Light into Darkness: Suaven

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This page regards the Suaven in the PbP Houses of the Blooded game, HotB Light into Darkness.

Grand Suaven

Ashalim Avendi

Master of the Road, Falcon's Friend

Falvren Dyr

Swordsman, Old One-Eye, The Crimson Cloak

Manna Renay

Holy Mother, Protector, the Green Lady

Talten Steele

The Iron Heart, Winter's Promise, the Ruthless

Talia Yvarai

The Celestial Muse, Sacred Harlot, Keeper of Roses

Tyan Bran

Keeper of Secrets, the Blind One, Whisperer

Other Suaven

Sutcaq Kahj

The Forever Marcher, The Farthest Will

Sutcaq is a Falcon Suaven of willpower. Heywesh Tal is familiar with him.

Tatjan Adrente

The Duelist

Tatjan is an ancestor of Drial Burghe. Additionally, Heywesh Tal is a devotee of Tatjan.

TBA Elk Suaven

The Backer

TBA Fox Suaven

The User, The Seducer