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A noble born girl who rejected her gilded cage in favor of a membership in a warrior order rejected by the Church hierarchy.

Violet Character Sheet


Violet d’Amacio was born as a daughter of the noble Veniri house of d’Amacio, in the Great City of Tras Veniri. And grew up to be a consternation to her parents. She was a wild and carefree child who would not take their authority seriously, and did not act at all as a scion of a noble house was expected to. After a teenage dalliance with a common-born undergardener that the family barely managed to hush up, her parents had finally had enough and sent her to a convent of the Church of the Holy Faith, The Order of St. Yvonne the Silent, for a few years, to be educated to act according to her station.

The stern discipline of the convent helped to keep Violet in check but did little to tame her. With little to occupy her time with in between her studies, Violet took to reading in the library of the convent. Her teachers allowed it, thinking that such a quiet pursuit was a good sign. Besides, the texts were mainly religious or academic ones, so what harm could it be.

The harm was that Violet found an account of an obscure martial order outside the hierarchy of the Church. The order was called Wayward Daughters. Originally members of the famed Order of St. Allyson, the all-female fighting order of the Church, The Wayward Daughters apparently had splintered off based on the ideal of freedom, with little hierarchy or rules. Violet was not just intrigued, she was thrilled. That very night, she snuck out of her room, fled the convent and went to search for the order.

Violet wandered for a time, eventually making her way to Avis Inia, the grand capitol of the Kingdom of Athervon, and the seat of the Church of the Holy Faith. Her store of funds from her family had allowed her to travel this far in comfort and security, but now she found herself running low on funds, and was forced to take chances. Alone in the city in her fancy garb, Violet was in short order targeted by footpads. And in a stroke of either blind luck or divine guidance, the person who came to her rescue was a Wayward Daughter, Mother Jacinta Silverfield. It took a bit of talking, but Violet eventually managed to convince the older woman to take her as an apprentice.

Violet’s family was scandalized by her disappearance, and had posted a reward for her return -- which conspicuously indicated that her willingness to come was of no importance to claiming the bounty. Noticed by a professional hunter, the man and his hired thugs attempted to reclaim her by force – only to be met with Mother Jacinta and her Waywards, who soundly trounced the ruffians. Hearing of this, and to avoid further scandal, d’Amacios disowned Violet, who has had no contact with them since. Nor has she used her surname. She goes around as just Violet, or in a formal setting, Violet of the Wayward Daughters.

Basic Motivation

  • Freedom: Violet would die before abandoning her life choices, but she would also die for the rights of people who took the opposite choices.
  • Helping Others - Violet is committed to a heroic ideal. She will help anyone in need and expects no reward. In fact, she spends all she earns the moment she has it, that not for her own needs going to other people.
  • Wanderlust -Violet is not a native to the city of City of Avis Armois, nor was she allowed to experience much of what life had to offer in her growing years. So now she is eager to see and feel it all!


  • Bold - Violet will face anyone and anything. Her background and training lead her to take charge of any situation she finds herself in, and never submit to anything that might strangle her freedom.
  • Honest - Violet will lie without a mark on her conscience, but only if the lie serves the Greater Good.
  • Wary - Violet knows all too well what lies people tell even to themselves to justify their actions. She will trust her chosen companions, but new acquaintances will have to earn her trust.