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Economics & Trade

Athervon's biggest trading partner (and biggest political-economic rival) is Veniri. The land bridge between Tras Veniri and Avis Inia carries a massive amount of trade as sailing around the landmass is very dangerous, particularly some of the far eastern seas.

Athervon tends to trade with Jhon, the city-states and kingdoms of the Wild Coast (Anida, Elb, Duath, etc.), and the Haradi Coast. Jhon is a concentrator for goods from Issyria and the Forbidden Isles, which can make their way to Athervon through Jhonian merchants. The Haradi Coast represents an alternate land-route trade option to Jhon and lands east (but way more dangerous, and thus expensive).

The Fens force trade with the Wild Coast states to be naval rather than overland; there is a road that cuts between the end of the Fens and the mountains to the west of it (the Mirecrawl), but it tends to be used by those too desperate and/or poor to afford sea travel.



Avis Inia

Capitol of the Kingdom; sometimes called The White City due to the color of the stones used to build it. The largest and most metropolitan of Athervon's settlements, and home of the King's Court. Avis Inia is a wealthy city due to the traffic along the Trade Road between it and Tras Veniri.

Avis Armois

Second largest city in the Kingdom, and oldest city in Athervon. Perched on a small spit of land at the delta of the Dautin River at the southern border of the Kingdom, Avis Armois exists on the border of the terrible Dire Fens, and its history is bound with that evil place. Due to this, as well as the geography and the nearly constant fog and mists that can be found there, the city is known by a number of other names, such as: The Mire Queen; The Grey Lady; and The City of Mists. Avis Armois has traditionally been governed by the City's Archbishop, granted the title of Protector of Avis Armois by the King.

Aven Ilepeu

Aven Bentois

A good-sized town in central Athervon, located along the Dautin River. Home of Duc Leon du Gentis, and Seld Ovanti, seat of his local government. Known throughout Athervon for the Abbey of Charbonnier, said to have the largest library in Athervon.

Belis-ar-Weil A major trade settlement, Belis-ar-Weil is located at the mouth of the Aumine River, the origins of which are the Iron Mountains near the Dwarven City of Fyldrmudhurm. The river travels through land rich in minerals and in agriculture and with many towns along it, and these products flow through Belis-ar-Weil to be loaded onto ocean-bound ships - generally small craft bound for Avis Inia, there to take the land route to Tras Veniri and lands east, or south to Avis Armois, there to be loaded onto larger vessels heading for the Wild Coast, the Haradi Coast, Jhon, or Issyria.

Aven Auli A town between Avis Inia and Belis-ar-Weil. Once a fairly large town, it was sacked and burned when the Jhonians invaded, and is now little but ruins. The population moved, most to Belis-ar-Weil, some to Avis Inia. The ruins have been scavenged over the last century, and there is little left now but charred wood, broken stones, and other debris that is being rapidly overgrown by the coastal plains vegetation.

Uxio A medium-sized town in central Athervon.

Ulie-ar-Fes A small village in southern Athervon, close to the border with the Dire Fens.

Avon Genni

Avon Amalois