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The PCs

Character Sheet Links

Character template

  • Bryce, the Hollow: played by Rook Seidhr
  • Iggy, the Ghoul: played by insomniac
  • Hester, the Serpentine: played by DannyK
  • Wendy, the Mortal: played by Bremen
  • Aurora, the Fae: played by BlackSheep
  • Karlena, the Witch: played by Andrensath


Those across the top hold the strings on those listed in the first column

Strings On Bryce Iggy Hester Wendy Aurora Karlena
Bryce N/A
Iggy N/A 1
Hester N/A 2
Wendy N/A
Aurora 1 1 1 1 N/A 2
Karlena N/A


These are the various implied character roles by current PC stuff. When fitting in your PC or an NPC for your character, consider grabbing one of these and noting that either you're filling it or it has been moved to an NPC by firming them up by intersecting with them.

A note on parents: they're generally implied and even if brought up specifically I'm not adding them here. Talk directly to the player in question. The exception to this is if a player makes their parent a teacher or other official in town, which means they and their family should be more up for grabs as that's what that sort of thing flags to me.

  • The BFF / creator of Bryce the Hollow. Currently noted as "Hurricane" Katrina Walker
  • Former best friend of Katrina
  • Former boyfriend of Katrina
  • Serpentine family members (tentative; renwable)
  • Iggy's 'friend' who bailed
  • Person who bullied Wendy into her harder state

The Drake Clan:

  • Father Ophiucus Drake is in white collar prison for financial improprieties.
  • Uncle Phineas Drake, an alderman of the town, now running for judge, who is keeping his distance to preserve his reputation.
  • Mother Belinda is convinced that the trouble is because we strayed from the old ways.
  • Brother Lazarus is Hester’s fraternal twin and a creep. He’s not taking the current situation well at all.
  • Amity Drake is the terrifying grandmother.
  • Little Tanith is her sweetly spooky sister.

The Setting

The Schools

Saint Anthony's

Run partially by the local convent and partially by overseers who are not happy with the sisters and their political bend, Saint Anthony's has served the Catholic community of Silence for quite sometime. The community informally known as Kennedy Commons is the primary source of students. Located near the school on the south side of town, it was finished not long after JFK got inaugurated and exuberant Irish-American inhabitants gave it the informal name. However, its boom time lasted about as long as Camelot did. Those who live in the rapidly degrading area are primarily employed by the contractors of Franklin Rendering, doing cleanup work from all the damage said company caused and getting ever closer to there being nothing left to clean up.

Silence High

Silence's public high school sits at the edge of the residential area, separated from the back of the main drag strip malls by a high retaining wall that back its bleachers. Of course, kids know all the way to go over and through the wall to shave time off getting to their favourite places during lunch and free periods. Drawing mainly from the low rise apartments of the area as well as bussed in kids from a few of the smaller rural communities nearby, Silence High is a massive palimpsest of American educational architecture and theory. A Brutalist library and administrative hub squats atop the central hill of the school, connected by locker lined overpasses to the various wings. Students run the gambit from working class kids worried about their parent's jobs to the well to do children of climbers who are just shy of making enough for private school.

Sweet Water Preparatory Academy

Just a bit north west of Silence proper, at the edge of the ring of mansions known as the Estates, are woods so perfect they have to be cultivated. And they are, as the grounds of Sweet Water Preparatory Academy. Popular with the inhabitants of the Estates, many of whom are multigeneration legacies, as well as with those drawn by a high price tag and a long history, Sweet Water Preparatory Academy shows an antiquated facade but has state of the art facilities wrapped up in the reclaimed wood. Even when the students go slumming in town without their telltale uniforms, you can pick them out by the posture, diction, and the careless way they wave their smartphones to pay for pretty much anything.