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|'''Dagger (Silver)'''
|'''Dagger (Silver)'''
|'''''1 lb'''''
|'''''1 lb'''''
|''Hand axe x2''
}'''''Belt Lt & Rt'''''
|'''Clothing (belt, soft boots, breeches, cloth cloak, gloves, knife sheath)'''
|'''Clothing (belt, soft boots, breeches, cloth cloak, gloves, knife sheath)'''

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Height: 5'11", Weight: 184lbs, Hair: Dark/Dirty Brown, Eyes: Dark Brown, Age: 20


Strength 13 Wt. Allowance: 45#; Max Press: 140#; Open Doors: 7; Bend Bars: 4%
Dexterity 18 +2 React. Adj; +2 Missile Att. Adj.; -4 Def. Adj.
Constitution 15 HP Adj: +1; Sys. Shock: 90%; Res. Surv: 94%
Intelligence 10 #Lang: 2
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10 Mx. Hench: 4

Secondary Stats

Ranger Level: 3
Hit Points: 21
Experience: 5010 / 9000
Armor Class: 7 or 3
Saving Throws - Paralyzation, Poison or Death Magic 14, Rods, Staff or Wandsm 16, Petrification or Polymorph 15, Death Magic 17, Spells 17

Weapon Attacks

Longbow +2 to hit, damage by arrow (flight 1d6/1d6. sheaf 1d8/1d8)
Longsword +0 to hit, damage 1d8/1d12
Shortsword +0 to hit, damage 1d6/1d8
Hand Axe -Melee +0 to hit, damage 1d6/1d4 -Thrown +2 to hit, damage 1d6/1d4
Dagger - Melee +0 to hit, damage 1d4/1d3 - Thrown +2 to hit, damage 1d4/1d3

Class Abilities

Warrior: Weapon Attacks per round (melee weapons 1/1 or 2/1 when duel weapon attack)
  • Outdoors Stealth: Hide in Shadows 25%, Move Silent 31%
  • Two-Weapon Fighting: When wearing studded leather armor can wield two one-handed weapons in each hand without penalty.
  • Tracking proficiency for free
  • Enemy: gain +4 with attack rolls against Wererats and Lycanthropes, but -4 reaction to interacting with them.
  • Interacting with trained and untrained Animals. Can apporach and automatically befriend domasticated pr non-hostile animals. When dealing with wild animals or animals trained to attack the animal must make a saving throw agains rods (at -1) to resist influence.


Weapon Proficiency: Composite Long Bow, Dagger, Longsword, Shortsword, Hand Axe,
Non-Weapon Proficiency: Animal Lore (Int), Bowyer/Fletcher (Dex -1), Hunting (Wis -1), Mountaineering (N/A), Set Snares (Dex -1), Tracking (Wis) Fishing (Wis -1)


Unencumbered 0-45
Light 46-69
Moderate 70-93
Heavy 94-117
Severe 118-140


Potion of Healing (An entire potion must be consumed in a single round. If this is done, the potion restores 2d4 + 2 hit points of damage) *
Studded Leather Armor 25 lbs
Composite Long Bow 3 lbs
20 x Flight Arrows 1 lb
30 x Sheaf Arrows 1.5 lbs
Quiver (x 2) 2 lbs
Dwarven Long Sword & scabbard 4 lbs
Dwarven Short Sword & scabbard 3 lbs
Dagger (Silver) 1 lb
Hand axe x2

}Belt Lt & Rt

Clothing (belt, soft boots, breeches, cloth cloak, gloves, knife sheath) 9 lbs
Waterskin 1 lbs
Backpack 2 lb
1 wks rations + 2 wks iron rations 3 lbs
Blanket 3 lbs
50 ft silk rope 3 lb
Flint & Steel -
Whetstone 1 lb
86 gp, 11 sp, 20 cp (in pouch)
Total 47.5 lbs (62.5 lbs)


Markel was born in a small village of Javille within the borders of the Thornwood in Northern Athervon. His father, Bastien Bronik, was a local forester and hunter, while his mother Hélène was a healer and midwife. Hélène passed away unexpectedly while he was still young – the Golden Ague according to Bastien – and he only has vague memories of her. As he grew older, he began to accompany his father deeper into the forest to learn his trade. Spending so much time there, he found he was better with animals then he was with very people; but he still made an effort to make friends among the other children of the village, and he grew up fairly happy, albeit shy.

It was during his teenage years that an old, retired ranger by the name of Koth Browncloak came to the village, to settle down and spend his remaining years in peace. Koth quickly befriended the shy young Markel, fascinating him with his stories of the adventures of his youth and the talk of strange mighty cities, vast oceans, huge mountains, and uncountable other wonders he saw in his travels. Markel became fascinated with seeing such sights, but also with the also with the idea of freedom, the open road, the wide world, and finding his own way – something more than the small village and its fairly rigid social hierarchy would ever be able to provide for him.

