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Baron Pengrak of Firewander

Circle of Mastery: Third

Concept: Chaos Mage


Resilience (Expert), Precision (Expert), Agility (Expert), Strength (Trained), Intelligence (Trained)


Wyld Sorcery (Elite), Acrobatics (Expert), Athletics (Trained), Intimidation (Trained), Ride (Trained)

Mage Spheres:

Pyromancy (Archmage), Chimeria (Master).

Background Traits:

Fabulous Wealth (Minor),

FIREWANDER – On an obsidian rock that projects from a lake of lava is Firewander, a domain of oppressive heat and sulphurous smoke that once served as a prison mining colony, but became an independent Principality in its own right after Empress Eleia Eserian of Dragonthrone promised its inhabitants citizen status in return for their aid during the Orc Wars six hundred years ago. The citizens of Firewander have a proud history of martial tradition, especially favouring hammers and mining tools, and also are well known for their Pyromancers.

Pengrak is one of the Sorcerer-Lords of this domain, having carved himself out a chunk of Firewander through force of will and magic. His Barony is no less than one third of the entire Firewander domain, and his wealth comes from the jewel mines of the obsidian isle.

His legendary deed was setting a battlefield ablaze, and roasting a thousand knights alive in their armour for the presumption of daring to attack his barony.

He is not a nice guy, but part of the feudal structure of the Empire so (theoretically at least) a servant of the Emperor. Its fairly obvious though, that his ambition outweighs his sense of service, and that once he has grown in power a little he may well make a play for the throne...

Terramek of Sorrowstorm

Circle of Mastery: Third

Concept: Shamanic Hunter


Resilience (Expert), Precision (Expert), Agility (Trained), Strength (Trained), Wits (Trained), Cunning (Trained),


Shamanism (Elite), Unarmed Fighting (Legendary), Wilderness Survival (Expert), Stealth (Expert), Animal Empathy (Trained)

Mage Spheres:

Shaman of the Claw (Master).

Background Traits:

Wondrous Artifact: Hide of the Black Lion (Minor),

This is a Native American style character, with a mix of fighting abilities (in the style of Brotherhood of the Wolf) and mystic shamanic shapechanging. The player came up with the idea for the domain of Sorrowstorm, and we collaborated to create the following blurb:

SORROWSTORM - Sorrowstorm was once called Huntinggrounds, and was a simple paradise of open plains, bison herds and a nomadic spirit-friendly people. But then fifty years ago the storm began, summoned when a Manitou slipped from its planar prison. The storm was a living spirit of lightning and fury, and it swept across Huntinggrounds transforming it into a scarred post-apocalyptic wasteland. Now the tribes of the land have been decimated, but they refuse to be driven away by the Manitou. They hope that one day the Emperor will pay heed to their cry for aid, and send mighty armies or heroes to defeat the Storm Demon, but as yet no help has arrived...

Terramek is a young warrior brave with war-painted face and wearing many bone and tooth talismans. His legendary deed was the slaying of a pride of giant black lions that were terrorising his tribe. He first manifested his magics during this battle, and took the form of an ordinary plains lion to defeat his much larger foes. Now Terramek wears the hide of the chief black lion around his shoulders, and the enchantment upon it means that when he changes shape he still benefits from it as armour.

Terramek's raison d'etre is to save his people by defeating the manitou, but he realises that he is not strong enough at present and so is travelling the Realm in order to gather allies / Imperial favour.

Karthak of Darkwood

Circle of Mastery: Third Concept: Knight / Swordsman


Strength (Elite), Agility (Expert), Precision (Elite), Resilience (Expert), Courage (Trained), Willpower (Trained),


Sworsmanship (Legendary), Survival (Trained), Ride (Trained), Tactics (Expert), Athletics (Trained)

Background Traits:

Wondrous Artifact: "Bane Kiss" (Moderate),

An archetypal knight, but veered more towards an "Ace of Sword" style character rather than the usual knight-lancer. The player created the following Domain:

DARKWOOD - Darkwood is a realm entirely covered with forest, out of which the stone castles of the Lords of the land rise. The Lords do not really rule their land though, but rather contain it, as the Darkwood is a dangerous terrain filled with all manner of monsters. The greatest of these foes is the dark heart of the wood itself, where a sentient and demonic force lurks at the centre of a cursed grove. Many knights have ventured to slay this dark force, but none have returned.

Karthak is a veteran warrior resplendent in his ornate titan-plate armour and with a rack of swords at his back. His fighting style is to use two swords at a time, though usually his primary hand will wield Bane Kiss, a sword so potent that flesh pulls away from it rather than be bitten. (x2 wounds, in game terms)

His legendary deed was the slaying of a dragon, and the rescuing of a noble lord's daughter from that dragon.

His character's raison d'etre is to serve, and once summoned by the Emperor to serve the Realm he gladly set his old life behind him and travelled to Dragonthrone to pledge his sword-arm...


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