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Max: 16

Current: 11




  • Dragon


  • Body d8
  • Mind: d8
  • Charm: d10


  • Fly D10
  • Fire Breath D10
  • Nimble d8
  • Keen Knowledge: Geography D8
  • Well Connected D8 (You may test Well Connected to find someone with a particular item or service in any town or sizeable settlement. The GM sets the difficulty based on how rare or hard to find to service is)
  • Thick hide d6


  • Starting Quirk: Dragon Greed


  • Laughter: Mutter lives to bring joy to others, and the joy and surprise of receiving an unexpected letter or gift from a loved one is his main way of expressing that.



  • Bag
  • Trail rations (6 simple meals)
  • Lamp
  • Rope

Bits and gems

  • 202 Bits
  • 6 Gems (20 bit Quality)


After cementing Her rule of Equestria Nightmare Moon looked beyond the borders, seeing future threats and potential resources. She sent out her armies conquering the neighbouring lands. In the Dragon lands her attack was ruthless and overpowered the dragons. Claiming the bloodstone sceptre for herself, she used it as a focus to bind the strongest dragons to her will. The rest where enslaved with the capturing of their hoards and gem supplies. During the war many of the pony rebellion tried to aid the dragons and when it looked like the worst would happen helped move many of the youngest dragons into the pony land, ironically the farthest from the spell cast by Nightmare Moon.

Now many dragon live in the pony land as servants of Nightmare Moon or refugees fleeing the lost of their homeland. The Dragon lands are now being replaced with labour camps, prison towns and military bases making the dragon land a strong symbol of Nightmare Moon's control of the greater world.

Mutter as one of the many young dragons brought over during the capture of the dragon lands. Adopted by a pair of pegasi members of the rebellion, Mutter gained an appreciation of dexterity and flight over raw strength or power long before his wings came in. His pegasi parents are called Pirouette Perfect a brown mare who loves dancing in the sky and Nimble Gust a green mare who loves to race. Pirouette Perfect is a dancer at heart and the sky is her stage, while Nimble gust is a racer and speed freak always eager for a race. Nimble gusts cutie mark is of a crossed goal while Pirouette Perfect has a _____________. The story of their first meeting always induces the same argument that is now more a shared joke rather than a real disagreement. As like his Pegasi Parents Mutter mostly uses his flight and nimbleness to deliver messages across Equestria and not just for the rebellion but keeping separated family and friends connected in these dark time.

Mutter has just finished delivering messages to the ponies around Canterlot and is hoping to make contact with some friends near by (Blatant hook to have connection with other players) before heading home.


Mutter spreadsheet format sheet birth of Mutter