Last Breath of Winter:System Workshop

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Problems and Fixes

"Fine or Fine Red Mist"

  1. (Fix) Perfect parry/dodge only counter undodgeable/unblockable
  2. (Fix) Halve Weapon Damage stat and armor soak stats
  3. (Fix?) Change overwhelming (minimum ping) to a simple +1 ping on applicable weapons
  4. (Fix) Make all debuff charms crippling/shaping effects
  5. (Fix) Make crippling/shaping counters easier to get
  6. (Fix) Change multipliers to adders
  7. (Problem) Makes System Slowdown more of an issue

GM overhead for effective NPCs

  1. (Fix) Use something like THIS

300%+ Amplification from System Mastery

  1.  ???

System Slowdown

  1. (Fix) Unrolled damage
(Problem?) Ping is uber
(Problem) Effects that trigger from "X health lost" become sure things
  1. (Fix) Ignore DV action penalties
(Problem) Persistants get nerfed
  1. (Fix) Ignore Onslaught penalties
(Problem) Persistants get nerfed