrooms on themselves -- ooze retreats and lets them pass.
Dimune 5 05:00 Party enters hallway and moves north. Darithe detects a possible trap - slits on the west wall of the hallway. Violet crawls under them but is attacked by normal and giant rats, while crossbow bolts are fired at them by someone behind the slits. Party dispatches the rats, but Violet's armor is badly damaged by their gnawing.
Dimune 5 05:00 Party explores north; finds room with another rope that stretches across water to north. Turns south, crossing wooden plank and discovers empty room with murder slits dug into wall where crossbow was fired at them from. Explores tunnel west and arrives in hallway that has another tunnel leading west, a spiral to the surface to the south. The north hall is filled with spider webs.
Dimune 5 05:15 Party begins to move north, burning the spider webs. Attacked by a group of giant spiders. Markel is bitten, and manages to damage his own armor in the fight.
Dimune 5 05:30 Party continues north. Hallway ends in opening to outside cliff wall. Darithe spies another rope-bridge to the west of their position.
Dimune 5 05:45 Party retreats south and west. Enter a large chamber that has a boulder supporting a rope stretching to the north. Violet attempts to pull herself across, but the rope breaks or is cut, and she falls into the river below. The rest pull her to safety.
Dimune 5 06:00 Darithe and Fariya read some of the graffiti. Fariya realizes that one bit in Jhonian is written by the murderer, and it is signed Ymkir. Party decides to give up the hunt and return to Bronzechapel to ensure Mdme. LaPointe is safe.
Dimune 5 06:15 Party climbs to surface and returns to Bronzechapel.
Dimune 5 06:45 Party reaches Bronzechapel residence. Artigas is there. They find tracks from one of the rodent-monsters, signs of a struggle. Mdme. LaPointe is nowhere to be found. Ransom instructions are written on the wall.
Dimune 5 07:15 Party returns to the tunnels under Westshore. Make their way to the first cistern. Encounter Yehor and Ymkir, as well as giant rats and swarms of regular rats. Yehor is killed by Violet in the subsequent battle, and Ymkir is severely wounded. Ymkir escapes with Othio as his captive. Party frees Madame LaPointe.
Dimune 5 07:45 Party chases Ymkir & Othio to end of tunnel. After a confrontation, Ymkir throws Othio at them and hurls himself out of the tunnel into the waters of the river below. Othio's arm is broken by the fall; the party can find no sign of Ymkir.
Dimune 5 08:30 Party returns to the surface with Othio, Madame LaPointe, and the body of Yehor. Artigas greets them.
Dimune 6 n/a Party rests. Violet confers with Chevalière du Serna. Fariya visits the Blue Mosque and speaks with the Imam.
Dimune 13 n/a Party has finished acquiring new silvered weapons and other supplies. All are fully healed. Violet and Markel's armor have been repaired.
Dimune 13 09:00 Party enters the tunnels under Westshore. Violet and Fariya experience same nausea. Tunnel ends in dead end choked with earth and rocks.
Dimune 13 09:15 Party inadvertently sets off a collapse, exposing the tunnel on the other side of the cave-in. The far side is littered with bones, including one skeleton bearing the symbol of the True Faith of A'Salam. Tunnel ahead descends underwater.
Dimune 13 09:30 Violet and Gabriel dive into the submerged tunnel, emerging on the far side. Tunnel changes character from bricked sewer to fit stone hallway adorned with Jhonian torch sconces. Section of the wall of the hallway has collapsed, leading to a natural cavern.
Dimune 13 09:45 Group enters natural cavern, which is mostly flooded and reaches beyond torchlight. Violet throws a stone into the water, attracting the attention of a huge worm-like monster. Group fights the monster and manages to slay it, but Gabriel is gravely wounded and almost dies.
Dimune 13 10:00 Party reaches intersection; takes smaller hallway heading east. Finds an ornate brass door on south wall, enters. Attacked by four Ghoul-like creatures. Violet injured and paralyzed in attack.
Dimune 13 10:30 Paralyzation wears off; Violet able to move again. Party continues down corridor, which turns south - and is filled with bones. Party explores south, and bones rise from floor and begin to pelt them. Markel is hit and overcome with terror, running back down the hallway in fright. Violet is able to detect the aura of some kind of creature that is throwing the bones. Party slays the creatures and runs after Markel to bring him back.
Dimune 13 10:45 Group returns to the corridor and continues south. Corridor ends in a door to an octagonal room where they are attacked by a huge, ghoulish creature. Violet falls and is paralyzed. Markel and Fariya manage to slay the creature, but not before Markel is also paralyzed. Gabriel finds a chest filled with various items and coins.
Dimune 13 11:15 Paralyzation wears off; Violet and Markel are able to move again. Fariya heals Markel. Group decides to retreat to rest and heal and return later.
Dimune 13 11:30 Group is attacked at junction of small and large hallways by skeletons. Fariya turns the skeletons and the group moves to the north to exit the area.
Dimune 13 11:45 Group pursues skeletons to water filled cavern and exit from area. Party confronted by a shadow-like creature that attacks them. They slay the creature, and the remaining skeletons collapse.
Dimune 13 12:00 Group exits the tunnels and returns to Bronzechapel residence.
Dimune 14 07:00 Group enters the tunnels with Mullah al-Dajani and his apprentices and guards. Mullah performs rites of purification and sanctification on large chamber at end of great hall. Evil is lifted on the halls. Group finds two chests filled with treasure and items. All exit the tunnels.


