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Wendy, the Mortal[edit]

None of them would understand. What you have here, in this dark and secret place, it’s beautiful. They’d warn you that this sort of beauty is dangerous, like a raging fire. Well some things are worth getting burned for.

Love has eclipsed all hope, and the dark has left you feeling beautiful.


Quiet look, darting eyes




Hot 2

Cold -1

Volatile -1

Dark 1


True Love: You always have exactly one Lover. The first is chosen during Your Backstory. If you ever fall in love with someone else instead, give them a String and they become your new Lover. You always carry 1 forward to earning your Lover’s heart or fancy.

Mess With Me, Mess With Him: When using your Lover’s name as a threat, add 2 to your roll to Shut Someone Down or Keep Your Cool. Your Lover gains a String on you.

Down the Rabbit Hole: When you go poking your nose in affairs not meant for your kind, someone involved in the situation gains a String on you, and you mark experience.

Sympathy is my Weapon: Every time you forgive someone for hurting you, and excuse their base nature, gain a String on them.

Sex Move: When you have sex with someone, it awakens something sinister within. The next time you take your eyes off them, they become their Darkest Self.

Carry Forward[edit]


Poorly Dressed Stuck Up




Darkest Self[edit]

Nobody understands you. Nobody even tries. You do so much for the people you love, and they walk all over you. Enough is enough! Betray them. Show them what its like to be uncared for. Reveal their monstrosity and yours. Only seeing the pain that you’re causing your Lover will let you escape your Darkest Self.


● ● ● ● ●


○ Add 1 to any of your stats

● Take another Mortal Move

○ Take another Mortal Move

○ Take a Move from any Skin

○ Take a Move from any Skin

Ο Take a Move from any Skin