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Problems and Fixes

"Fine or Fine Red Mist"

  1. (Fix) Perfect parry/dodge only counter undodgeable/unblockable
  2. (Fix) Halve Weapon Damage stat and armor soak stats
  3. (Fix?) Change overwhelming (minimum ping) to a simple +1 ping on applicable weapons
  4. (Fix) Make all debuff charms crippling/shaping effects
  5. (Fix) Make crippling/shaping counters easier to get
  6. (Fix) Change multipliers to adders
  7. (Problem) Makes System Slowdown more of an issue
  8. (Fix) Anima System
Unify mote pools
Anima goes up by 'absorbing with your anima'
Step 10 - Raise your anima by one step to negate any damage and lasting effects from the attack
Celestials - Cannot raise more times than your Permanent Essence
Terrestrials - Can raise anima once per member present in circle, shared pool
Normal max of 5 or highest DB Essence in the group, whichever is higher
Anima Chart
0 - None
1 - Caste Mark Flares, glowing with the intensity of a torch.
2 - Anima sporadically flickers to life around the Exalt. Those Exalted types with damaging animas make it hard to touch the exalt, doing 3 dice of Lethal damage a round to those in contact.
3 - Anima roars to life around the exalt, creating a pillar of energy with the essence wielder at the heart. Those Exalted types with harmful animas start damaging their environments, doing 4 dice of Lethal Damage a round to anything or anyone within a yard of the Exalt.
4 - Anima expands outward into a cloud of cascading energy. Damaging animas inflict damage out to a radius of 5 yards, doing 5 dice of lethal damage a round.
5 - Minor local environmental effects over town-sized area, unexplained breezes, loose items start to rattle nearby, animals are spooked, Essence + Awareness roll for people within shouting distance (100 yds) to start to notice
6 - Medium local environmental effects, tables start to shake, people feel a force pushing/pulling from being, Essence+Awareness roll for beings within a mile or so can feel it
7 - Major local environmental effects, stuff starts to break, wind blows away from being making it hard to approach, being is hard to look at/look away from, Minor Regional weather effects, Essence+Awareness roll for beings in region to notice
8 - Catastrophic local environmental effects (Fist of the North Star), Major regional weather effects, Minor Direction weather effects, Essence + Awareness roll for anyone in direction to notice
9 - Local Unraveling of Creation, gates open, incorporeal spirits fall into creation, warping effects, space twists, time becomes uncertain, extreme environmental effects in region, catastrophic weather across entire Direction, Essence+Awareness roll to notice from other Directions/Yu-Shan/ Underworld/Malpheas
10 - ?????
Note: Damage caused by Anima banners does not use ping damage rules. If your soak is equal to or higher than the damage, you take nothing.
Step 10 - Can absorb a hit with their Essence pool, 1 mote = 1 damage die

GM overhead for effective NPCs

  1. (Fix) Use something like THIS

300%+ Amplification from System Mastery

  1.  ???

System Slowdown

  1. (Fix) Unrolled damage
(Problem?) Ping is uber
(Problem) Effects that trigger from "X health lost" become sure things
  1. (Fix) Ignore DV action penalties
(Problem) Persistants get nerfed
  1. (Fix) Ignore Onslaught penalties
(Problem) Persistants get nerfed