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==Grim Highbattle :: Betrayer's Bane==
==Grim Highbattle :: Betrayer's Bane==
'''AKA:''' Grimmund Veghardyr, Dwarfkiller, Ilkith
'''AKA:''' Grimmund Veghardyr, Dwarfkiller, Ilkith
==''There is no worse betrayal than the betrayal of one of your own kind.''==
==''There is no worse betrayal than the betrayal of one of your own kind.''==

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Grim Highbattle :: Betrayer's Bane

AKA: Grimmund Veghardyr, Dwarfkiller, Ilkith Grim.jpg

There is no worse betrayal than the betrayal of one of your own kind.

Race :: Dwarf

Grim is a Dwarf. Short but stout, like most of his people, but leaner too. His beard is full, but hacked short compared to many of his kind. The mustaches are braided in to flate plaits that extend down an inch past his beard. His hare is an inteterminate brown color... and also cut short around the sides and back. The top is left long and pulled back into a braid to keep it out of his eyes.

Racial Features

Low Light Vision (1 point)
Tough (2 point)
Reduced Pace (+1 point)


Agility d8

Smarts d6

Spirit dr

Strength d6

Vigor d8

Derived Stats

Pace [5] || Parry [5] || Size [0] || Toughness [7 (1)]

Core Skills

Athletics d8

Common Knowledge d4

Notice d6

Persuasion d4

Stealth d8

Other Skills

Fighting d6

Repair d6

Shooting d8

Survival d4


Driven - Minor -

Suspicious - Minor -

Enemy - Major -

Edges and Powers

Free Runner

Steady Hands



Leather Jacket and leggings (chest, arms, legs) +1 Armor | Wt 10| Cost 40


Bow 1d6+1d6 | Wt 3 | Cost 250 | 12/24/48
Dagger 1d6+1d4 | Wt 1 | Cost 25


Quiver | Wt 2 | Cost 25
Arrows x 20 | Wt 4 | Cost 10
Backpack | Wt 2 | Cost 50
Bedroll | Wt 4 | Cost 25
Flint and Steel | Wt 1 | Cost 3
Waterskin | Wt 1 | Cost 5
Flask | Wt 1 | Cost 3
Trail Rations x 4 | Wt 4 | Cost 8
Manacles x 2 | Wt 4 | Cost 30
Rope 10"/20 yards | Wt 3 | Cost 10



Remaining Wealth



The Veghardyr Clan (literally = Highbattle... what dwarves called archery back in the day) was the first clan to learn the way of the bow during the Ancient Elf Wars, and jealously clung to their traditions even as most of their kind moved on to prefer crossbows. Today the clan has dwindled down to a minor house of bowyers and fletchers. Grim preferred using bows to building them. He took up bounty hunting to stop the human criminals from cheating or preying upon his people.

When a group of dwarves, including Eldrodh... the son of the High Thane Avaldamon, killed a cousin of Grim's, the High Thane whisked him out of the Ovaedarkad to escape justice. Furious... Grim started hunting Eldrodh's friends, bringing them back for trial, one by one. The High Thane tried threats and bribes and all sorts of underhanded techniques to deter Grim, or pressure his family into stopping him, but the stubborn dwarf persisted.

Grim eventually brought Eldrodh in, and because the evidence was damning, the Dwarf King had him executed. High Than Avaldamon vowed to get revenge upon Grim. Rumors of him being a DwarfKiller surfaced first... then the combination of trumped-up charges and bribed magisters left him branded as the first Ilkith in seven generations. It meant 'not dwarf'... an outcast from his people.

In reality, Grim just believed in justice. With all the monsters and threats out there, he thought crime, especially dwarf on dwarf crime, was the worst offense possible. The 'good races' of the world needed to stand together against evil... nothing should be allowed to tear that apart.

Grim left the dwarven kingdom but continued to hunt those who betrayed society, be it human, elf or dwarf. High Thane Avaldamon continues to send assassins after him, so now Grim truly has earned the title of Dwarfkiller.