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[[Drial Burghe]] is a descendant of Tatjan, and is familiar with him.  Additionally, [[Heywesh Tal]] is a devotee of Tatjan.
[[Drial Burghe]] is a descendant of Tatjan, and is familiar with him.  Additionally, [[Heywesh Tal]] is a devotee of Tatjan.
Tatjan Adrente is the Suaven of Dueling. He embodies legal violence, when fury and bloodletting have been tamed by the law in ways that help sustain Ven society rather than threaten it.  He was one of the key sponsors of the Dueling Act passed by the Senate 50 years after the Betrayer War, codifying duels as a legal remedy. Just before Solace, he wrote The Swordsman: A Practical Guide to the Art of the Blade.
Once, he was a Wolf partisan and general in the days when Wolf and Fox competed to fill the power vacuum left by the Mad Emperor. Civil war was a worry of all, an expectation of some. In a famous event, General Uashoj Yvarai trapped Tatjan and his forces at a farm mere hours after Tatjan made camp there. Though Tatjan was able to establish a solid defense, Uashoj was a brilliant Fox general, and Tatjan prepared to die like a Wolf. Yet Uashoj did not attack.
Tatjan soon discovered the farm housed what Uashoj believed was the most beautiful shrine to Jonan Drax in all of Shanri. The two eventually negotiated the safety of the shrine by deciding the conflict as a duel to the death between Tatjan and Uashoj. Tatjan won the duel, but was so moved by Uashoj's bravery, devotion, and care for his men that Tatjan became the first proponent of dueling as a replacement for warfare.
Tatjan went from being a general to being a Rajan paladin and an expert on the law. Though always affiliated with the House of the Wolf, he became famous for several times calling out ven within his own house for breaking the rules of a given duel, and he taught and interacted with many swordsmen from the other houses as well. On his ninetieth birthday, he completed The Swordsman, and promptly began the final stage before solace. Upon reaching solace, he was quickly revered, devotion to him spreading to Swordsman academies throughout Shanri.
===Suare Tan, Elk Suaven===
===Suare Tan, Elk Suaven===

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This page regards the Suaven in the PbP Houses of the Blooded game, HotB Light into Darkness.

Grand Suaven

Ashalim Avendi

Master of the Road, Falcon's Friend

Drial Burghe and Ryandual Yvarai have a familiarity with Ashalim Avendi.

Falvren Dyr

Swordsman, Old One-Eye, The Crimson Cloak

Manna Renay

Holy Mother, Protector, the Green Lady

Drial Burghe is a devotee of Manna Renay.

Talten Steele

The Iron Heart, Winter's Promise, the Ruthless

Talia Yvarai

The Celestial Muse, Sacred Harlot, Keeper of Roses

Ryandual Yvarai is a devotee of Talia Yvarai.

Tyan Bran

Keeper of Secrets, the Blind One, Whisperer

Tomasz Mwrr is a devotee of Tyan Bran.

Other Suaven

Sutcaq Kahj

The Forever Marcher, The Farthest Will, Falcon Suaven of willpower

Heywesh Tal is familiar with him.

Tatjan Adrente

Suaven of Duels and Codified Violence

Drial Burghe is a descendant of Tatjan, and is familiar with him. Additionally, Heywesh Tal is a devotee of Tatjan.

Suare Tan, Elk Suaven

The Backer, Suaven of Power Behind the Throne

Niassa Steele is devoted to this Suaven.

Yalshari Prev Fox Suaven

The User, The Seducer

Niassa Steele is familiar with this Suaven.