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=Important People=
=Important People=

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This is the contents of the original Lost Tribes thread, organized chronological within topics. Many sections will turn into their own page, but this page is just for the original source material. Some specific flavor text skipped this page and went directly to the separate tribe pages.

Eh, to long for the wiki software or something. Splitting up into separate pages.











Important People

Wise Old Wankers Big Owl- A source of all knowledge, or the biggest con artist since that bloke that sold Tower Bridge to some Yank. Still, he knows his stuff, and he'll hand out free info to people out of pique.

'Rodger the Raven'- A psuedonym. We don't know who he really is, but most people think he's one of the Inner Circle of the Murder, possibly a spymaster or something. Anyway, he'll trade information, but only when it suits him, and if you can find him.

Black 'Arry- A Dog, big old Mastiff from the East End. Been around for Donkey's years. Knows everyone of import, and will tell the young 'uns for a pint a few stories. For a cask, he'll tell you true stories. For a couple of Pipes of the good stuff, he'll put you onto the Real Deal.

Bagpuss- No, it's not a psuedonym this time. He's an old, lazy, and fat cat, but he knows people. Watch out for Emily, his Keeper. A very scary girl.

    Not just scary for herself like, it's what's always around her (and sometimes behind you). There aren't even words to desrcribe it, so we just
    call it the...thing

Psycho Killers Roland the Rat- head Cheese of the South London Rat Brotherhood. Rumour has it that he is, in fact, the basis for the children's TV character. Saying this is a good way to go home with your ears in your hat.

Charley- A big old ginger Tom. Speaks funny, but will cut you up for laughing. Or looking at him funny. Or being annoying. Or just being. Nice to kids though, watches out for them.

Her Maj- The Boss of the Kingdom. A scary lady, who isn't afraid to get blood on the (red) carpet.

Freaks Mister Fox- one of the most renowned of the Foxes, he is a thieft and a liar extraordinare. He is supposedly involved in the Ritual Magic of the Foxes, and some say he is the reincarnation of their King. Can walk through walls.

Barry Pig- A loner, as pigs go. He runs a financial analyst corporation, which he uses to manipulate the global markets. For a fee, he'll help you out. Never takes payment in money. Also functions as an Oracle, gazeing into the depths of the stock-price index to see what is going to happen. One of the most boring people in the world. Originally from Birmingham.

Jones the Dragon- possibly entirely fictional, he doesn't even go by this name, but no one can pronounce his welsh name, so everyone calls him Jones. The creature has ripped up mountains, torn down the best and strongest, and sits upon the true treasures of Britain. If he exists, that is. Reply With Quote