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4 Hero Points
3 Hero Points
7 Character Points spent
7 Character Points spent

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Masako (Max) Mackenzie

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Max was born and raised in the multicultural melting-pot that is London, to a Japanese mother and an English father. They were poor, but happy enough. They lived in a tower block, where Max and her friends weren't quite a gang but came close. She learned to play guitar from her dad, who had dreamt of being a rock god in the seventies and now worked long shifts on the Underground. Meanwhile, her mum filled her head with stories of Japan, which was a distant land of magic as far as Max was concerned.

Everything came crashing down when Brainiac attacked. Several areas of London were devastated during the fighting, and latchkey-kid Max was alone at home when the block was toppled. She still doesn't know how exactly she survived; one moment she was watching the telly, the next she was being pulled out of the rubble by a rescue team and it was several days later. Her mother was at the market when the attack happened, and was completely unharmed. Her father, however, was killed when a section of the Underground collapsed.

In the wake of the attacks, Max's mother returned to Japan and her estranged family. Max hates it here. She doesn't know anyone, she doesn't get the culture, and her Japanese sucks. Her old life is a wreck, and she's been thrust into a bewildering and hostile new situation. And thanks to the exobyte dispersal, she's about to find out that it's even worse than she thinks.


Doctor Light. Mostly retired from active duty, but provides advice and training, and reports back to the Justice League on the new kids. The League may or may not know the true nature of Max's powers.


Str 1 (12)

Sta 1

Agl 3

Dex 3

Fgt 3

Int 3

Awe 4

Pre 4



Fort (Sta) 4

Dodge (Agl) 6

Parry (Fgt) 6

Will (Awe) 8

Tough (Sta) 1 (4/12)



Acrobatics (Agl) 4

Athletics (Str) 4

Close Combat: Unarmed (Fgt) 6

Deception (Pre) 6

Expertise: Science (Int) 4

Expertise: Music (Int) 4

Expertise: Streetwise (Int) 4

Expertise: Foreign Culture (Int) 4

Insight (Awe) 8

Intimidation (Pre) 6

Investigation (Int) 4

Perception (Awe) 8

Persuasion (Pre) 6

Ranged Combat (Dex) 4

Sleight of Hand (Dex) 6

Stealth (Agl) 6

Technology (Int) 4

Treatment (Int) 4

Vehicles (Dex) 4



All-Out Attack 1

Attractive 1

Close Attack 2

Defensive Roll 3

Evasion 1

Improvised Tools

Languages (Japanese) 1

Second Chance (Mind Control) 1

Uncanny Dodge 1



All have the Gravity descriptor except Immortality, which has the Exobyte descriptor, and Hologram Field and Commlink, which have the Technology descriptor.

Increase Gravity

Affliction 10 (Save: Fort, Conditions: Hindered/Immobile/Incapacitated, Extra: Concentration, Flaw: Instant Recovery)

Alternate Effect:

Environment Control 5 (Effect: Impedes Movement by 2 ranks)

Alternate Effect:

Blast 5


Increase Density

Feature: Increased Mass (Duration: Sustained)

Enhanced Strength 11 (Duration: Sustained)

Protection 8 (Duration: Sustained)



Flight 10 (Flaw: Concentration, Extra: Subtle 2)

Alternate Effect:

Flight 5 (Extra: Subtle 2)

Alternate Effect:

Move Object 12 (Flaw: Concentration, Flaw: Limited Direction, Extra: Subtle)


Personal Gravity

Immunity 2 (Gravity-based effects)

Movement 3 (Safe Fall, Wall-Crawling, Water-Walking)

Sense 1 (Awareness: Gravity/Mass)



Immortality 5 (Quirk: Power Reshuffle)


Hologram Cloak

Worn Device (Flaw: Removable)

Feature: Quick Change 2 (Any Outfit)



Worn Device (Flaw: Removable)

Feature: Communicator

Feature: Computer

Feature: Scanner



Motivation: Responsibility

Secret Identity

Prejudice: Outsider

Responsibility: Family

Rival/Enemy: Hidemi/Eclipso

Quirk: Speaks Japanese Badly



3 Hero Points

7 Character Points spent