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If you are working on a major project which you expect to span 6+ pages, please enter it alphabetically in the appropriate section of this page. Use a level 3 header, so that you'll appear in the table of contents, include a link to your project's main page, then briefly describe your project.

Game Systems

This is a list of original game systems being developed at the RPGnetWiki.

Basic FANGS: Fantasy Adventure Network Gaming System


Version 1.6.1 of a classless skill-based RPG system, with some minimal compatibility with d20 modules. By Christopher Allen and Steve Perrin.

Irradiated Fur

Page: Irradiated Fur

A simplistic anthropomorphic apocalyptic one-shot game system.

Red Sun

Page: Red Sun

An alternative system to D&D for playing in the Dark Sun campaign setting.



A fairly rules-lite system of mechanics based around the resolution of contests. Designed to be modular and eminently tweakable.

Symphony of Stars

Page: SymphonyofStars

An Experiment in Cooperative Game Design via Actual Play.

24 Hour RPGs

Page: List of 24 Hour RPGs by rating

A listing of all the quickie RPGs created as part of the 24 Hour RPG event/contest. 中央吸尘新风系统 杭州通诚投资公司成人用品 成人用品杭州婚庆屏蔽器 手机信号屏蔽器网站建设 网站建设虚拟主机域名注册 网站推广企业邮箱域名申请 物流电子IC 网站建设 虚拟主机 域名注册 网站推广 企业邮局癌症杭州花店 vi设计 网页设计 杭州花店杭州鲜花杭州婚庆 杭州婚庆司仪杭州婚庆主持 腰带 平面设计 标志设计 手机信号屏蔽器 屏蔽器

Generic Backgrounds

This is a list of generic backgrounds, not tied to any game system, that are being developed at the RPGnetWiki.

Across the Spiral Arms

Spiral arms is a space opera setting, designed to emulate many of the common Anime tropes. As such it's got a lot of drama, a lot of scope, and very little science included.

Alvatia: Game Setting

Alvatia is a fantasy game setting originally developed for use with FANGS, however, is quite suitable as a generic low-magic fantasy setting.


Page: Amber RPG:_Main Page
A page open for game groups to provide details and resource on individual campaigns based on the RPG for the Amber Setting.

Athanatos: A Transhumanist Fantasy Setting

Page: Athanatos

A fantasy setting where powerful magics have allowed souls to stay connected to the material plane even after the death of the body.

Conan RPG Campaigns

Page: Conan RPG Campaigns: Main Page

A page open for game groups to provide details and resource on individual campaigns based on the sword and sorcery setting of Conan and the Hyborian world.

Contribute Your Eerie Event

Page: Eerie Event

Following up on the thread from, this is a Wiki designed to collate weird events for use in a variety of horror games.

Encyclopedia Galactica

Page: Encyclopedia_Galactica:Main_Page

A hard sci-fi collection of solar systems, planets, lifeforms and sentient societies, suitable as a GM resource or as a subtrate for any sci-fi or fantasy campaign.

Eternal Empire

Page: Eternal Empire

Eternal Empire is a synthesis of Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction with a lenghty background that emphasizes the roles of religion, social structures, language, and race on both individuals and societies.


Page: Magipunk

A weird fantasy game of urban dystopia and rapidly changing social conflict -- cyberpunk crossed with swords and sorcery.

Marvel Realtime

Page: Marvel Realtime

Extrapolating what the Marvel Universe might look like if time advanced normally.

Meanwhile, Back Home...

Page: Meanwhile, Back Home...

A (mostly) humourous Alien Contact setting focusing on Earth.


Page: MIDNIGHT RPG Campaigns: Main Page

MIDNIGHT RPG Campaigns, is a wiki open for game groups to provide details and resource on individual campaigns based on the D20 Dungeons & Dragons MIDNIGHT Setting published by Fantasy Flight Games.

Mutant & Masterminds RPG Wiki Resource

Page: Mutants & Masterminds RPG Wiki Resource

Mutants & Masterminds RPG Wiki Resource, is a wiki open for game groups to provide resources for Characters created with the M&M rules and campaigns ran in Mutants & Masterminds - "the world's greatest RPG" OGL D20 rules and settings. This wiki is intended as an example of characters, campaigns and resources for Super Heroic RPGs.


Page: Post Future

Your favorite setting, cast forward into a darker future.

