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If you are working on a major project which you expect to span 6+ pages, please enter it alphabetically in the appropriate section of this page. Use a level 3 header, so that you'll appear in the table of contents, include a link to your project's main page, then briefly describe your project.

Game Systems

This is a list of original game systems being developed at the RPGnetWiki.

Generic Backgrounds

This is a list of generic backgrounds, not tied to any game system, that are being developed at the RPGnetWiki.

System Supplements

This is a list of supplements for specific game systems. Please be sure to list which game system your supplement is for if you include something in this section. (If you prefer to search by system then look at the Special:Categories page.)

Young Kingdoms Adventures

Page: YKAdventures:Main_Page

System: Stormbringer Fifth Edition or Elric!

This is a collection of story seeds for the Stormbringer roleplaying game, sorted by geographical locations. It includes notable people, places, items, and creatures for cities and countries all across the Young Kingdoms.