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LG human male paladin level 3 rogue, level 2 paladin

Appearance: Maevac is a young man, barely past eighteen, with black hair, gray eyes and a though he's an paladin, his stick seems to be proportional to his ego, which is really small. He's constantly questioning his own actions, searching his soul for anything "wrong". He also very bad at handling people's expectations on him, as he feels pressured by what people are asking of him.

History: Maevac is of Thranish descent, and he spent most of his youth in Sigilstar as a street urchin. A few years ago, Maevac's life took a drastic turn when he joined the Church of the Silver Flame and became a paladin of all that's good and right. Since then Maevac has travelled Khorvaire, helping the weak and fighting injustice. It was this crusade that lead him to Caer Shadowfast, where he hopes to join the Watchmen in their struggle for peace and happiness. he's completly clueless of what the Watchmen are really about.

Roleplaying tips: Although he's a bit nervous and insecure, Maevac does his best to be the paladin everyone wants.


Maevac's alternate timeline self.

Lawful good human male Artificer 4/ Paladin 3/ Spellcarved soldier* 1

At some point, the Lord of the Blade's plan to conquer time itself backfired, and the exterminator-100 ended up killing the wrong person, probably an ancestor to the Thranish scout that would have been the one to really find Maevac after Valenar mercenaries had sacked another village to provoke a response from Thrane. Anyway, the nameless scout that was supposed to find Maevac never did, and instead he was picked up by the warforged that later would become the Lord of the Blades. Instead of living off the street as another war-orphan after the death of the scout who took him in, Maevac ended up in the care of the Lord of the Blades, who would end up as his unlikely parent, teaching Maevac the basics of artifice and war. After the mourning though, the two grew more and more apart and well, the rest is history. Currently, Maevac is therefore going through a bit of a hassle. As Rupin would explain it "It's kinda like being two persons, even though the two persons is the same person, who thinks and acts like one person, but they've lived like different persons. And oh yeah, there's some kind of undead cat or something involved!". Also, deep down in the Lord of the Blade's treasury, there rests a very special armor.

  • Of course slightly homebrewed. Currently all class-abilities are locked.

Wrath of the Lich Queen