Stardust & Aether Winds

Page: Stardust & Aether Winds

A simple little fantasy setting designed as a spin on the Swashbuckling Sailing Ships in Spaaaace!

Triptych: The Elemental Realms

Page: Triptych

A new mythology for modern magic games. Original elemental creatures wanted.
Encompasses three parallel worlds: The Great Gale, The White Waste, and the Blasted Lands. 中央吸尘新风系统 杭州通诚投资公司成人用品 成人用品杭州婚庆屏蔽器 手机信号屏蔽器网站建设 网站建设虚拟主机域名注册 网站推广企业邮箱域名申请 物流电子IC 网站建设 虚拟主机 域名注册 网站推广 企业邮局癌症杭州花店 vi设计 网页设计 杭州花店杭州鲜花杭州婚庆 杭州婚庆司仪杭州婚庆主持 腰带 平面设计 标志设计 手机信号屏蔽器 屏蔽器

GM Resources

Everything needed to make a GM's life easier

General Resources and Links

These are generic resources covering various topics that might be of use to game masters.

Page: Free Adventures
Page: Free RPGs
Page: Free Software
Page: Npcs
Page: Gaming Websites
Page: Non Gaming Websites
Page: Cool Fight Locations
Page: Stereotype List
Page: Great Quotes of RPGNet

Short Adventures

A resource page with short adventures that GMs can drop into games to fill a night of play.

Page: Short_Adventures

Campaign Setups

A resource page filled with thumbnail designs for campaigns, campaign ideas, and outlines to help jump-start a game.

Page: Campaign_Setups

War Stories

Page: War Stories

Tales of things that have happened during your gaming sessions which can amuse other gamers or serve as inspiration for GMs. 中央吸尘新风系统 杭州通诚投资公司成人用品 成人用品杭州婚庆屏蔽器 手机信号屏蔽器网站建设 网站建设虚拟主机域名注册 网站推广企业邮箱域名申请 物流电子IC 网站建设 虚拟主机 域名注册 网站推广 企业邮局癌症杭州花店 vi设计 网页设计 杭州花店杭州鲜花杭州婚庆 杭州婚庆司仪杭州婚庆主持 腰带 平面设计 标志设计 手机信号屏蔽器 屏蔽器

System Supplements

This is a list of supplements for specific game systems. Please be sure to list which game system your supplement is for if you include something in this section. (If you prefer to search by system then look at the Special:Categories page.)

Alia, Campaign Setting

Page: Alia
System: D&D 3.5

Alia is a land. A land of high fantasy where dragons scheme from their scattered fiefdoms, giants rule the great mountain ranges, and human empires struggle for dominance over the civilized worlds. It is a land where dwarves dream of recapturing the days of glory, elves fight to protect their forest homelands, and gnomes and halflings struggle under the oppression of empires. Amongst all the turmoil of the mortals, the gods of Alia are nowhere to be found, prayers are unanswered, the righteous fall to the tyrants and the world seems destined to end in ruin.

The heroes of Alia have much to accomplish. Everywhere there are wrongs to be righted, oppressive yokes to be broken and dreams to be recaptured.

Blue Planet

Page: Blue Planet

A general resouce project for the Blue Planet RPG

Essence-Blasting Hits of the Seventies

Page: Essence-Blasting Hits of the Seventies
System: Exalted

A thematic conversion for Exalted, set in the modern day and involving the Exalted as rock musicians of various stripes instead of fantasy heroes. With Essence-infused heroin, a guitar that you carved out of Elvis Presley's coffin and a Malfean fragment as your agent, it's time to take to the streets. What do you do when you get there?

The Dungeoneers

Page: The_Dungeoneers_(A_D&D_Minisetting)

The dungeoneers is a minisetting for D&D 3.0. It may be more appropriate however to call it a game model as it can be dropped in almost any fantasy setting. It combines gritty low level play with a structured adventure model. In short, it’s “Regular Joes die their way through horrifying dungeons”.


Page: Dungeonpalooza
System: D&D 3.5 or other traditional fantasy setting

A wide-open world setting designed for neo-old school dungeon crawls. Includes a world map, descriptions of important locations, Prestige Classes, and a pantheon with contributions from a bunch of collaborators. Dungeonpalooza is ideal for adventure-oriented parties that like quirky locations and don't take themselves too seriously.

