Lazarus Jones

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Lazarus Jones


Attributes: Mental 6 Physical 8 Social 10


Fly 6

Focus 6

Influence (Negotiations) 10

Know (Shipping) 6

Move 6

Notice 6

Perform 6

Shoot (Pistol) 8

Sneak 8

Trick (Con) 8


A Face for Every Occasion d8 A good spy has dozens of cover identities ready to assume at a moment’s notice.

All in the Details: When you assume an established alias, step back your Mental Attribute while you are assuming the alias to create a Perfect Cover d6 Asset. You may spend PP to step it up at a cost of 1 PP per step, to a maximum of your Trick.

Highlighted Skills: Influence, Sneak, Trick

Wit's End d8 Things ain't been good lately. Now you're getting pretty desperate.

Highlighted Skills: Move, Shoot, Sneak

Intuitive d8 You ain’t a reader, not as such. But the way folk carry themselves, how they move, that’s the language you speak.

Take Measure: When you come into conflict with someone for the first time, you may attempt to size them up with a Mental + Know Action. Create a Sized Up d8 Asset if you succeed or take an Overconfident d8 Complication if you fail.

Highlighted Skills: Focus, Influence, Notice

Signature Assets:

Fake Ident Cards d8: You’ve got a collection of fake ident cards that you use to get yourself out of trouble. Though you ain’t sure who you’ll pretend to be next, your ident cards will distract the Law when need be. No Priors: When you provide a Fake Ident Card to the authorities and it is scanned with a Mental + Operate Action, once per Action you may spend 1 Plot Point to pick one die that your opponent must reroll.

Whisper Firearm d8: The Whisper Firearm has a built-in silencer that suppresses the sound of gunfire. Shot from Nowhere: When you shoot your Whisper Firearm from concealment or in the midst of chaos, spend 1 pp to immediately make a Physical+Sneak Action to avoid notice and hide your gun. If you successfully raise the stakes, no one knows it was you. If you fail to raise the stakes, all attention becomes focused on you, and step up any Complication created from jinxes.

Sonic Detonator d6: This palm-sized circular device emits a high-powered sonic wave that incapacitates anyone in a 15-foot radius for up to ten minutes with a high-pitched noise. Ear buds connected wirelessly with the Detonator emit an interference pattern that cancels the effects for the user. The device has a second setting that uses its entire power cell that sends out a sound pulse that will knock people in the radius off their feet. Clear Exit: When you activate your Sonic Detonator, spend 1 PP to make a conspicuous but unopposed exit from the area.

Lazarus Jones is in his 40's, Brown Hair and Blue Eyes and was born on Santo. During the Unification War he worked in Supply where he would scrounge for much needed supplies for the Browncoats. He didn't stand out and was able to infiltrate anything from an Alliance Supply depot to a Tong warehouse and bring back everything from weapons, food, medicine or shuttles. He usually could talk his way out of problems but became proficent with guns. Lazarus had several supply stashes on several different planets and when the war was over he would occasionally pick out some items to trade or sell. He also has a stash of fake ident cards and carries an automatic pistol in case of any problems. From hanging out with different crews and the docks he became knowledgeable in shipping and negotiating. He's had a string of bad luck lately and has been on this planet long enough and is trying to find a ship that he can join.