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The PCs

Character Sheet Links

Character template


  • Aurora, the Fae: played by BlackSheep
  • Chloe, the Infernal: played by Xadun
  • Jeremy, the Vampire: played by MixterAsh
  • Karlena, the Witch: played by Andrensath


  • Bryce, the Queen: played by Rook Seidhr
  • Iggy, the Ghoul: played by insomniac
  • Hester, the Serpentine: played by DannyK
  • Wendy, the Mortal: played by Bremen


Those across the top hold the strings on those listed in the first column

☟ gave Strings to ☞ Aurora Chloe Jeremy Karlena
Aurora N/A 1
Chloe 1 N/A 1 3
Jeremy N/A
Karlena 4 1 N/A

Homeroom Chart

Link to the thing to modify directly:

There are supposed to be three seats at each table, at about 10, 12, and 2 to view the screen.

Relationship Map

Relationship Map

Class Schedule

A rough one, just for me to keep track of. Will bother with day shifts and so forth later.

Period Aurora Chloe Jeremy Karlena
One Media Studies Media Studies Media Studies Media Studies
Two Theatre Theatre Theatre Theatre
Three English Composition English Composition History Electives English Composition
Four Art Art Arabic
Lunch - - - -
Five Gym Gym Gym Chemistry
Six English Literature English Literature English Literature English Literature
Seven Math Math AP US History Gym Study Hall


These are the various implied character roles by current PC stuff. When fitting in your PC or an NPC for your character, consider grabbing one of these and noting that either you're filling it or it has been moved to an NPC by firming them up by intersecting with them.

A note on parents: they're generally implied and even if brought up specifically I'm not adding them here. Talk directly to the player in question. The exception to this is if a player makes their parent a teacher or other official in town, which means they and their family should be more up for grabs as that's what that sort of thing flags to me.

  • 'Hurricane' Katrina Walker, the BFF / creator of Bryce the Hollow.
  • Luna Miller, former best friend of Katrina, Aurora's more-popular older sister, currently dating Lazarus Drake.
  • Iggy's 'friend' who bailed
  • Person who bullied Wendy into her harder state
  • The real Aurora Miller, snatched as a baby and raised in Faerie.

The Drake Clan:

  • Ophiucus Drake, Hester's father, is in white collar prison for financial improprieties.
  • Belinda Drake, Hester's mother, is convinced that the trouble is because we strayed from the old ways.
  • Uncle Phineas Drake, an alderman of the town, now running for state senate, who is keeping his distance to preserve his reputation.
  • Lazarus Drake is Hester’s fraternal twin and a creep. He’s not taking the current situation well at all. Former boyfriend of Katrina, now dating Luna.
  • Amity Drake is the terrifying grandmother.
  • Little Tanith is her sweetly spooky sister.

The Setting

The Schools

Saint Anthony's

Run partially by the local convent and partially by overseers who are not happy with the sisters and their political bend, Saint Anthony's has served the Catholic community of Silence for quite sometime. The community informally known as Kennedy Commons is the primary source of students. Located near the school on the south side of town, it was finished not long after JFK got inaugurated and exuberant Irish-American inhabitants gave it the informal name. However, its boom time lasted about as long as Camelot did. Those who live in the rapidly degrading area are primarily employed by the contractors of Franklin Rendering, doing cleanup work from all the damage said company caused and getting ever closer to there being nothing left to clean up.

Silence High

Silence's public high school sits at the edge of the residential area, separated from the back of the main drag strip malls by a high retaining wall that back its bleachers. Of course, kids know all the way to go over and through the wall to shave time off getting to their favourite places during lunch and free periods. Drawing mainly from the low rise apartments of the area as well as bussed in kids from a few of the smaller rural communities nearby, Silence High is a massive palimpsest of American educational architecture and theory. A Brutalist library and administrative hub squats atop the central hill of the school, connected by locker lined overpasses to the various wings. Students run the gamut from working class kids worried about their parent's jobs to the well to do children of climbers who are just shy of making enough for private school.

Sweet Water Preparatory Academy

Just a bit north west of Silence proper, at the edge of the ring of mansions known as the Estates, are woods so perfect they have to be cultivated. And they are, as the grounds of Sweet Water Preparatory Academy. Popular with the inhabitants of the Estates, many of whom are multigeneration legacies, as well as with those drawn by a high price tag and a long history, Sweet Water Preparatory Academy shows an antiquated facade but has state of the art facilities wrapped up in the reclaimed wood. Even when the students go slumming in town without their telltale uniforms, you can pick them out by the posture, diction, and the careless way they wave their smartphones to pay for pretty much anything.


