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Hero Played by... PL (Points) Theme
Ehri Garamel Unka Josh PL 12 (180pts) Super-Genius Alien Exile with Drone Army
Turbine Funkadelic PL 12 (180pts) Man out of Time, Speedster
Dusk DragonJAW PL 12 (180pts) Shadow Controller
Iron Ghost jmucchiello PL 12 (180pts) Mental Martial Artist
Evolvo @sizzle PL 12 (180pts) Future traveler who can change into evolved or devolved state.
Kid Canary @ajdynon PL 12 (180pts) Matrial arts with Canary Cry devices.
Jade @Gremlin PL 12 (182pts) Energy Constructs, Projector

Other members (Reserve)

Hero Played by... PL (Points) Theme
Nightwing NPC PL 12 Detective, Team Leader
Oracle NPC ?? Detective, Computer Expert (unknown by most of the group)
Batgirl NPC PL 12 (180pts) Detective, Crime Fighter
Jotsosdwiin NPC PL 12 (180pts) Dragom Shapeshifter, Brick
Torhana NPC PL 12 (180pts) Mammoth Shapeshifter, Cold Control
Green Lantern NPC PL 12 (180pts) Energy Constructs, Projector
Cicada NPC PL 12 (180pts) Bug man, Brick, Sonic Projector
Manitou Raven NPC PL 12 (180pts) Immortal Magic User
Captain Comet @Cyclops Was Right PL 12 (180pts) Cosmic space paragon.

History of the Setting[edit]

MAP of Metropolis[1]

The world's greatest and most well established heroes and villains had all disappeared about a year ago. The players are lesser known heroes (be they DC heroes or newly created characters) have been working to maintain the peace and stability of the world as best they can. New teams have form including a new team of the Justice League of America (of which the characters are all a part of).

Small bush wars have broken out around the world as many despots take advantage of the lack of superheroes to responsed to these crisses, crime is on the upswing in many place, and the heroes of the world are all trying to help along with dealing with various natural disasters and other mundane problems.

The game intros with Nightwing assembling those available members of the JLA to look into numberous problems that are happening in Metropolis. He and Oracle have been researching info about an urban myth called "the Twenty" who appeared to be ordinary citizens of the city whom have all recently disappeared. All twenty claimed to have gained psionic powers on the same night during their sleep, but before anyone could check this out they all disappeared.

An earthquake has recently hit the city fairly hard and repairs are still ungoing but complicated by other crisises. Intergang has been raiding a number of LexCorp (Lex Luthor has disappeared with most of the other main heroes and villains and his sister Lena has taken over the company) and S.T.A.R. Lab facilities in the city making off with seemly random items. There have also been many strange sightings of mythal beings at night, but as ghosts, ghouls, vampires, etc. No one has been hurt by these beings but it is causing a lot of panic.

The citizens are afraid and riots, protests and looting have broken out sporadically within its borders. The Mayor has ordered a nighttime curfew and she and the Governor are considering Martial Law be impossed upon the city if the situations is not contained.

The game starts with the heroes arriving at the city and another termor hitting the downtown area and a huge metalic tentecle bursting from the ground and then collasping on main stress. It seems to have been the cause of the termor (and maybe the earlier earthquack) but seems to be nonfunction now....