Surname Given Name Occupation Location Notes
?? Yves Innkeeper/Owner North Wall, Avis Armois The Broken Oath
Orellana-Alcalde de Peña Nalencampa Retired/Sage Alcalde Estates, West of Avis Armois
?? Brais Groundskeeper Alcalde Estates, Avis Armois with Amais, teleported party to front of Nalencampa´s estate
?? Amais Cook/Housekeeper Alcalde Estates, Avis Armois see Brais
Artigas Guilleme Master, Fenwalkers Westshore, Avis Armois Recruited Markel to Fenwalkers
Lacan Thaïs Wayward Daughter Avis Armois Rescued from Kem´s Hideout
du Serna Arsène Lionel Soldier Avis Armois Chevalière; Captaine of the Black Lions (City Garrison)
Rozru Snizovn Innkeeper Longnose, Avis Armois Male Gnome; Inn of the Fallen Star
??? Possa Criminal Outer Docks, Avis Armois
??? Nardo Criminal Outer Docks, Avis Armois
??? "The Asp" Criminal Outer Docks, Avis Armois
??? Archak Tavern Owner Colosseum, Avis Armois Own's "Archak's Pen"; can be used to get messages to Chevalière du Serna
??? Shaheer Fariya's Instructor in Magic Jhon Mentioned by Fariya to Gabriel
??? Wissam Shaheer's agent in Avis Armois The Embers, Avis Armois Mentioned by Fariya and Nalencampa; has a room at The Bird of Paradise Inn
Aphier Boulen Gabriel's Instructor in Magic ??? Mentioned by Nalencampa
Lapointe Clothilde Landlady for party rooms Bronzechapel, Avis Armois Widower, husband (Gaston) was well-known weapons master
Achard Romaine Swordfighting Instructor Colosseum, Avis Armois Former student of Gaston Lapointe, now has school of his own; has fought duels in town
Sauli Hugo Fenwalker Westshore, Avis Armois Recently returned, going to outfit Kem's caves as base
Le Barge Serle Fenwalker Westshore, Avis Armois Recently returned, going to outfit Kem's caves as base
Felippi Venusto Priest Bronzechapel, Avis Armois Head Priest at St. Antelmo di Sennuli
Sava Yehor Fighter Colosseum, Avis Armois Brawler, from Bakuland; revealed to be a were-rat. Deceased.
Mitru Aanand Weaponsmith Irontown, Avis Armois Specialized in eastern blades; originally from the Haradi Coast; found murdered with wife. Deceased.
Lillo Ambra Wife Irontown, Avis Armois Aanand Mitru's wife; found murdered with husband; Veniri heritage. Deceased.
Soki Ilvikir Blacksmith Irontown, Avis Armois Was seen agitating against Jhonians in front of Victor's Spoils inn; Deceased.
Lillo Bastiano Merchant Irontown, Avis Armois brother of Ambra; now owns Aanand Mitru's building; Veniri heritage
??? Victor Innkeeper Colosseum, Avis Armois proprietor of Victor's Spoils, the inn where Yehor Sava had a room
Le Goix Esteven ?? Colosseum, Avis Armois drinking partner of Yehor Sava (with Osbert Quesnel)
Quesnel Osbert ?? Colosseum, Avis Armois drinking partner of Yehor Sava (with Esteven Le Goix)
Renou Michel Weaponsmith Irontown, Avis Armois Apprentice to Aanand Mitru; has offered to buy building from Bastiano Lillo
al-Dajani Sallah Priest The Embers, Avis Armois Mullah of the Blue Mosque
??? Ishaaq ???? The Embers, Avis Armois Supposedly an informed man, according to Wissam; can be found at the Al-m'raj
Soki Othio Child Irontown, Avis Armois Youngest son of Ilvikir Soki (age ~10); now resides at Bronzechapel residence with Madame LaPointe and characters.
Soki Ymkir Apprentice Irontown, Avis Armois Oldest son of Ilvikir Soki (age ~16); trying to become journeyman smith; revealed to be a were-rat. Gravely wounded, escaped, whereabouts unknown.
Du Salle Bonaven Merchant North Wall, Avis Armois Witnessed attack on Félix Fouquet
Fouquet Félix Merchant North Wall, Avis Armois Trader in exotic fabrics; member of the Merchants, Clothworkers, & Weavers Guilds. Murdered in home.
Mysko Ilsa Cook/Maid North Wall, Avis Armois Cook and housemaid for Mssr. Fouquet;
Gaves Jean-Luc Valet/Butler North Wall, Avis Armois Valet, butler, and cellarmaster to Mssr. Fouquet
Avard Giles Chauffeur North Wall, Avis Armois Chauffeur to Mssr. Fouquet

Adventure Notes

Currently: Returning with loot, Kem´s head, Thais and the gold ring to Avis Armois. Kem´s head we will give to Possa for him to collect the reward (500 gold crowns) from the Archbishop.

Current Leads:

  • Markel wishes to find a Sunken City in the Dire Fens, has a map leading to it in fact.
  • Gabriel was commanded to visit Nalencampa to the west of town. Nalencampa´s servants Brais and Amais sent the group there from the market. Nalencampa said that Gabriel and Fariya are but pawns in a wider game.
  • Fariya is investigating the murder of a Jhonian merchant to the west of town, as is Gabriel. A gold ring set with a jasper stone inscribed with Jhonian writing, was taken when the merchant's caravan was raided.
  • Deal with the uppity Necromancer who was involved with Kem, possibly with the manticore and possibly with the lizardman attack
  • For Darithe to seek Atonement, the practical option is to seek out a monastic order. One option is the Abbey of the Monks of St. Gérôme located in the village of Asala, in the foothills of the mountains to the west. Another is the Abbeys in Aven Bentois – that is the Bernardian Order, at Charbonier, dedicated to preserving and propagating the wordly knowledge that God has revealed to man.