Legacy Embers of the Past

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Rocky Mountains: Embers of the Past

Following the calamitous downfall of mankind during the final war, life and civilization have begun to reassert themselves in the Rocky Mountains, as people gather together to form families and societies, and look to the horizon instead of their day to day survival. They will build a new future, using the embers of the past to light the flame.

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Recruitment Thread


Active Characters


Treaty Table

Gate and Key Keepers of the Way OLYMPUS People of the Lake Regents of the New Herd ARES The Cultured
Gate and Key 2 Treaty over KotW:

- Afraid of G&K a Living Weapons - G&K Supports the crusade

1 Treaty over O:

Fear: TBA

1 Treaty over PotL:

PotL fear whatever they are downstream of what G&K is building

2 Treaty over RotNH

- Fear: They are Maker Tech - G&K Supply R with Resources

Keepers of the Way 2 Treaty over O:

An inhuman traveller saved a Keeper

1 Treaty over RotNH

The Harmony Stampeder was the worst Criminal

OLYMPUS 2 Treaty

G&K found power in the Redoubt

2 Treaty over PotL:

O is primary drylander contact for the PotL

People of the Lake 1 Treaty over KotW

Hosts an Explorer

2 Treaty over O

Serve as thralls for Olympus

1 Treaty over RotNH

Harmony Stampeder victimized the PotL

Regents of the New Herd 3 Treaty over G&K:

- Trade - Could destroy them but won't due to ethics & tech needs

1 Treaty over KotW:


1 Treaty over O:


1 Treaty over PotL:


1 Treaty over A:


1 Treaty over tC:


The Cultured


  • A haunted offshore research facility. Station 2 is the closest thing the People have to a permanent settlement. It used to be an observatory. Now it's that and a ham station. It's on the largest island in the Lake.
  • The Nest is the true home of the People. This is their winter camp and where the sick or pregnant reside. It's also where criminals are punished. A common sentance is to be tied upside down with your head in the water. Since most of the People have cybergills this is more an annoyance then anything. It is on the northmost island in the Lake.
  • The Array is an old telecommunications center high in the mountains with a small town built into the support buildings around it. It's presently the home and headquarters of ARES, and where their members reside when not working as Radio Operators out in the world. It's an ancient fortress of glass and stone.
  • A largely intact university library, especially valued by the more Confucian-oriented members of the Keepers
  • The Tether Pole Temple: Once a research facility, this became the place where the Cardi came from far away, and organized the Regency. It is a sacred site and most braids make an annual pilgrimage to The Tether Pole Temple, during which political meetings occur, goods are exchanged, and sambison are examined.
  • The Terminus: A vast spaceport and arcology west of Denver, towering to the heavens, but surrounded by ruins. Scavengers and survivors make their home in a more secure section of the Urban sprawl, but the smart ones steer clear of the towering building itself.
  • Olympus: An impressive O'Neil cylinder situated at the L-1 point between the Earth and the Sun. A re-purposed space-habitat turned fortress / digital civilization.


  • A sunken city. Salt Lake City drowned in the Fall the shift in climate quintupled the rainfall and the dams were destroyed or sabotaged.
  • A vault preserving priceless artistic and historical artefacts: in sunken Salt Lake City, this vault remains. People could not take their possessions the 'afterlife', but some of those possessions had value beyond their worth. Part fortified museum, part archive, and part prayer that civilization would return...what could be found within these walls?
  • A site where a group of innocent refugees that included nuclear physicists were lynched for causing the Fall.
  • Thinbog: There is a place to the east that a poisoned river stops in a marsh with no outlet. Nothing grows there, save for a thick spongy layer of mosses and algae. It is a bad place, against the new Nature, and against the old. Sick and twisted things live on its edge.
  • Crazed weather battering a sterile land: The endless plains are unsettled and unsafe for more reasons than just the weather. But the weather is neither normal, nor natural, nor friendly. What could cause such a thing?
  • A remote node critical to the digital infrastructure of Before.
  • Scars of humanity's most destructive and desperate tactics.


  • An invading flotilla. Whoever they are the are not The People. They do not glide through Mother Sea like we do. They worship a jealous and angry god. They wear metal and carry a crude blade they call a chete. And They are coming. They are body and organ harvesters: the invaders from across the sea speak of the past and its immortal people. They seek the same for themselves, and graft young and vital organs into their bodies for life and power. Their raiding parties threaten many settlements, but these do not supply enough to sate their hunger.
  • The headquarters of a group of arms dealers who have uncovered a cache of pre-Fall weaponry and are willing to sell anything to anyone for the right price.
  • The wrecks: The wrecks are a biological weapons designed as shock troops to destroy settlements. They are huge, violent omnivores that eat everything in their path, ripping things apart with massive claws. When they are enraged, the emit a loud "war howl" that carries for miles, and attracts other wrecks hoping for a meal and a fight. When there is something substantial left to eat or attack, the "battalion" of wrecks disperses. The only good news about wrecks is they are relative slow.
  • Self-replicating drones; the Hive. We hunt them wherever they take root, and burn them to ash.