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Pure Tuath communities that still worship these gods are rarer than Elves in the Lands.

Abberations - such as aboleths, beholders, illithids, and the like - and their gods, are the mythical foes of the Elder Elemental Gods. In the myth circles of the Tuath, it was the struggle between the two that brought on the cataclysm that ended Tuath civilization (paving the way for the other races to dominate the Athernian peninsula).



God of the Earth and Land Animals

Depictions of Laeg are usually the form of a huge man-like creature, sometimes formed from gnarled and twisted trunks and branches of trees, other times appearing as a bear-like or ape-like humanoid.


Goddess of Water, Oceans, and Sea Creatures

Ulna is typically depicted as a woman with the lower body of a fish, and the upper body of a woman - in some depictions, that of a beautiful maiden, in others, a terrifying humanoid with fingers ending in long claws, a mouth bristling with sharp teeth, and glowing eyes.


God of Fire and Intelligent Creatures

Typically portrayed as a lion composed entirely of flame and smoke.


Goddess of the Air and Flying Creatures

Typically portrayed as a huge, snow-white harpy like creature.

Holy Days & Ceremonies