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Chloe Taylor, the Infernal

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  • Harm: 0/4
  • Bargains
    • The Power Flows Through you - Give the Dark Power a string to gain +2 to any roll.
    • Numbing it out - Give the Dark Power a string to remove a Complication or up to 2 Harm.
    • Elsewise Power - Give the Dark Power a string to use a power from any other playbook once.
    • Uncanny Voices - Give the Dark Power a string to realize a secret about someone you are talking to. That character's player will reveal one of their secret fears, weaknesses or strengths (they choose which).
    • Strings Attached - You can ask the Dark Power for something you really, really want. The MC will name the price, and hint at a dark twist. If you pay the price, you get what you want.


Venomous, peircing eyes




  • Hot +1
  • Cold -1
  • Volatile -1
  • Dark +2


  • Soul Debt: You have Infernal Bargains from your patron.
  • Under Pressure: When someone has 3 or more strings on you, gain +1 to all actions following their motives.
  • Sex Move: When you have sex, the Dark Power loses a String on you and gains a String on whoever you had sex with.

Carry Forward






  • 2 on Karlena
  • 1 on the Scion in Chains

Darkest Self

You find yourself shivering, needy and Alone. The Scion in Chains will make some daunting commands. Each one you fulfill removes a string. You escape your darkest self when the Dark Power runs out of Strings, or you strike a deal with an even more dangerous entity.

Breaking the Darkest Self - "The body of the girl to my specifications. The witch casting restoring spells. Someone important groveling before me. A soul, pure and innocent, brought to ruin. A door held open, no matter the cost, until what I wish to send through is through. These are the tests to prove you're worth more to me than just a skinsuit for a succubus."


φ φ φ Ο Ο


  • Add 1 to any of your stats
  • Take another Infernal Move

φ Take all the remaining Bargains

  • Take a Move from any Skin
  • Take a Move from any Skin
  • You supply for Needy Fiends.