Last Afternoon of Athas

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Last Afternoon of Athas is a second-edition AD&D game in the DARK SUN setting. Julius Sleazer is the sole DM.

Player Characters (Active)[edit]

Dragonfly the Bonethrower, half-giant gladiator played by The Wyzard.

Morden the Dirger, human bard, played by Feste

Nedra, Elven Preserver, played by Celeste

Thrix, Thri-Kreen Ranger played ZenDog

Shadow, Human Thief, played by A Grue

Varast, Human Druid played by MonsterMash

Non-Player Characters (Active)[edit]

Vorgion the Henchdude, Dragonfly's assistant

Blank Character Sheet[edit]

Blank Character Sheet for Last Afternoon of Athas

IC and OOC Threads[edit]




Last Afternoon of Athas: Accounting and Inventory


  • Oda - Level 2 human fighter. No stat mods. HP: 20 AC:9 (shield), 2 hand sword erdlu bone, club
  • Rangyon - Level 2 half-elf gladiator. No stat mods. HP: 20 AC:10, obsidian wrist razor, club

Current Combat Stats[edit]

  • Dragonfly HP: 49/75
  • Morden HP: 24/24
  • Nedra HP: 5/12
  • Oda HP: 20/20
  • Rangyon HP: 20/20
  • Varast HP: 18/24
  • Vorgion HP: 9/9