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Map of the Lands of the Black Sea


The adventure is taking place in Athervon right now.  It is currently dominated by a monotheistic religion (The Holy Faith). It was conquered by the Jhonian Empire and ruled as a subject territory for about 100 years.  About 100 years ago Athervon rebelled, inspired by the leaders of The Holy Faith, and successfully ousted the Jhonians.  Feelings have cooled since then, but Jhonians and other cultures that arrived during their occupation are still treated as second-class citizens.


Is a nasty place swarming with Orcs, pirates, giant-kin, and other such folk; fortunately, it is separated from Athervon’s western boarder by the high peaks of the Iron Mountains; the last invasion was several generations ago, and the dark folk appear to be satisfied to fight amongst themselves – at least for the time being.


A wilde, desolate area ruled by warlords.


The most powerful of the Wild Coast realms is Anida, an old Kingdom that once controlled the entire southern coast of the peninsula as well as many of the islands now controlled by The Sea Lords, but has since declined and lost these territories.


Sea Lords

Inhabited by a variety of Pirates, who have formed an ogliarchy of sorts, although it is only a very loose form of government. They patrol the Imurian Sea, the Black Sea, and even as far as the mouth of the Bay of Oerni and the southern Athervon coast, although Athervon's strong navy makes raids that far north rare.  They are the primary suppliers of slaves to the Jhonian Empire and Issyria.


An ancient land.  Originally a powerful realm called Is’ri-a that was dominated by a religion that focuses on death and the dead.   When the Jhonians begain their Holy War, their first conquest was Is’ri-a.  After their victory, the country was renamed Issyria, and much of the population has been converted to the True Faith. 

Jhonian Empire

Jhon was originally a small slip of fertile land boxed in between high mountains, desolate steppes, and the unending desert waste of the Sea of Sand.  After the appearance of The Prophet and the rise of the True Faith of A’Salam, the Jhonians initiated an expansion to bring their religion to the world, by force if necessary.  They conquered much of the Lands and for over a hundred years held sway over the largest Empire ever known.  But in the last century, parts of the Empire have broken away, and it is beginning to contract.  Nonetheless, Jhon is still by far the most powerful realm in the Lands.  Slavery is legal within Jhon, and it is the second major consumer of slaves in the Lands (Issyria being the first). They are the most advanced human culture with respect to learning, and the schools and colleges and libraries in the Capitol of Ajuhar-al-Sahir are second only to those of the Grey Elves.

The Haradi Coast

A thin strip of semi-arable land running between the Copperwash Mountains and the eastern coast of the Bay of Oerni, from where the Sea of Sand ends on its south, to the southern borders of Veniri at the north. The Haradi Coast is the domain of numerous princes, and other minor states, which exist primarily as the only land route to Jhon and the southern and eastern lands - if one wants to trek through the Sea of Sand. The coast itself is a mishmash of cultures. The largest city, Dharulam, is a major hub of trade, where northern carvans exhange goods with those crazy and experienced enough to traffic back and forth through the desert.





An empire that dominates a huge island landmass to the south and east, beyond Chandrahaar and Iruzhin. They have been relatively unaffected by the history of the mainland due to several natural navigation obstacles and a policy of isolation as well as a strong military.


A nation of merchants, is the largest and most powerful of these states, and is the primary rival of Athervon with respect to military power and trade – the two Kingdoms have had several small wars over the years.  It is one of the few countries that was not conquered by Jhon, being the limit of the reach of the Empire before it began its current retraction.




The Barbarian Kingdoms

A collection of small chiefdoms and kingdoms of the Vulkul people, spread thinly across the large island to the north, a quasi-Viking culture. They are raiders, continually threatening countries on the northern and eastern coast of the mainland.


A large, multicultural Kingdom that encompasses the plains bounded by Dreadwood Forest to the North, The Hazurian steppes to the West, the Lions Teeth Mountains to the South, and the Sea of Serpents to the East.  It was conquered by Jhon over 150 years ago, but has always been a difficult subject realm due to its size and geography.  Recently, there are rumors that a civil war is brewing in the Kingdom led by some who wish to overthrow the yoke of Jhon.