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[ Do you want power? Yes/No ]


It's hot. Storm clouds circle the city, lit from within by flashes of lightning. The air is oppressive, heavy, as if anticipating something.

The streets below are busy as ever. Gunshots. Screams. Laughter. Sobbing. Just another night in Roanapur.

The water in the bay swirls as a Gate forms. There. The info was correct. Huy Tran's little cartel was going to try to make a move. The Demon rose out of the gate. Scales. Tentacles. Eyes. Feathers. Bristling spines. An oil-like slick marked its arrival.

A quick glance around. The other girls are ready. That one, with the sword bigger than her. The other, with her Vulcan mingun. You check your own Cutlass Specials, the paired gunswords that are the weapons of your soul. Locked and loaded.

The three of you launch into the air. Time to get paid.

An odd black furred short-haired cat, with three eyes and two tails watches as you go. It smiles.


Mahou Shoujo: Roanapur is a PbP game on, run by Alice Sara. It's a mashup of dark magical girls and Black Lagoon. The game uses the BADASS rules from Stargazer Games.

Useful Links

House Rules

  • All magical girls can fly at normal badass speed.
  • All magical girls can run or do awesome parkour at twice badass speed.
  • You get 3 points to divy up between Armor and Weapon. If you have Weapon 0, you fight with normal weapons, but you still don't count as unarmed against supernatural stuff.
  • Normal Badasses and Average Joes count as unarmed when fighting anything supernatural, like a demon or magical girl.

Custom Flavas

Player Characters

Ingrid Manheim

  • Chaomancer


Defining Moment: Ingrid came to the city as a secretary for Schmitt Import/Export, a shifty German business, and did have some misgivings about accepting the post in Roanapur. She was right to: when the offices were attacked by gangsters, Ingrid was shot trying to keep them from her boss. Left for dead as they chased Mr Schmitt, she pulled herself together and pursued them into the warehouse, and managed to overcome them all one by one. It gave her a new appreciation for the swordfighting lessons her father had pushed on her as a child.

Badass Type: Kickass


  • Martial Artist
  • That All You Got?


  • Huge German Longsword +2
  • Massive Handgun +1

She tends to dress conservatively, even uncomfortably given the climate. She's tall, blonde, athletic, and somewhat imposing looking, but cheerful and friendly.

Ophelia "the Doll" Doyle

  • wormmonda


Defining moment: After her Father, a mob leader, ordered her boyfriend's death for sleeping with her, Doll made a contract with the familiar and gunned down her own Father and took over his entire crime syndicate.

Type: Wiseass
Flavas: Politician, Who Me? I'm Just a Little Girl!: Reduce damage by 2BP until you do 4BP of damage in a fight. Someone who has seen you fight before can spend 1BP to ignore this for the fight.
Badass Points: 5
Gear: Bigass Gun-Knife (Weapon +3)

Cynthia, the Fury

  • ajdynon

Defining moment: Cynthia was kidnapped and forced into prostitution at age 11. After witnessing one of the girls she had made friends with tortured and murdered for pleasure by the boss's son, she took revenge by burning down their headquarters. Since then, she has continued to pose as her old profession in order to get close to those sort of people and kill them with fire.
Type: Kickass
Flavas: That All You Got?, second Flava TBA (If the GM permits it, a custom Flava that activates when she's PO'd, otherwise Right Where I Want You)
Badass Points: 5
Gear: BURN! (Weapon +2), Cloak of Flames (Armor +1)

Julie "Long-Shot" Johnson

  • Faustus21


Defining Moment: Julie was the daughter of police officer who had moved to Roanapur he continued working and was known as an honest cop (Or at least as far as Julie was concerned he was, after all it is Roanapur. . .). One day while the family was out, they were attacked by a gang, Julie wasn't sure what they wanted she manged to hide while her parents were killed in front of her. After that she found her dads rifle back home and hunted the men involved down (Probably met Kanzoutsukamu at this point) , ending each with a single shot to forehead.

After that she decided it was her duty to carry on her fathers work and clean up the city. Of course most of the other inhabitants of the city consider her slightly off her rocker for that.

Badass Type: Smartass (+2 to mental rolls)


  • Packrat spend 1 BP to roll 2d6 unmodified to see if you are carrying something you need.
  • "I know this place!" You can spend 1-3 BP once a scene to insert some advantageous bit of detail to the location.


  • Big-Ass Sniper rifle (+2 Weapon)
  • Light Tactical Vest (+1 Armour)

Shizuka Otomitsu/"Shizuka the Moonlight Blade"

  • eyos

Picture (normal)
Picture (transformed) to come later.