NPC Related Strings

NPCs Holding Strings on PCs
☟ gave Strings to ☞ Abigail Hunter Artemis Astrid Bryce Hester Iggy Ms. Jansen Lazarus Luna Mina Old Bones Phineas Scion in Chains Wendy
Aurora 1 1 1 3
Chloe 1 1 1 1
Karlena 1 4
PCs Holding Strings on NPCs
☟ gave Strings to ☞ Aurora Chloe Jeremy Karlena
Hunter Artemis 1 2
Mr. Ahearn
Hester 3
Iggy 1
Jade 1
Lapis 1 1
Officer Friendly
Detective O'Toole 1
Riley 2
Scion in Chains 1 1
Wendy 3


Portrait Name Subject(s) & Description Conditions Custom Moves
Mr Ahearn.jpg Mr. Ahearn Gym His gym classes have 1-harm as established
Mr Auccoloni.jpg Mr. Auccoloni AP US History
Ms. Danish MH.jpg Ms. Danish Media Studies
Ms Dee.jpg Ms. Dee Chemistry
Mr Fitch MH.jpg Mr. Fitch Media Production, Theatre dead
Ms Fitzpatrick.jpg Ms. Fitzpatrick School nurse
Mrs Frank.jpg Mrs. Frank Home Economics
Mr Ito.jpg Mr. Ito English Composition
Mr Hunter.jpg Mr. Jefferson Media Production, Theatre;

Took over from Mr Fitch

Ms Kaplan.jpg Ms. Kaplan English Literature
Ms Jansen.jpg Ms. Jansen Principal
Ms Lapine.jpg Ms. Lapine Biology; former Playboy model
Mr. Linden.jpg Mr. Linden Librarian Librarian Death Stare—Making a commotion where Mr. Linden is present and in charge requires Keeping Your Cool.
Miss Novak.jpg Miss Novak Art
Ms Razek.jpg Ms. Razek Arabic
Mr Roth.jpg Mr. Roth History
Ms Straub.jpg Ms. Straub Computer Science, Math
Dr Zhang.jpg Dr. Zhang Chinese


Portrait Name Parent Of Conditions Custom Moves
Mrs. Drake.jpg Belinda Drake Hester and Lazarus If you go to her for help, she gains a String on you when you make the request.
Mr. Drake.jpg Ophiucus Drake Hester and Lazarus
P Drake.jpg Phineas Drake (Ophiucus' brother) Illusionist
MH Silence Joshua Jones.jpg Joshua Jones Karlena
MH Silence Lucy Jones.jpg Lucy Jones Karlena
Lawrence Quinn.jpg Lawrence James Quinn Jeremy
Elizabeth Quinn.jpg Elizabeth Ann Quinn Jeremy
Karen Taylor Chloe
Mary Miller.jpg Mary Miller Aurora and Luna
Thomas Miller.jpg Thomas Miller Aurora and Luna

Other Students

NPC Schedule

Portrait Name Connection and Description Conditions Custom Moves
MH Silence Abigail.jpg Abigail Nissenbaum Karlena's newest ex-girlfriend;

used to walk with a cane - local rabbi's daughter

MH Silence Alice Kennedy.jpg Alice Kennedy Member of Karlena's coven
Artemis MH.jpg Artemis (formerly Hunter) Member of Karlena's coven;

Was AMAB - had body altering spell cast on her by Karlena to turn her into a cis girl

Astrid Jansen.jpg Astrid Jansen Principal's daughter One of them You can exchange a String on Astrid for one on Principal Jansen while engaging the Principal, if you can Keep Your Cool during the interaction.
Brian MH.jpg Brian Geeky guy;

2nd Period Chinese; dating Ty

MH Silence Brittany Schaeffer.jpg Brittany Schaeffer Glory's lieutenant Gossip
MH Bryce2.jpg Bryce Media Studies Classmate Queen Bitch; Life Ruiner; Subjugated by Darkness She and the rainbow brigade are Of One Mind;

if you are One of Them, Bryce is considered to have a String on you at all times

MH Silence Charity Featherstonehaugh.jpg Charity Featherstonehaugh Ridiculously greedy;

annoying nasal voice

Glory MH.jpg Glory Whelan Co-captain of the cheerleading team
MH Silence Hester.jpg Hester Drake Media Studies Classmate Meddler If you have sex with Hester, you get pregnant.
Ilfran.jpg Johnny "call-me-Ifan" Lewis Media Studies Classmate
Jay Smith.jpeg Jay Smith Media Studies Classmate
Julie MH.jpg Julie Media Studies Classmate If you are one of Julie's buyers, she knows where to find you.

