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This page by [[User:Asklepios|Asklepios]]
This page by [[User:Asklepios|Asklepios]]
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Finally, and most importantly we come to characterisation. Aim to answer the following questions:

What does your character look like?

What is his personality?

What legendary deed did he complete to advance to the Third Circle of Mastery?

The last question is especially important. In the world of the Realm, mortals become something greater by epic action. It is assumed that all your characters were at stage 1st Circle characters, then progressed to 2nd Circle characters through training and innate ability. The transition from 2nd Circle to 3rd Circle is the transition from Mortal to Legend. Given the capabilities of 2nd Circle characters, it is likely that your legendary deed was something well within your current abilities but at the limits of your abilities at the time. The deed is the moment when your character became something greater and something more, showing the favour of the gods in some way, and is usually linked to what your 3rd Circle legendary trait is. For example, a character whose Legendary trait is the skill Poetry may have composed a perfect haiku that was instantly immortalised by its quality and now is inscribed on the steps in front of the Dragonthrone. If your Legendary trait is the attribute Precision then perhaps he saved the life of the king’s son by shooting an approaching arrow out of the air with an arrow of his own. A legendary deed need not be a heroic one – an act of great villainy will suffice just as well, though this will effect your reputation from that point on: expect to be feared rather than adored. Regardless a legendary deed should be epic – something an ordinary man should not have been able to accomplish.


This page by Asklepios