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'''Stress:''' 15/15<br>
'''Stress:''' 15/15<br>
'''Determination:''' 1/3<br>
'''Determination:''' 1/3<br>
'''Phaser Type-2 Attack:''' TBC<br>
'''Phaser Type-2 Attack:''' 8? (Charge)<br>
'''Unarmed Attack:''' TBC<br>
'''Unarmed Attack:''' 6? (Knockdown, Nonlethal, Vicious 1)<br>
== Attributes & Disciplines ==
== Attributes & Disciplines ==

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A PC in the Star Trek Adventures game Star Trek Eclipse


Bio: Male Bajoran
Environment: Isolated Colony
Upbringing: Agriculture or Rural(rejected)
Rank: Ensign
Assignment: Security Officer, USS Eclipse NX-77001


Stress: 15/15
Determination: 1/3
Phaser Type-2 Attack: 8? (Charge)
Unarmed Attack: 6? (Knockdown, Nonlethal, Vicious 1)

Attributes & Disciplines

Attribute Discipline
Control 10 Command 1
Daring 9 Conn 4
Fitness 10 Security 5
Insight 8 Engineering 4
Presence 9 Science 1
Reason 10 Medicine 1


Strong Pagh: You believe profoundly in the Prophets, and rely heavily upon that faith to see you through hardship. Whenever you attempt a Task to resist being coerced or threatened, you reduce the Difficulty of that Task by 1.
Mean Right Hook: Your Unarmed Strike Attack has the Vicious 1 Damage Effect.
Interrogation: When you succeed at a Task to coerce someone to reveal information in a social conflict, you will gain one bonus Momentum, which may only be spent on the Obtain Information Momentum Spend.
Pack Tactics: Whenever you assist another character during combat, the character you assisted gains one bonus Momentum if they succeed.


Hand-to-Hand Combat
Hand Phasers


The Prophets Move in Mysterious Ways
Everyone Has a Purpose
My Past Doesn't Define Me
Sometimes the End Does Justify the Means


Anaphis was brought up on an isolated colony dedicated to study of the prophets. He didn't get on with the rural and contemplative nature of his surroundings, being more interested in the wider galaxy. Finally, tired of the community's disapproval of his "lack of focus", he left to pursue his own interests. Despite this he retains a strong faith, and believes the Prophets have a different path for everyone. For a while he joined the Bajoran Resistance, but found them as fanatical as the people from his home colony. Disillusioned, he left.

One day, after praying to the prophets for guidance, he was knocked off his feet by a Starfleet officer who was rushing down the street. The officer was apologetic, and they got to talking over deka tea where the officer dispelled some of the misconceptions Anaphis had picked up from his parents. After some thought, he decided the Prophets had put the officer in his path for a reason and applied to Starfleet.

The first ship he was assigned to was destroyed in a catastrophic engine failure (Career Event: Ship Destroyed). Stranded with the other survivors on a rural world, Anaphis found it amusing that his childhood skills helped them to survive until Starfleet rescued them. Later he was mentored by the same officer who'd persuaded him into Starfleet (Career Event: Mentored), and who later introduced him to a new role in Starfleet intelligence.


Uniform, communicator, tricorder, Type-2 phaser

Relationships with other PCs