Le Sone

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Le Sone

He was a diver and a brilliant scientist, both these skills served him well in his most ambitious project, building an underwater remote sensing device for his government. The day of the first test of the underwater reactor that would power the thing was at hand. He was in his SCUBA gear ready to attend to any problems that may come up, though none were expected, he was quite intelligent and he had made this, it was flawless.

With power coming up to standard, a series of mishaps occurred and the reactor blew up, his mask was blown off and his eyes here destroyed by the radiation.

Laying in the hospital bed, he had a lot of time to think about what had happened. It had to be sabotage, the reactor was perfect, all of those things could not have gone wrong at the same time. The odds were astronomical that those mishaps would happen at the same time, it had to be a conspiracy.

He laid there and could hear the doctors talking, sounded like they were talking about him, where they a part of this? Was he to be killed? He had to get out of here, they were going to kill him. He pulled the IV's out of his body, that sounded the alarm. He struggled to his feet and started to the door, or the direction he thought the door was in. It was the direction of the closet, the doctors found him in the small closet all balled up talking madness. Once he was well enough to travel they shipped him off to the funny farm.

He was visited there by a man that claimed that he understood what the man was going though, he too was betrayed by his country. The man walked him out of the mental hospital, no guards or doctors said a word about him leaving. If he could see, he would have seen that the guards were not able to breath, let alone raise the alarm.

The man called himself Fiacho, he told the scientist that he would set him up in a lab, where he could research and invent to his hearts content, he would even provide him with a harness that would enable him to see, sort of. All he had to do was join Eurostar, he took the name Le Sone and signed up.

As the resident scientist, Le Sone has made many of the things that Eurostar members use in their activities, he has improved on the harness and is now able to join the team on missions. He has been told to stay out of direct combat, and to serve as a sniper or backup to other team members, this is fine with him, as he realizes that his is possibly the weakest combatant in the group. Le Sone is the only permanent member that has a problem with the killing that the team does, he will not voice his concerns, but he will not use lethal damage if at all possible.

Le Sone PL 12 (180PP)

Init +6; 30ft (Run), 50ft (Flight), 80ft (Swimming); Defense 25/19 (9 Base, 3 Dex, 3 Power); BAB +9; +10 Melee (1S Punch), +12 Ranged (10S Energy Blast); SV Dmg +3 (10 Protection), Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +4; Str 12, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 20, Wis 18, Cha 12 (Total 79PP)

Skills: Computer 1/+11, Diving 1/+4, Search 1/+11, Listen 2/+6, Spot 2/+6, Craft 5/+15, Repair 4/+14, KS: Mechanics 1/+11, KS: Physics 3/+13, KS: Electrical Engineering 2/+12, KS: Sonics 5/+15 (Total 27PP)

Feats: Evasion, Photographic Memory (Total 4PP)


  • Super Intelligence +5 (Source: Training) (Cost 2 / Total 10PP)
  • Gadget Pool +8 (Source: Technology) (Cost 1 / Total 8PP)
  • Battle Harness [Armor] +10 (Source: Technology; Extras: Super Dexterity [3], Flight, Energy Blast [Explosive]; Power Stunts: Amphibious, Blind Sight, Swimming, All Around Sight [Sonar], Energy Blast, Dazzle [Hearing]) (Cost 5 / 50+12PP)