Bastien did not approve of Markel’s sudden fascination with the newly arrived Koth, nor of the time the visits were taking from his chores and his learning his father’s trade, and he let Markel know in no uncertain terms. Torn between the desire to hear more of the wide world, but also his loyalty and duty to his father, Markel acquiesced and resumed his life with his father. But at night, he would sneak away to visit Koth, and listen to a few tales by the old man’s fire.

Recently, while hunting, his father was killed by a wild boar. While the remaining hunters felled the beast eventually, there was no cause for celebration, and the village mourned his death. Worse for Markel, the local Athernian Lord who ruled over Javille, Compte LaRue, has dispositioned the Bronik homestead to another family from his lands. The Bailiff appeared recently with the writ evicting Markel from the homestead, allowing him only to take what personal possessions he can carry with him.

Grieving and confused, Markel visited Koth. The old ranger spoke quietly but firmly – Fate had spoken, and revealed Markel’s path to him. There were no reasons to stay in the village anymore, and he could now fulfill his desire to take to the open road and explore the world. Koth gestured for Markel to go to a large chest he kept, and open in. Inside, Markel withdrew a long oilcloth-wrapped blade, as well as an unstrung, finely made wooden bow, and a tooled leather quiver filled with surprisingly sharp arrows. Koth gifted these to Markel – he had no use for them anymore, indeed he had not even the strength to string the bow.

He also gave Markel a leather scroll tube, inside of which was a map. Koth told Markel that the map was one that he made on his last adventure – an adventure that ended in the deaths of many of his companions, and was his decision to retire from the adventuring life. He indicated it showed a portion of the vast and terrible swamp that formed Athervon’s Southern border – The Dire Fens. It was in that terrible place that Koth and his companions sought out the fabled Sunken City – ruins of an ancient civilization that supposedly remain partially visible above the mire of the swamp. Koth told Markel that one of his former companions – a wise and learned man who practiced the mystical arts – had found tomes that supposedly revealed the location of the City, and told of the vast treasures within – as well as a purported guardian creature, terrible in its power and evil in nature.

Koth indicated that he and his companions never even reached the supposed location of the ruins – every terrible story about The Fens is true, he said, and if anything, does not do justice to the horrors that reside there. Koth and his companions managed to fight their way to within two leagues of their location, but there they were attacked at night by an unknown creature that slew everyone but Koth. Gravely wounded, Koth managed to drag himself to the coast, where he was found by a passing barge.

But Koth wanted to honor the memory of his companions, and has passed the map to Markel. Perhaps someday, when Markel is powerful enough, he will be able to succeed where Koth and his companions failed.

With no particular destination in mind, Markel gathered his meager belongings and the gifts that Koth gave him, and set off for Avis Inia, the grand Capitol of Athervon. But the City was not to his liking – huge, crowded, and nothing but people. He quickly left without learning much about the city, and traveled south along the coast, having a few adventures along the way. Eventually, he arrived at Avis Armois, the last City of Athervon before one reaches The Fens. He knew he was in no way ready to follow the map that Koth had given him, so entering that terrible place was not his goal. While he was not excited about the prospect of spending more time in an urban setting, but he didn’t see much choice – what little funds he had were nearly gone, and he could not walk to all the places he wanted to visit – he would eventually have to find a way to take passage on a ship if he was to see more than Athervon.

Basic Motivation

  • Wanderlust - Markel wants to see the world and the sight that his old toutor spoke of so foundly. He has come to City of Avis Armois to see the sites and wonders here. So far he is impressed by the great buildings but not as impressed by the people.
  • Helping Others - Markel is ready to lead a helping hand when and where needed. He believes in the basic goodness of folk can this can get him into trouble. He is not foolish enough to believe every con but he has already loss some coin to beggers and sad stories.
  • Freedom: Markel is a big believer in the freedoms of others, including animals. He has a bit of a problem with animal ownership and can get into trouble over it. He has learned that this is the way of things in 'civilization' but is not happy about it and when he can, sets animals free, etc.


  • Shyness - Markel is more comfortable with animals then people. He will listen though and only offers his words after he considers them.
  • Uncouth - Markel never really learned civilized ways. His father was blunt and could be unkind in his honest, a trait that Markel learned from him. He prefers sleeping outdoors or on the floor to a bed.
  • Trusting - Markel is a trusting person and while he realizes that there are bad folk about he wants to believe in the basic goodish of most.