Defining Moment: During a high-society gathering hosted by her family, Shizuka's parents, along with most of the other attendees (the few survivors had run and hid), were killed by a trio of assassins. In an attack so seemingly tranquil that it completely hid her rage, she grabbed a sword off the wall and cut two of them down (barely betraying her cultured image), with the third escaping before Shizuka had the chance to make it three for three.

Badass Type: Wiseass (+2 to Social rolls)


  • You're awesome, and you should FEEL awesome
  • Hold on, I think I know someone


Noriko Netsuke

  • sybrid

Defining Moment: Noriko's father was a reasonably well-to-do courier with his own pilot license. While flying her and her mother in a small seaplane to a vacation in Bangkok, her father received a business phone call and made the decision to make a quick detour to Roanapur to pick up some 'goods' that he would be transporting back to Japan after the vacation. Some organization (perhaps the ones selling the goods, she's not sure) decided to attack her family and steal whatever it was they were transporting (Noriko suspects strongly that it was contraband) and said organization did so with a few thugs and a summoned demon. She managed to escape with her life and kill the demon with the help of Kanzoutsukamu, and she has stayed in Roanapur since partially out of a sense of obligation to Kanzoutsukamu and mostly because she's trying to work out which organization killed her parents.

Badass Type: Smartass


  • Little Did You Know (that I was in X club in school!)
  • Teacher (Honor Student)


Badass Points: 5

Description: Noriko has an athletic build for her 5'2" frame. She tends to dress fairly casually most of the time, preferring clothes like sun dresses and shoes with sensible (but not completely flat) heels. She makes an effort to get along with everyone, but she struggles to keep her own feeling of superiority at bay, and sometimes it cracks through. She's used to be top dog at school and now having become yet another Roanapur gutter rat scampering to survive is taking a toll on her.

Yumi Suenami (Demon Hunter Yumi)

  • rbingham2000

Defining Moment: Yumi was visited by Kanzoutsukamu soon after her older sister, Yuri, was eaten alive by a demon on their first day on vacation in Roanapur while poor Yumi was forced to watch. She doesn't know who summoned the thing or why, and the cops, being the corrupt, bribe-taking lot they are, aren't giving her any answers. Granted with powers that enable her to take on the demons on their level, she has hired out as a demon hunter to the syndicates of Roanapur. Her ultimate goal is to take vengeance upon the demon that killed her sister and the summoners that loosed it upon the city.

Type: Kickass (+2 bonus to all Physical rolls)

Flavas: Packrat, That All You Got?

Gear: Magical Crossbow (+2 Weapon), Leather Armor and Red Scarf (+1 Armor)

Notes: Yumi dresses tough, usually in a leather jacket and black jeans with combat boots, with a red scarf tied around her neck. She is never without a weapon of some sort, whether it be a knife or a pistol, and she uses her Packrat ability to pull these when she's not transformed. When she uses her transformation pendant to take on her mahou shoujo persona, the leather jacket, pants and boots become a nice set of form-fitting leather armor, and the red scarf she wears lengthens to just below her beltline, with her eyes glowing red. Her magical crossbow is black with gold and red accents, and fires purple glowing energy bolts that do a bang-up job against demons and humans alike. When Yumi uses her Packrat ability in transformed form, it is often to pull her secondary weapon, a pair of wicked-sharp fighting-knives that she uses when a demon or a human gets too close for her comfort.

Ashi Tenshi

  • Raiu

Ashi was a well known troubleshooter for the various gangs and concerns in Roanapur, known for getting the job done. Until recently she was partners with her polar opposite, a younger girl by the name of Aria Minisawa, who served as her information broker until a group of gang members, thinking they would get a damn lot of street cred by killing a troubleshooter that had attacked their gang, kidnapped Aria and killed her after having their way with her. Ashi, not knowing this, went to save her. All that can be said that day is Ashi took Aria back and that she earned her nickname then. A name that gangs have begun to fear. Bloody Fist Tenshi.

Stats wise, Ashi is a Kickass Badass, the kind who uses violence when it is an option to get her way. She has the Martial Artist and "Is that all you got?" flavas and has her fists as a +2 weapon and her overcoat as a +1 armor (stacked magazines tend to help as armor). She also has a grave to talk to.

When she goes 'Magical Girl' her fists turn red and her clothing that she wears becomes more sinister looking in color scheme (more reds and blacks) and her skin becomes a bit paler, as if she was becoming a vengeful ghost.

Susan Stripes

  • jamieth

Sue, in costume

Defining moment: surviving on her own on the streets of Roanapur after her father's death when she was barely 17.

Type: Wiseass (+2 to Social rolls)

Flavas: Gambler, Exotic Dancer (+3 to rolls using physical attractiveness to seduce/distract, limited by target's orientation)

Gear: +3 Tiger Claws.

