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The Rebellion has succeeded. The Emperor is dead by the hand of his chief enforcer. His forces are scattered and the galaxy now belongs to the New Republic.

The Republic cannot act. With their enemy gone, the factions that made up the Alliance now squabble over power. There is no direction, no agreement, no path forward.

Criminals rule. In this void syndicates and cartels have stepped up, seizing authority and resources. The common people of the galaxy are still oppressed, this time by evil people who don't even pretend to legitimacy.

You will stop this. You were one of the secret warriors of the Rebellion, working in the shadows to see the day of victory. Your struggle has not ended, though. You're not content to sit on the sidelines while evil prospers. You will end this.

Red Ledger is a Scum & Villainy game set in the Star Wars universe. It is about a year after the Battle of Endor and the political and bureaucratic paralysis of the New Republic makes them unable to protect the people of the galaxy from criminals and warlords. The player characters are former commandos, spies, operatives, and analysts who did nasty work to see the Rebellion succeed. Now they will use those same skills to bring down the evil still infecting the galaxy.

The Team

N1-0Z - Pilot from MrPrim
Lyta Connora - Mechanic from squidheadajax
Doctor Iset Iset'havur - Stitch from Falkus
Gertrude Andsen - Muscle from Meriss
Cexir Jhest - Scoundrel from Atlictoatl
Vekk Termin - Mechanic from DannyK

group character sheet

The Ship

Rising Vision is a CR90 Corellian Corvette, a fairly common sight in the darker parts of the galaxy. Its powerful engines make it an attractive choice for those who don't live on the brighter side of the law.


Hutt Space

The home of much lawlessness and wrong-doing in the galaxy, Hutt space is considered a semi-independent part of the New Republic. The core systems of Hutt space are considered to be Nal Hutta, Varl, Saki, and Ylseia.



There are many factions vying for power within Hutt space, some legitimate but many more criminal. The crew will have to pilot their course between them all quite carefully.

Faction Specifics

Major Factions

THE 5TH FLEET is the hard power of the New Republic assigned to patrol Hutt space. Rear Admiral Eterin is a scarred veteran of the Rebellion, absolutely and single-mindedly determined to wiping out any Imperial presence.

THE MAELSTROM is a coalition of ruthless pirates united under the self-proclaimed "pirate queen" Alandra Ryle. Currently she is the biggest active threat to House Malekith's power in the region.

HOUSE MALEKITH is the closest thing to a ruling family among the Hutts. Lead by Pasha Qu`olin, it is the richest and most powerful of the Hutt syndicates. Pasha has begun a move to become the legitimate, officially recognized leader of Hutt space.

MENDICANTS are an ancient sect of Force healers attempting to recover their history following violent repression under the Empire. Pacifists who offer aid to any who request it.

THE REFORGED are a faction of Imperial Remnant pirates who have control of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Fortunately they don't have the resources to maintain such a mighty vessel and so it is mostly used for intimidation.

THE NIGHTSPEAKERS are a cult of Force mystics who have been conquered and suborned by an Imperial Inquisitor. They sell their aid freely to build their leader's power base.

The Team's Standing

Faction Standing Notes
Starsmiths Guild 0 Favor owed
Conclave 01 +2
Scarlet Wolves -2
Galactic News Network +1
House Malekith -1