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Lilianne Virieux


Father: Prince Corwin of Amber

  • Father: Lord Nicolas Juillet

Mother:Lady Aelienor Juillet (nee Virieux) of Avalon



  • Research assistant to Dean Aries.
  • Background: As a child, Lilianne knew her father, the Lord Nicolas Juillet, didn’t seem to care for her. It hurt — especially when he spent time with her brothers and sisters, but not her — but she tried to shrug it off, distracting herself with her studies. However, she couldn’t stop herself from digging, eventually coming across the rumors that her mother was pregnant when she married. When she asked Aelinor about this, her mother told her about Corwin, and the brief love affair they’d had. When Corwin next returned to Avalon, Lilianne was waiting to confront him.
  • Whatever her relationship with Corwin is like, Lilianne, is enthralled by Amber, and by the possibilities of endless shadow. She’s especially fascinated by magic in all its forms.