When you have one of Julie's edibles, you are bathed in moonlight from the secret moon. Any secret act you commit or secret you share is carried on the winds of that moon.

Lars MH.jpg Lars Afternoon Media Studies
Laura Westernra Mina's younger sister; would-be member of Karlena's coven
Matthew MH.jpg Matthew Media Studies Classmate;

Rachael's Brother

Michael P MH.jpg Michael Petersen Bryce's party date - deceased and forgotten;

Girls knew to avoid him - much worse now; annihilated entirely

Cannot be reached even through the Abyss or Moves that can contact the dead
Mina Westerna.jpg Mina Westernra Karlena's on again / off again girlfriend (Now permanently off);

Comp Sci student

Rachel MH.jpg Rachael Afternoon Media Studies;

Matthew's Sister

Rajiv.jpg Rajiv Media Studies Classmate
MH Riley.jpg Riley Gallagher Member of Karlena's coven;

Social outcast; rumour mill says she got pregnant last year

Worse than nothing
Tahira MH.jpg Tahira Nejem Friend of Karlena and Mina; Theatre Classmate
MH Ty.jpg Ty Social outcast; dating Brian;

outed and bullied off the basketball team

Victor Nguyen.jpg Victor Nguyen Media Studies Classmate

The Help and Stranger Things

Portrait Name Known Nature Conditions Custom Moves
Nancy Figment - Legal Guardian of Rainbow Brigade As necessary—If you come to Nancy in distress, she becomes what you need to help (+1 ongoing until your problem is resolved if she's involved or tools necessary to get the job done); but Phineas will find out.
Old Bones Inhabitant of the Lost Woods Dealer in Dreams and Dooms—If you think you need or want it, Old Bones has it for a price. Whenever you enter the Lost Woods in want of something, you can find Old Bones to make the exchange.
The Voice in the Stone Inhabitant of the Lost Woods Memories from Before Time—The Voice in the Stone recalls all, but time moves strangely in its presence. When leaving its presence Keep Your Cool with Dark to reenter the world at a good time, otherwise the time spent there is at the mercy of fae whim.
The Scion in Chains Demon of the Outer Darkness Beyond This World—Acting directly against the Scion's person can be attempted once directly, after that something more intense and mystical is required to bridge the gap / drag him down to the character's level.
King of Shut Eyes.jpg The King of Shut Eyes Lord of the Lost Woods; A King of the Fae
The Huntress A Lady of the Fae
Nyx, the Sister in the Dark A Queen of the Outer Darkness The Stress of Her Regards—When a character has Nyx's attention, they are subject to terrible stress as if lost in the Outer Darkness. If the circumstances are dangerous, they are thus also vulnerable to Whispering Darkness.

Other Townsfolk

Portrait Name Description Conditions Custom Moves
Detective O'Toole Silence PD's "weird shit" investigator Wary Can shut down gifts from the Scion
Nathan MH.jpg Nathan Hutz Lawyer for the Drakes, anyone else who'll pay;

Kinda slimy

Strange Places

The Lost Woods

Anybody who comes into the forest will be lost

Here the Masquerade Never Ends—If you disguise your identity in the Lost Woods, everybody will treat you as who you disguise yourself as. Including yourself. You must Keep Your Cool to unmask if others are present.

The Drake Family Crypts

As we are now, they once were. As they now are, we may be

—Drake Family Motto upon the graves, tombs, and crypts

At the Edge of the Outer Darkness—You cannot reach the true tombs of the Drake family without a family member bringing you there. In the True Crypts, when you spill a wound worth of blood you may ask a question for each wound worth of blood spilled. The bones of the Drake family dead will answer honestly. If you follow the advice of the bones, mark xp (once per advance regardless of questions asked). When you reject the answers and seek your own way, take +1 forward.

The Outer Darkness

Whispering Darkness—Those lost in the Outer Darkness who enter into what would be stressful / dangerous situations in the regular world, risk suffering harm to their sense of self and identity. Instead of suffering physical harm, those subject to such things roll +Cool as they try to shut out the voices in the dark.

On a 10+, the voices are shut out for now.

On a 7-9, the MC will choose one:

  • You lose something or someone you were attending to
  • You miss noticing something important
  • A secret about you passes from your mind entirely and into the outer darkness (the MC will ask you)
  • A memory or secret comes into your mind from the outer darkness (the MC will tell you)

On a miss, the MC will choose one:

  • You are tricked deeper into the outer darkness.
  • Your body becomes a vessel for the whispers, or one of the whisperers, for a few moments you do things under their direction and come to without any idea of what you did
  • Your nature is transformed, the MC will ask you how and you will answer and as part of the answer exchange the ratings of two stats