Backstory: Little Sue was in her father's business sice she was 10 - and her father's business was parting other people with their valuables. From short-con to house theft, there are many ways of stealing that can make use of someone small, light and non-suspicious - and the father-daughter duo used them all. Of course, in Roanapur, there's only so much time you can do something like that before you cross someone you really shouldn't have crossed. Susan was lucky to not be there when her father was killed - if you can call being left alone in the streets of Roanapur at the age of 17 "lucky". But she managed. Currently, she works as a dancer in one of the city's clubs - and when she says "dancer", she means it, as some unfortunate souls who were insisting too hard on extra service found out. Not to mention her second job, which includes using her father's lessons to get somewhere she isn't supposed to be and leaving with something she doesn't own. Not to mention her third job, which consists of ripping demons to shreds... and occasional human or two, as long as the're Bad, capital "B", Humans. Which in Roanapur, gives her a pretty wide selection of targets.

Faith No More Blacksmith, Queen of the Bullet Hell

  • Aurvandil

Faith, in costume

Defining Moment: She grew up in the Congo, and at the tender age of 10 was taken to be a child soldier. fade to black It is night, flames crackle, shouts and screams echo. Faith, bleeding, shakily fumbles a magazine for an AK-47. A voice enters her head. Do you want pow "Yes!"

Badass type: Kickass

Flavas: Soldier, BRING IT

Gear: Weapon +2 AK-47s, Armor +1 Colorful shift that emphasizes her dark skin

YAMADA Riri (山田 凛珠), Brilliant Lily (LEE Hyun-Ok (리휸옥))

  • ShadowWhispers

Defining Moment: Broke out of a North Korean prison camp after her parents died there. Works as a master thief and occasional demon hunter in the much nicer world of Roanapur.

Brilliant Lily in Costume

Badass Type: Smartass


  • Profession: Ninja -- Riri is a thief by trade; sneaking into places she shouldn't be is her primary skill. Plus she knows enough martial arts to protect herself.
  • Meta: BRING IT -- Riri has a reputation for both succeeding even at impossible tasks, and for blowing ordinary ones dramatically. (This flava makes her objectively worse, but infinitely more hilarious; it's a given for her character role!)

Gear: Kodachi: Weapon +1, Master Thief Costume: Armor: +2

Megan "BlackRoseWhisper" Webster

  • 13thapoc

Defining MomentMegan was a Communications Specialist Leuitentant in the US Army, when she was assigned to a listening post near the Golden Triangle to monitor the communications going on between the drug organizations in America's "War on Drugs". The post was 'unoffical' but known and the personnell were all military or "spook" in nature. It was not too hard of a duty until one night, one of the Cartels decided that they wanted to send a message and remove a small thorn at the same time, so they sent a force of Demons and the Cartels troops to destroy the post. During the attack, Megan while bleeding heavily from claw gouges in her side and dragging her ruined left leg behind her, holed up in a windowless storeroom with a pair of m1911's taken off a few bodies. As she sat there fighting to stay conscious from losing too much blood she saw a sudden movement to her left. Sitting there staring at her with 3 bright red eyes sat a strange cat. As it blinked those bright eyes, Megan "heard" a voice, [ Do you want power? Yes/No. This entity can awaken you. ] Without a thought of the cost, Megan whispered "Yes!". All she remembers after this is that the orders for the assault came from a Cartel in Roanapur, so Megan headed there to find out which Cartel ordered the Massacre and return the favor.

Badass Type: Kickass

Profession Flava

  • Soldier

Style Flava

  • Packrat (Megan always seems to have just the firearm, explosive or grenade she needs in her backpack just when she needs it)


  • Twin Matched Set of M1911 .45 cal. Pistols Blood and Night +1 each (+2 total)
  • Light Teflon Flak Vest +1



An shadowy assassin who, after losing both of their former partners, prefers to work alone.

  • Relationship to Shizuka: The assassin that got away after Shizuka killed their partners in revenge for her parents' murder. She knows barely anything about them, but intends to one day find them and finish the job, no matter how long it takes.

Yefrem Kaminsky

An affable Mafia lieutenant who enjoys a fine evening of dinner and entertainment as much as he enjoys showing his enemies that he means business

  • Relationship to Shizuka: Shizuka has often been hired by Radomir for jobs that require a more precise brand of badassery than his men are used to, and Radomir serves as one of Shizuka's last reminders of the life she used to lead; the two occasionally enjoy a good bottle of wine after a successful job.

Lin Féng

A violent Triad assassin frequently used when her superiors need to "make an example" of someone.

  • Relationship to Shizuka: Shizuka and Lin hold a mutual distate for each other; Shizuka considers Lin to be savage and uncouth, while Lin thinks Shizuka is haughty and shallow.