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AKA: Jackie, Jack, Old Jack, Bob (Big ol' Blusterer)

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Quote: "I've fought off monsters, my fists like shale... then went back and drank a keg of ale. I've lived my life but I paid the cost... the game was won but my name was lost."


Mantle "Spirit of the West"
Scale: Supernatural
High Concept "Forgotten Folk Hero"
Trouble "Millennia of Mantles"
Aspects "Larger than Life" "Man of the Little People" "Third Aspect... something about booze?"

A big, muscular man despite the fact that he's packed on more than his fair share of padding over the years. JB's knuckles are scarred and he has visible tattoos from multiple times and civilizations on his hands and arms.
His long silver hair is pulled back into a thick braid despite that fact that he's balding in the front. He has a short silver beard, medium tanned skin and bright golden brown eyes. He generally wears once fine and expensive clothing that has become threadbare or soiled through his raucous exploits.


+3 Force
+2 Flair, Guile
+1 Focus, Haste
+0 Intellect

Knacks (Rune Magic reskin) Core
-Knack of Release +2 Focus Overcome to make things open, unlock, unbar, unscrew, etc...
-Knack of Exchange +2 Haste CAA to instantly swap two items of roughly equal mass within one zone of each other.
When the In Pursuit condition is marked, JB's knacks operate at Otherworldly scale.
Natural Weapon Core
-JB has wrestled wolves, battled bigfoot, and fought primordial spirits with his bare hands. His unarmed attacks are worth +1 shift on a successful hit and may have scale, at the GM's discretion.
Call to Adventure (Einherjar reskin)
-Once per Session, JB's heroics may serve as a Call to Adventure for an ordinarily normal mortal that he has interacted with. That mortal will join JB for one scene, but is controlled by the GM. This mortal has +2 in 1 approach and +0 in all other approaches for the duration of the scene, and 6 stress boxes. If the the fledgling hero survives the scene they may become a named/recurring NPC.
Flames of Inspiration (Inspiration reskin)
-JB exudes confidence that inspires and others. Once per session, he may spend a Fate Point to do one of the following: 1) recover from a sticky condition related to despair or self-doubt, 2) begin recovery of a similar lasting condition, or 3) imbue somebody with an aspect of tremendous self confidence that lasts the entire session and has 3 invokes.


Scale: Supernatural
Refresh 2

Hurt (Sticky) O Core

In Peril (Sticky) -4 O
Wounded (Lasting) -4 O Core
Doomed (Lasting) -6 O

Stress (Fleeting) OOO OOO
Indebted (Sticky) OOO OO

Personal Details

It was a cruel fate that JB should fade from memory, though that's not even his name.

He claims to have memories of living all over the world, most notably North America. In his least lucid moments he thinks his name is Jack. Or John, or James or Jimmy. Since he spends most of his days at various bars bragging about half remembered heroics, many patrons dubbed him Bob, short for "Big ol' Blusterer." The people he has helped over the last few years have come to call him simply JB, a combination of both names. This has given the ancient hero an identity to cling to. He claims to feel much more like himself these days, even if he's unsure who he actually is.

What he does know is that he has a fire in his belly. A love for life itself and the passion to live it.

Although he can only glimpse fragments of his past, he has in fact lived through millennia. His mind has eroded and crumbled under the strain of countless memories from hundreds of lives, though some traits hold true. He hates being shackled and will always fight to live on his own terms. He has a big personality and a bigger heart.

On bad days he doesn't even remember who he is, and can be found reveling in one vice after another. Other days he mourns everything he lost, and drowns his sorrows in a river of ale.

Sometimes... when he can be reminded of who he really is, that spark of adventure can be reignited. A glimpse of who he used to be will surface as he charges forward toward one heroic deed or another... for what is life without a worthy cause to back or a great challenge to face?

Faded Memories

  • J.B. has a fondness for apples.
  • Recognized as the 'Lone Wanderer' by Eloreen. They fought using Colt SAA's.
  • Recognized as James Bolt by the Lost Court. The information is in the well of Memories. He rode against the St. Louis express, and a wild mustang named West Wind that stood 30 hands tall. The saddle J.B. used to have, as James Bolt, is available somewhere in the lands of Fae.
  • Recognized as a 'Barrow', or being familiar with one, by Captain Hamar. J.B. does have fleeting memories suggesting he was a criminal around the prohibition era, using Tommy guns, riding in Studebakers, and smuggling booze. He fought Captain Hamar and worked with

Aspect Details

High Concept "Forgotten Folk Hero"
Whether or not he is what he claims, there is no doubt that JB possesses abilities far beyond that of a mortal... and an ego worthy of a god. He bucks authority or attempts to control him, believing men and women are best when personally working toward their goals. He is often found turning to booze and other vices, but it's unclear if this is to hide from painful memories or to mourn the ones that are missing..
Invoke when doing implausible heroics like the tales of old, when drinking or resisting the urge to drink, when standing up against authority.
Compel to have him be drunk at the wrong time, to have his aversion to authority get himi into trouble.

Trouble"Millenia of Mantles"
Through fragments of broken memories, one thing is painfully clear to JB... he's not what he once was. That hole inside himself... that absence... can be very frustrating for the ancient man. At times he feels the pain of loss so much that he'll do anything to fill it.
Being drawn to that power is one thing... but it also makes Lody worry about becoming a calculating, power hungry Aesir like most of his brethren He feels the Although his new name helpes, JB need's needs to reclaim his lost memories to feel whole again. The weight of millennia has eroded JB's mind and he has trouble remembering details or telling fact from fiction. When he hears the folktales of Paul Bunyan or Ol' Stormalong he will claim that those deeds were really his.
Invoke When trying to recall something from his past when trying to reclaim his lost identities.
Compel to have him prioritize seeking his past over his friends, to have him 'recall' incorrect or misleading information from his past, to have him confused as the current scene echoes a dramatic scene from his past.

Aspect "Larger Than Life"
Folk Heroes are exaggerated for a reason. JB prefer to tackle obstacles in the most dramatic of fashion like an epic fight or battle of wits... stuff the poets would sing about for ages. When he does resort to subterfuge and trickery, rarely does the deed go unsung. If the JB doesn't reveal his plot to his enemies to rub salt in the wound they will likely hear about it from his drunken boasting as he makes sure his legacy is remembered.
Invoke when being obvious, making a spectacle of himself or doing something over the top when a much simpler plan would do. when his his physical size and girth would be an advantage
Compel to have his attempts at subtlety fail, to have his bragging rub people the wrong way, to have his bragging reach the wrong ears and warrant revenge, to have his size and weight be a hindrance.

Aspect "Man of the Little People"
JB is a man of the people. He enjoys working with his hands and the simple pleasures in life. That is probably why he has taken a liking to the Lost Court and the Cleaning Sprites Union. Both groups are marginalized or being taken advantage of and are fighting back against the authorities. He has helped both groups out in some sticky situations and is generally on good terms with both communities. He's even shared drinks with a few members of the Tangle. JB often frequents bars and pubs in the Second Hand Market to support the Goblins's businesses.
Invoke to get tipped off by his contacts in these groups, when trying to help them out, or for his reputation among either group help him out in a social situation. Compel to have either group come to him in need at an inopportune time, to his association with such 'common folk' be a roadblock when dealing with authorities'

Aspect "Third Aspect"
Invoke XXX.
Compel YYY