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Sneak 8  
Sneak 8  
Trick (Con)  8
Trick 8
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Intuitive d8
Reputable d8
You ain’t a reader, not as such. But the way folk carry themselves, how they move, that’s the language you speak.
I deal plain, ask any of my associates. There’ll be a hard bargain driven but, in the end, everyone will be happy.  
Take Measure: When you come into conflict with someone for the first time, you may attempt to size them up with a Mental + Know Action. Create a Sized
Art of Negotiation: While negotiating goods and services, you may step up or double Influence for the Action. 1s
Up d8 Asset if you succeed or take an Overconfident d8 Complication if you fail.
and 2s count as jinxes for the Action.
Highlighted Skills: Focus, Influence, Notice
Highlighted Skills: Focus, Influence, Know

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