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===Player Characters===
===Player Characters===
[[Angler the Maestro D']][br]
[[MOTWFFK:Monstrous | Connal Dunn the Monstrous]]<br>
[[Dez the Angel]][br]
[[MOTWFFK:Professional | Drake Maxwell the Professional]] <br>
[[Hammer the Chopper]][br]
[[MOTWFFK: Expert | Jim Beauregard the Expert]] <br>
[[Jones the Brainer]][br]
[[MOTWFFK: Spooky |K-8 "Kate" the Spooky]] <br>
[[Sunset the Battlebabe]][br]
[[MOTWFFK: Spell | Maggie Donner the Spell-Slinger]] <br>
[[Tai the Savvyhead]][br]
There are two active threads for the game; [[http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=533407&page=1000 IC]] and [[http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?p=12698565&page=1000 OOC]]
===This Apocalypse of Ours===
===This Apocalypse of Ours===

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"The Fly-Fisher King" is a PBP game of Monster of the Week run by Danny_K.

The game revolves around the lives of a small band of monster hunters working for the shadowy Region 13, an off-the-books division of the National Park Service created in secret by Theodore Roosevelt.

Player Characters

Connal Dunn the Monstrous
Drake Maxwell the Professional
Jim Beauregard the Expert
K-8 "Kate" the Spooky
Maggie Donner the Spell-Slinger

This Apocalypse of Ours

The game is centered around the roadside settlement of Gaga. It is also home to many of Gaga's NPCs.

Session Guide

There is a summary of the events so far: 1:Flora and Fauna

Current Character Stats

Character Barter Harm XP Highlighted Stats
Angler 1 0 0 Weird, Sharp
Dez 1 1 1 Weird,Hot
Hammer 0 1 4 Hard,Weird
Jones 6 0 7 Weird,Hard
Sunset 2 0 4 Cool, Weird
Tai 1 0 1 Hot, Weird

Hx Table!