Exalted 101

System: Exalted

This is an attempt to create a resource for storytellers and players new to Exalted, covering everything they need to know to get a game going, as well as tackling any niggling questions that tend to come up often about the game. It's based on a big thread from RPG open.

GURPS Annotation Project

Page: GURPS:Main Page
System: GURPS

A cross-referenced collection of advice, information, house rules, etc. for GURPS 4th Edition.

The Horizon: Virtual Project

Page: HorizonVirtual:Main_Page
System: D20_System

A re-working of the D20 System Reference Document to be more compatible with the Horizon: Virtual mini-RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.

Legend of the Five Rings

Page: L5R:Main_Page

System: L5R d10 or d20.

An open project for compilation of fan-created material for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG in any of its published versions.

More Than Human

Page: MTH:Main_Page

System: Storytelling System

Rules for playing superheroes and supervillains using White Wolf's Storytelling (nWoD) system.

Paranoia Modulet 10Pak

Page: Paranoia_10pak
System: Paranoia XP or other Paranoia edition

This is a collection of 10 short modulets for the Paranoia game. They are arranged in the "Mission/Complications/Resolution/Staging notes" format from second edition. Each is about 500 to 1000 words.

Spica Sector Project

Page: Spica_Sector_Project:Main_Page
System: Traveller
System: CT
System: MT
System: TNE
System: T4
System: GT
System: T20
System: T5

A Major project to re-develop the Spica Sector of space for the Traveller RPG system.

Star Wars for Mutants & Masterminds


What will hopefully become a clearing house for converting Star Wars into Mutants & Masterminds.

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 1st Edition

Page:[WFRP:Main Page]
System: Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 1st Edition

Realms of Sorcery Alternative version of the supplement

Lets Go Shopping Shop, service, and business gazetteer

Are You Mentally Divergent? Expanded Insanity Rules

Purring A Revolting Exhibition Among Imperial Citizens of an Imported Albion Article of Brutal "Sport."

Tomorrow’s forecast for the Old World is… Weather

Drinking Rules!!! Expanded rules for Alcohol Consumption

What Were They, Psychos? Alternative Rules For Vampires

Werewolf: The Forsaken Articles

System: Werewolf:The Forsaken The idea of this page is serve as an index to various articles, stories and ideas created to enhance White Wolf's Werewolf: the Forsaken setting.

Young Kingdoms Adventures

Page: YKAdventures:Main_Page
System: Stormbringer Fifth Edition or Elric!

This is a collection of story seeds for the Stormbringer roleplaying game, sorted by geographical locations. It includes notable people, places, items, and creatures for cities and countries all across the Young Kingdoms. 中央吸尘新风系统 杭州通诚投资公司成人用品 成人用品杭州婚庆屏蔽器 手机信号屏蔽器网站建设 网站建设虚拟主机域名注册 网站推广企业邮箱域名申请 物流电子IC 网站建设 虚拟主机 域名注册 网站推广 企业邮局癌症杭州花店 vi设计 网页设计 杭州花店杭州鲜花杭州婚庆 杭州婚庆司仪杭州婚庆主持 腰带 平面设计 标志设计 手机信号屏蔽器 屏蔽器


These are guides to common rpg terminology.

Game title abbreviation

Page: Game_title_abbreviations

This is a collection of abbreviations used for various games and game lines.

RPG Lexica

A collection of Gamer Jargon--terms used by the players as opposed to the game's authors and designers. Still very much a work in progress... please contribute!

Page: Referee

This is a collection of various game master names for different games 中央吸尘新风系统 杭州通诚投资公司成人用品 成人用品杭州婚庆屏蔽器 手机信号屏蔽器网站建设 网站建设虚拟主机域名注册 网站推广企业邮箱域名申请 物流电子IC 网站建设 虚拟主机 域名注册 网站推广 企业邮局癌症杭州花店 vi设计 网页设计 杭州花店杭州鲜花杭州婚庆 杭州婚庆司仪杭州婚庆主持 腰带 平面设计 标志设计 手机信号屏蔽器 屏蔽器

RPGnet Meta-resources

RPGnet Thread Archive

Page: Forums Archive

A user created archive of classic threads, in the spirit of the old "Best Of Forums" page. Organized by forum, and alphabetics.

RPGnet Gatherings

Page: RPGnet_Gatherings

For information regarding any official meetups, gatherings and get togethers of RPGnet members.

Tangency Timeline

Page: Tangency Timeline

A timeline of important dates in the history of Tangency.