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Priest of the True Faith

Alignment: Lawful Good

Major Spheres: All; Combat; Creation; Divination; Guardian; Healing; Protection; Summoning

Minor Spheres: Elemental; Charm; Necromantic (good effects only)

Weapons: Must take scimitar; no other weapon restrictions

Armor: Banded Mail or lighter; Shield allowed.

Fighting Orders

The Flame of A’Salam

Myrkhans (LG), holy weapons are scimitars (two-weapon fighting); colors are red & yellow.

The Eyes of A’Salam

Myrkhans/Rangers (CG), holy weapon is long bow, colors are red & brown

Defenders of the Prophet

Myrkhans (NG), holy weapon is glaive, colors are red & black

Monastic Orders

To Be Added