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Quite possibly the most powerful being on Earth, Madman (real name unknown) entered our universe on 1999, and quickly proceeded to wreak havoc. Those who have dealt with him all agree that he is extraordinarily intelligent - able to plan numerous steps ahead, manipulate everyone as part of complex schemes, and invent devices that are almost impossible for others to understand. If he has any long-term plans (that he hasn't achieved yet for whichever reason), nobody has found out. Madman can lay low for months, but every now and then, he launches a massive plot that rivets the world's attention for a while. While there tend to be few long-term effects, he nevertheless creates quite a lot of chaos with his schemes, and seems quite eager to constantly top himself in scale, melodrama and chutzpa.

None of Madman's schemes have ever been truly foiled, though he sometimes presents them more as "challenges" that the heroes may overcome. His plots seem to have no purpose other than to entertain him.

There is no known limit to what Madman's technology (which he appears to control mentally) can do. He has used amounts of energy that can only be described as astronomical, while simultaneously displaying atomic-level finesse. He clearly has fully functional AIs, the ability to travel between planes and universes as he pleases, and weapons that make even the greatest metahumans look powerless.

The Global Champions have dealt with Madman more often than any other superheroes, though in recent years they seem to be trying to ignore him when they can afford to. He might put them in situations where they are forced to deal with his plots...Or he might turn his attention to other people altogether.

Madman has had a number of robotic henchmen; in recent years, he seems to be favoring Assonance and Alliteration. A few heroes who have ended up in his one of his bases have reported the presence of a generally friendly young woman called Shanna, who claims that Madman "lets her crash at his place".