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Real Name: Becca Middleton


Strength (STR) 5
Stamina (STA) 8
Agility (AGL) 12
Dexterity (DEX) 0
Fighting (FGT) 0
Intelligence (INT) 0
Awareness (AWE) 10
Presence (PRE) 0

POWERS [36 pp]

Super Speed:Speed 12 Subtle 1
Running Up Walls: Movement 2 Wall Running, Only While Moving -1
Always Lands on Her Feet: Movement 1 Safe Fall
High-Speed Strikes: Close Damage 3 (bludgeoning) Strength-Based
High-Speed Combat
*Flurry - Str-based, Multiattack on Close Damage 8
*Sonic Boom Dash - Area Burst 1 on Close Damage 8, Must move through area -1
Furry:Feature 1 - Insulating Fur
Superhuman Resilience: Regeneration 1, persistent
Cat-like Senses: Senses 5 - Acute smell with Tracking 1, Extended 1 Low Light Vision, Danger Sense


Agile Feint
Equipment 1
Evasion 2
Move-By Attack
Power Attack
Skill Mastery - Acrobatics
Takedown 2
Uncanny Dodge

SKILLS [20 pp]

Acrobatics (AGI) 3/+15
Athletics (STR) 3/+8
Close Combat Unarmed (FTG) 12/+12
Deception (PRE) 0
Expertise (Books) (INT) 6/+6
Insight (AWE) 0/+10
Intimidation (PRE) 8/+8
Investigation (INT) 0
Perception (AWE) 5/+15
Persuasion (PRE)
Ranged Combat (DEX) 0
Sleight of Hand (DEX) 0
Stealth (AGI) 3/+15
Technology (INT) 0
Treatment (INT) 0
Vehicles (DEX) 0


Dodge +12
Parry +12
Fortitude +10
Toughness +8
Will +10


Initiative +12
High Speed Strikes (Close +12 to hit, Damage 8+ Multiattack)
Sonic Boom Dash (Close Area Burst Damage 8)


Motivation - Doing Good. She changed like this for no reason, so it's up to her to do something with it, especially helping those who weren't so lucky in the Storm
Secret - Identity She's really trying to keep a normal life going, which has all the usual issues of going off to fight crime as well as...
Quirk - Accidental Change. She can keep a mostly-plain human look by concentrating and not using any of her powers, but they ARE easy to use instinctively, and stress and surprise can trigger the change, making fur erupt all over. It's faster to go cat than to go back too.
Appearance Fur all over, pointed ears, a tail, distinct cat's eyes... She stands out in any crowd. Some people don't like cats and some like them too much...


Size: Small
Defense: 6
  • Concealed 5: DC 30 to find

Located below a bookstore (The Book Nook), this headquarters in located in a forgotten basement from previous construction.


70 Attributes + 36 Powers + 11 Advantages + 20 Skills + 14 Defenses = 151 points


Becca Middleton was a young woman with a passion for books! She took her community college business degree and opened up a used bookstore on the Yellow Brick Row, known as the Book Nook (in part because it was a small spot). Business was good, or at least good enough, and she felt content with her life. Walking back from lunch one day, things got really weird as people started changing all around her, and her skin was so itchy... she looked down to see tiger-striped fur growing up her arms! In a flash of panic, she was gone from the scene, and down to riverfront! She was some sort of cat person, and very fast! She ran back to where she started to try and help out... some people were freaking out a lot more than she was, even wrecking things, but she held it in until she could hug her knees in the corner of her room for an hour.

She can reverse her change for the most part, hide her ears under a hat or headband and put her tail down a pair of sweatpants and have a mostly-normal life, and has been doing that, and going to a support group for other people who have been changed by the Storm. Or other things. She'd pitch in from time to time, getting tagged as "Speedline" as she'd just leave a streak of tiger-striped lines in the air behind her. She's working up to being a superhero on a more regular basis. Her costume is off the rack, a beach volleyball top and bike pants. No shoes, as normal ones don't last at her mach speed and she hasn't invested in super materials as of yet.


Friendly and outgoing when she doesn't have her head lost in a book. She's a bit more aggressive in combat than one would expect, perhaps it's a hunting instinct, or it's something she cuts loose with. She'll get people out of the way of danger first before wading in with high speed punches, and naturally favors hit and run tactics.