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The Raven (PL 10)

LEJ-Raven.jpg Backstory : Raven lived for years in the shadow realm but she's bored of the place. Because of their nature, most of the shadow creature is either warlike or violent. She then went to the normal world for some reason and discovered many more interesting there. So she decided that she will help protecting this place with her power.

Gender : Female

Age  : ???

Height : 5'5" / 165cm

Weight : 110 lbs/ 50 kg

Hair & Eye Color : Deep Purple

Totals = Abilities (30) + Defenses (20) + Skills (5) + Advantages (10) + Powers (87) = 152 PP

Abilities : 30pp









Offense & Defense

Offenses :

Initiative +5

Dark World; Damage 5 (DC 20 Toughness to resist)

Darkness Blast +10 to hit, Damage 10 (DC 25 Toughness to resist)

Shadow Manipulation +4 to hit

Defenses : 19pp

Dodge 8 (+3)

Parry 8 (+8)

Fortitude 8 (+2)

Toughness 12 (+0)

Will 12 (+7)

Advantages : 10pp

Attractive 2, Jack-of-all-Trades, Eidetic Memory, Uncanny Dodge, Move-by-action, Takedown, Fearless, Equipment 2

Skills : 5pp

Perception: 2 (+7), Stealth: 4 (+9), Persuasion: 4 (+4), Expertise(All): 0 (+5), Acrobatics: 0 (+5), Insight: 0 (+5), Investigation: 0 (+5), Technology: 0 (+5), Treatment: 0 (+5)

Powers : 86pp

Body of Darkness: Enhanced Stamina 6, Immunity 11 (Life support, Aging), Senses 3 (Dark Vision, Detect Life (Ranged, Limited to Life form in shadow or darkness)) (26pp)

Reborn in the Shadow: Immortality 2 (1 week) (4pp)

Shadow Shield: Protection 6 (sustained); (6pp)

Shadow Flight: Flight 9 (1000 Mph) (18pp)

- Shadow Teleport (AE): Teleport 8 ((1 Mile); Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Medium (Shadow)); (1pp)

- Shadow Gate (AE): Teleport 3 (Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Portal, Medium (Shadow), Extended (8 Miles; Extended Only), Movement 1 (Dimensional Travel (Shadow Realm); Portal, Medium (Shadow)), Movement 1 (Dimensional Travel (Azarath); Medium (Shadow)); (1pp)

Darkness & Shadow Control (27pp Array + 3 AE = 30pp)

- Dark World: Environment 3 (Darkness (120ft)), Insubstantial 3 (Darkness; Limited (while in shadow or darkness)), Perception Ranged Damage 5 (Limited (target must be in shadow or darkness), Affect Insubstantial 2); (27pp)

- Darkness Blast: Ranged Damage 10 (Accurate 5, Affect Insubstantial 2) (1pp)

- Shadow Grasp: Move Object 12 (Precise, Affect Insubstantial 2) (1pp)

- Shadow Manipulation: Create 10 (Movable, Medium (Shadow), Indirect 4, Affect Insubstantial 1, Accurate 2) (1pp)

- Dark Shroud : Environment 2 (darkness), regeneration 10, deflect 10 (reflect, limited (defended target must have some shadow or darkness close to them)), concealment 5 (all vision & normal hearing, limited (while in darkness)) (1pp)

Equipment: 2pp/10ep


Azarath, Shadow Sanctuary

Size: Medium, Toughness: 10

Features: Sealed, Power System, Self-repairing, Living Space, Library, Communications, Security System

Notes: A place Raven made in the dimensional gap between the shadow realm and the normal world


- Motivation-Doing Good: This world is filled with much more interesting thing than where she come from and she's there to protect it.

- Secret-Origin: She prefer to keep the info of what she is and where she come from to herself as others of her kind is normally hostile.

- Secret-Identity: She also keep the identity she use to live in the normal world secret since doing otherwise will complicate her normal life there.

- Power Nexus: Because of her heritage and the knowledge she has gained over the years, Raven is the target of many supernatural forces who wish to use her for their own dark purposes.

- Shadow Lord's Firstborn: Raven’s dark nature occasionally threatens to dominate her personality. When giving in to her darker emotions or when overpowered by demonic influence, she becomes the living embodiment of Darkness and it’s up to her closest friends to bring her back.